Sorry for the long wait. And I'm really sorry this chapter is so short but I'm kinda busy at the moment. I'll be back on track asap though. Stick with me!

Days passed with Sands and Nat regularly keeping watch on the city for any unusual behaviour, though it was fairly unsuccessful. Trent had contacted them once or twice with new information he'd found on the Cartel members that they might find useful.

Nat would dread the evenings when she would be expected to visit the Black Boar, though she made sure she was well armed and Sands was in easy hearing when she went. She knew he wasn't happy about her going in alone but there was nothing that could be done and she had to keep reminding them both that she was a fully trained agent. Still, Sands seemed uneasy but he would never talk about what was on his mind.

It was on her fifth visit to the Black Boar that anything interesting really happened. Instead of being met at the door by Carlo and led in to have a drink, he sat her down at a table, sitting opposite her, staring at her intently. Feeling his gaze, Nat avoided his eyes and stirred her drink with the straw.

"I trust you do know about our party in a few weeks?" he finally asked. She looked up. She had been counting on the fact that she would be invited, otherwise this whole thing was pointless. She needed to get as close as possible. Keep friends close and enemies even closer type of thing. Saying nothing, she nodded. He grinned. "You would be able to attend, yes? Three weeks tomorrow?"

"Of course, I'd love to," she replied, looking up at his nose, still avoiding his stare. He smiled.


"Looks like we're in," Sands said. They were sat in their hotel room, looking through files on the surviving Cartel members, which, for some reason, were rather short.

"Joy," Nat said, sarcastically. "For fuck's sake, why are these so short? Why can't we get anything on them? It doesn't add up. Nothing's right." Frustrated, she stood and moved to the balcony, resting her elbows on the railing, her head in her hands. She was aware that Sands had followed her silently but didn't say anything. She felt his hand lightly rest on her lower back, his thumb stroking the skin under her shirt.

"We'll get them, you know we will," he assured her.

"How can you be so sure?"

"It's what you told me last week, remember?"

She turned and looked at him. There was a small smile playing on his lips, almost a smirk, that smile that made her knees feel like jelly. He took her arm and pulled her gently to him, meeting her lips softly. Her arms wrapped around his neck, deepening the kiss. His tongue massaged hers, before tickling the roof of her mouth and then pulling back slightly as he pecked once on the lips. His fingers trailed lightly down her bare arms and he took her hand in his. He pulled her slowly back into the room, closing and locking the door. Nat had a feeling that if he had eyes, they wouldn't have left hers for a second.