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About the Story:
In between futurefic and AU. Still on the story line of the original story. Not you're usual HS fic. You have no idea what the hell got in my brain. Please don't judge first till you read the later parts. Its getting better and have lots of surprises as the episodes go on.

Author's Notes
Aaaahhhh! I've been tampering with the history, pls dont kill me .

And no, I'm not going to make Naruto forever a loser. I'm sick of fics doing that to him. And besides, I do not want to be too depressing. In addition, this is NOT going to be some mirror story of the original series. But on second thought, I'll give in to some parallelisms. Yes he'll be some kind of outcast but the era is different plus the way he did grow up is different. Afterall, in reincarnation, it does not make to be an exactly same person as you did isn't it? And that applies to other characters as well.

And anyway, Japanese people, being naturally dark-haired consider those that dye their hair as delinquents (on high school mostly) or rebels. It was natural for people who loves rock music to have an outrageous hair color or style. And Naruto's spiky, messy bright yellow hair fits perfectly on the rebel kid category. Or a rocker dude. If you know Dir en Grey think about "Kyo" or if you don't know the guy, fine, here's the link

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Oooo you'll be surprised who are the bad boys in here. (Roars in laughter) Clue. Naruto canon friendship

Just one more chance. Just one more life. I know there would come a time that you will remember that you loved me as much as I love you. I have once lost everything especially you. I will never let you go this time. I'll never let go. Ever.

By veiledlantern

Episode 01


There was fire everywhere.

The hot red tongue of flames was licking the whole place and it crackled and burst into little hot coals that scattered in random directions. Branches were covered with soot and the humid, heavy air stung and tasted and smelled of smoke.

Sasuke frantically searched for his teammates. Kakashi-sensei must be here somewhere.

/Where the hell are they/

His blood-red eyes scanned the whole area. But the fire and the thick trees were blocking his vision. Plus, his eyes were stinging from the bitter smoke the winds were spreading.

/Naruto.../ His brows knit in concentration. The idiot must be playing the hero thing again. He sighed. All the more reason why he should worry and find his teammates quickly.

Plus, he might get hurt...

Then suddenly, a kunai whizzed past him, missing him by seconds, detecting it even before it hits him, which thankfully, his sharingan is very good at.

But then, though he is aware of the shower of shurikens and kunai and other objects, the weapons were too much for him this time. Too fast. He barely registered the shout of his name, the black and orange blur that was speeding towards him and the rogue-nin that was grabbing his ankles


The shouts drowned in his echoing ears till it became mere ringing, pounding in his head.



A raven-haired 7 year old girl shot up in the bed the moment she opened her eyes. Wide-eyed, she wildly looked at her surrounding, seemingly scanning for someone to recognize.


White, all white.





"Ahh, Sasuke-chan, you're awake." The nurse looked startled. Sasuke grimaced. Why shouldn't he be?

The girl in bed snapped her head to the door. She proceeded to question the nurse, brushing aside the fact that she had been called chan. It's for girls or babies. And he's neither. It could wait for later, but right now, on to more important matters.

"Naruto, where's Naruto? Is he in the hospital too? How about Kakashi-sensei and Sakura? I need to know what happened, How about the rogue nin? I need to find out where they are." The little girl throws over her sheet and attempted to jump out of the hospital bed when the nurse suddenly stopped her and put her back on the bed.

"Oh no, young lady, you're going to stay in here, we haven't checked your condition yet." The nurse looked over the girl worriedly. Why was she behaving this way? And who were those people she was talking about?

/I don't think I've ever hear any Uchiha that has those names... and have I heard right? she said sensei.../

Sasuke's eyes went wide. /Young lady? YOUNG LADY? What the fuck is this woman talking about? And where the hell is my big moron of a boyfriend/ Sasuke was going to voice out his protest when he looked at himself.

His size. This place. This technology. He felt himself. Only then he had realized.

He is a she.

Head reeling, she only did what she could.

She fainted


Uchiha Obito rubbed his forehead for the nth time. After six months, his niece Sasuke-chan had finally awakened from her coma. According to her doctors, the little girl was demanding something. It was like another memory had been injected into the poor girl while sleeping. And instead of making him happy that she has woken at last, he was actually worried about her instead. Especially right now.

