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Author's Notes:
So yeah, the argument is; do you think that Sasuke would still be the same Sasuke he is before? I don't think so. Even though she knows her past (hello… Itachi and Orochimaru) growing up in the current environment that she is in (not to mention gender) spells differences in her actions in comparison to her former life as a Konoha nin.
You wont believe this but I came to the point (specifically, this chapter) where even I can't predict what Naruto's reaction will be. I'm at loss on what his next actions are that this part took a considerable time in making.
And I had to admit that I enjoy writing this episode. I know its silly but I laughed at my own jokes when I read it after writing. (shots self)

aitsu-(lit. you) varies on inflection. When said in a spiteful way, it could be equated as a curse. ie. 'bastard'
deshou-don't you think?
Ojousan-Miss. (Lit. daughter)
Karateka-a person whose discipline is Karate.
Advisory Class-(in our country) The class the Homeroom Teacher is assigned to.
Advisor-is the other name for Homeroom Teacher (in our country).
Homeroom Teacher- He/She is designated as the guardian of the students of that particular class for their whole Senior High School Years (3 years to be exact).
NBI-National Bureau of Investigations

Just one more chance. Just one more life. I know there would come a time that you will remember that you loved me as much as I love you. I have once lost everything especially you. I will never let you go this time. I'll never let go. Ever.

By veiledlantern

Episode 06
Part Two
-The Number One Ninja of Surprises-

After picking up her school uniform at their club, Sasuke increased her pace, walking toward the changing rooms with narrowed eyes and thin lips. After reaching her destination she immediately locked the door and let herself slide down, releasing her breath out.

/Kami-samaaa!/ She inwardly screamed. Her butt had finally reached the floor and she felt the need to hide her flaming face so she drew her knees closer to her chest and clutched her neatly folded uniform to her tighter and dug her face into it, muffling the silent whimpers she was letting out.

That-was the most embarrassing day to date of the almighty Uchiha Sasuke ever. Owned everything that she had experienced as of yet.

Because contrary to popular belief (and her old personality as a ninja) the new Sasuke was not all the titanic-worthy iceberg that has a grah-I'm-so-well-above-you coolness and 24 hour composed guy that had the suaveness of a male horn bee. No, she was well past that wangst stage of the century and could do normal emotion stuffs too, thank-you-very much. And something had a large role in her.

Hormones. Why hello there.

/Take a deep breath Uchiha,/ Sasuke told herself as she take large gulps of air to calm her racing heart down. And what was with the kissing anyway? That prompted her to remember the feel of his lips in her and a whiff of his scent… his scent…

And came the memory of her close-up encounter with the boy's other head. She burrowed her face deeper on the poor, immaculately-smooth-till-now uniform.

Idiot had to almost always complicate things and ruin her plan one way or another.

And it was all because of her Make-Naruto-Remember campaign

/Usarantonkachi… why do you have to be so freaking unpredictable, you bastard! And why do you always have to ruin things for me!/

It was annoying to say the least. It was like meeting Naruto all over again. Like knowing the guy all over again. New, yet familiar at the same time. The idiot always had this thing of coming to her in an entirely new way that made her heart pitter-patter and her knees weak, as much as she hated to admit it. It was like rekindling an old love and falling in love for the first time in a weird and crazy mixture. She'd never been good with feelings, not even now with her second life sans the mental twists and mind rapes.

And snakes. Of course… That.

Sasuke groaned in frustration. This-was not helping.

She wondered about what the blond boy's second life had made him into. About how he was frighteningly the same yet he was not. Poor Sasuke was still too overwhelmed by her feelings, and this new Naruto, to realize that she had come out wrong.

On Naruto's side anyway.

Several minutes passed and after rubbing her embarrassment away (hopefully) on the poor uniform and some heart to heart staring with the toilet bowl, an aloof and composed Uchiha with a smooth navy blue uniform buttoned up to the collar emerged out of the changing room in even strides, all macho and cool, not a hint of what she had been a while ago.

So of course you can count on having several fainting fangirls at every turn of corridor. The thought of fangirls as one constant in Uchiha Sasuke's life was a very, very disturbing fact, come to think of it.

Unconsciously, Sasuke's footsteps widened and sped up a bit.

Naruto walked around the building for a while before deciding to enter their classroom. And to his delight, the 5th period teacher was already gone when he sidled inside.

/Fuwaa… last period to go…/ He thought excitedly. He thought of escaping the cleaning responsibilities again. /Or maybe I'll be able to bully somebody to clean the classroom for me, hehe./

"Hoy moron, why were you absent the whole 5th period huh? I'm going to mark you absent in your class attendance today because you keep on arriving late."

Naruto huffed, his mood totally ruined. But he'd be damned if he let the bastard do that to him. And besides, with enough prodding the Challenge will come easily out of those pretty lips any time by now. His face brightened once again with that leering face and narrowed eyes.

