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Jack's eyes went wide; she knew. "His" master plan was so easily figured out. "Jack!" The girl shouted again. Jack flinched at the sound of her confused voice. "No… How?" She wasn't crying anymore; she was instead yelling and defiantly thinking. Thinking about anyway this could be possible, probably. She then looked Jack in Raimundo's eyes "Why?" She whispered just loud enough for him to hear.

"Uh, sorry?" Jack said in a small voice. Kimiko glared at the boy, "I mean you know you like me better than this loser." He said, trying to sound confident.

"You idiot! How- Why did you do this? What could possessing my boyfriend possibly do for you?" She shouted approaching the boy- or boys?

He smirked "Wouldn't you like to know?" Really Jack had no idea what to say and there was no way he was going to tell the truth. So why not try to be mysterious?

At this point Kimiko was getting very annoyed. "Jack I'll hurt you if you don't tell me."

Jack hoped with all his might that what he was about to say was true "Kimiko, Kimiko, empty threats won't work-"As one of Kimiko's hands met the side of Raimundo's face, it froze. She had slapped Jack Spicer and for some reason golden light was shining all around them. "No." Jack muttered sounding a little scared.

Kimiko looked around dumbfounded; still trying to put everything together. "You used a Shen Gong Wu, didn't you?" She asked sounding a bit relieved.

Jack looked away. "Maybe…" He soon remembered one of the many things Hannibal Roy Bean said about the Shroud of Essence- what happens when someone finds out about its use. "If by any chance you blow it (Which I believe you will) DON'T let her touch you- uh, I mean Raimundo. You'll have to have a showdown for the boy's body if she does; and I know you'll lose." Jack was now regretting not fully listening to Hannibal. He could have defended himself against his insults and maybe he wouldn't have screwed this whole thing up…

Kimiko was putting the pieces together correctly and came up with the idea of a showdown. "Jack I challenge you to a showdown?" She shouted trying to sound fierce, but it sounded more like a question.

"Whatever." Jack muttered "For Raimundo's body or mine?" He asked as he raised his eyebrows.

"As much as I would like to maim your body, it's for Rai's." She answered, sounding a bit too cheery. "What's the game?"

"Uh, I don't know! It comes with the Shroud of Essence." He said bitterly.

"Ok, let's get this started."

Jack sighed, he knew he'd already lost; he didn't even get to use any Shen Gong Wu! "Whatever." Thus the ground began to shake as it rose into rigid ebony rocks, the rain began to fall harder and feel like ice, and even the sky became darker.

Jack stared in fear at the falling black boulders. They were in a canyon now, not at the bottom and not at the top. From what the two could comprehend themselves, it looked like they had to run across the rocks of the falling canyon. They could fall or get hit by a falling rock yet neither backed down. Of course Jack couldn't, it was one of the many pleasures of using the Shroud of Essence; you get forced into a deadly showdown. And Kimiko was crazy in love so there was no stopping her. "Gong Yi Tempai!" They both shouted and the showdown began.

They both ran across the splitting rocks, attempting to doge the falling ones. There were huge cracks in the stone which they had to jump across. Towards the end of the canyon Kimiko was in the lead, she could see the end as she jumped from one side of a rock to another, but due to the pouring icy rain slamming down, she slipped on one of the many soaked stones. Luckily she was able to grab onto a rock and was able to prevent herself from falling completely. She dangled from it losing her grip with each passing second. Out of nowhere she felt two big hands grab onto her slipping one. As she was pulled up she was shocked to see who her hero was. "Jack…"


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