"Her head is not damaged, hopefully?"

"No Colonel sir, I've rechecked and evaluated her brain, as well as her line of thoughts. Maybe she's just experiencing a post-trauma over what had happened to her family."

"But you said that she's been talking something about Konoha and other people." He bit his lips when he remembered Sasuke asking about a man that he knows very well and was very certain that they have never met. He even called Kakashi just to make sure. "Shouldn't we worry about it?"

"Do not worry sir, it seems that she's starting to recover her memory of everything," The doctor smiled amiably. Then turn his back to face the window.

Obito inhaled to start voicing out his worry when the doctor cut him off.

"Do you believe in reincarnation sir?" The doctor was still showing his back.


"I'm not a psychologist nor a Buddhist but based on my findings of her condition, she has another set of memories from something that has happened long ago. Tokyo was formerly called Fire Country in the early centuries where powerful ninja villages still existed like our very own Konoha, the biggest Shinobi Village in the old country and the Daimyos turned to them for protection And despite the fact that she's too young to know, the things she said proved to be frighteningly accurate."

Obito looked at the back of the doctor. He's been trained to be logical and practical. Military people were taught to know how to survive and remain alive. To probe on hard facts, not to believe petty, baseless gossips.

"Okay Doctor thanks a lot. So can I take Sasuke back to our place now?"

"Anytime Colonel. One last bit of advice. Just let the kid grow, be patient and do not pressure her on these thoughts or show scrutiny. She will learn to understand what it is when she grows up."

Obito nodded, committing the thought to mind. Being cautious would be the least he could do to ensure her health. And her sanity.


Eight Years Later…

Sasuke looked over her reflection on the mirror. She turned her head left. Then right. Then angled it up and left again

"Oh, look how much I look like Itachi." She snorted sarcastically.

She tried to activate her sharingan. It didn't work. Maybe the bloodline had really watered down till it disappeared in this generation. Or it might still be triggered by some strong emotional state. Whatever. Today's life was boring as it was. She rolled her eyes in front of the mirror. In the past, it would be absolutely shameful for an Uchiha to be unable to activate a fully matured sharingan at this age of 15. But at least her taijustsu was still good. They called it martial arts nowadays. Also she's been the school's champion Martial Artist. Plus, their clan had managed to survive till now, and she's still an Uchiha. At least something that she was proud of.

It's been years since she has accepted the changes in her, especially the gender. And the inevitable dread of reorienting habits like going to the right bathroom or worst, changing in the girl's dressing room. But the most dreadful thing was the monthly visits. Oh, how she hated that one. And the cramps. Now that one was a real bitch. At the start, it was done with lots of hesitations and blushes. And finally, she managed. But it is her strong resolve that Uchiha Sasuke is still Uchiha Sasuke on the inside, even though her appearance changed. And gender.

And after her revival from her coma, she was never the same. Especially in her relatives' eyes, and everybody that knew her. There are times that the eyes of the child looked too matured for her own age that it's somewhat disturbing. She became sullen and broody. As she grew up, she expressed herself using male forms like 'Ore' and 'Omae' and was adamant on wearing boy clothes, and anything that was boyish to the extent that she wore a boy's uniform. She had long flowing black hair but ties it down. But the girl had exceptional talents and was extremely bright. So instead of trying to make her act more like the girl that she should be, they gave up trying and enrolled her in a martial arts class.

"And how am I going to put that girl into a proper Omiai if she's acting and looking much of a boy like that?" Her foster father, Uncle Obito says resignedly, sitting in the living room with his wife when they had spotted Sasuke scurrying through the halls.

"Then make me marry a girl instead." Sasuke's voice was heard moving through the halls, "But on second thought, I DON'T want to marry." The voice float further on, which indicated she was already in the kitchen.

Twin exasperated sighs were heard in the living room.

Omiai-arranged marriage
Ore-masculine form of I or me. A vulgar form of address.
Omae-you. Usually males always use this term, girls and older man or more formal males always use anata it's a rather rare case for a girl to use this. She might be brash or really boyish or something.
Daimyo – Village leader.