"Hmm… let's see." He inclined his head, pretending to be thinking. "The President made me tell all about the details of what happened at the lunch break..."

Sasuke inwardly flinched. "You did not."

"Of course I did not…Unless…" His gaze fell on the book where the tip of the attendance sheet was peeking out. Failing to resist the urge, he gave a quick glance to those rather long and slim legs. He inwardly bet that those inner thighs were whiter and smoother than the rest of the brunette's skin.

Sasuke did not miss that lecherous look and her glare intensified. The moron's actions were confusing her since morning, and giving her perverted looks like they did not just almost bite each other's heads off in the past few days was giving her the urge to stab Naruto repeatedly with a blunt kunai.

"Whatever, idiot." She gritted her teeth and stared at the blackboard with a passionate glare.

Naruto was actually rather disappointed that Sasuke did not issue a word of challenge. He swore and slouched on his seat. /Maybe I should annoy him some more./

But unfortunately Ice Prince seemed bent on ignoring him and did not leave him any space to pester at all. Not to mention Sakura was also pestering him at the same time. He sighed in irritation and nipped the metal ring from the corner of his lips (an outstanding habit).

He slyly looked sideways /Haven't even had the chance to talk to him. But then, what am I going to say to him?/ Naruto's heart sped up a bit at the idea of the Talk and had the strong urge to pick up his earphones and stick it in his eardrums to concentrate on his current 'problem' but the last day's event had made him vow to himself never to do it again.

It involved sensei, his excellent reflexes, an eraser, same eraser atop the pink hair and the owner of the said pink hair with glowing green eyes.

NO. That should never be repeated again. If he wanted to be deaf for the rest of his life, he would rather cause it by the booming speakers and his own music. He sighed and hung his earphones around his neck. /It can't be helped, I guess I have to wait./

Too bad Naruto had no patience to begin with. But unfortunately, nobody seemed to be aware of it save the person at his back. Or Uchiha, if he was going to refer to the fights that they have since the First Day of School.

So class resumed while the whole world ignored the short fuse that is called Naruto.


The teacher continued his lessons. Sakura raised her brows.

-Another fidget-

The teacher continued his lessons. Sasuke looked at Naruto from the corner of her eyes.

-More fidgeting-

The teacher continued his lessons. A little later some dark alien thing flew above the unsuspecting student's head and landed on some desk at the second row.

A scream.

"A toad!" The girl whose desk the creature landed on shrieked. The teacher stopped his lessons to know what was happening. Everybody scrambled out of their chair and chaos started.

Sakura gave a loud screech and grabbed the nearest thing to give the horrible creature its certain death. Unfortunately the nearest item was the hard metal chair that she was sitting a while ago. And unfortunately, she missed the toad but struck the nearest classmate away, pirouetting. Too focused on her killing intent, she did not notice that she had sent another unfortunate classmate flying to the ceiling.

"You're not going to escape! Shannaro!" The pink-haired heroine flailed her weapon in one arm. Everybody fled along with the toad.

At the end of the room shadowed by the evening sun was a blonde person with glowing eyes, cackling silently. "It's not even a toad. It's a frog, you idiots." It said in its annoyingly nasal voice.

Sasuke's left eye twitched and her head slowly revolve to the direction of the voice. Her left eye twitched again. /It's him. I'm sure of it./

Nobody even paid attention to the school bell as the last subject ended. The teacher tried to calm the student but his voice was drowned by the noises the students were making.

Kakashi opened the door to find Sakura hitting anything and anybody while all the students were running away for their lives. The silver-haired teacher blinked once, trying to comprehend the situation. Then twice. A small beady-eyed teacher appeared at his line of vision.

"Kakashi Sensei!" The other teacher pleaded. "Please try to pacify your Advisory Class. They won't listen to me."

Kakashi then spotted the little toad and merely said Ah. The teacher frowned at him and wondered more when the 1A Homeroom Teacher smiled at nothing and took some step closer to 'the pit of chaos'

"Sakura, you don't want to have a B for your Character Rating, do you?" Kakashi said in his most charming tone as he absentmindedly avoided a very dangerous swing of the chair.

Sakura paused in her violence and immediately conjured the Demure Sakura image. "Of course not, Kakashi-sensei. I won't settle for anything less. I'm sorry for my unsightly behavior." She said sweetly. Nearby people became purple. Some gagging sounds could be heard from the background and you could hear some mumbling that can be figured as talking about how fast her attitude change was.

Their Homeroom Teacher nodded cheerfully as he held the frog at its feet. "Ma, Everybody behave now, as we're going to have our Homeroom. Thank you for the assistance, Kotomine-Sensei, We will be proceeding to our Homeroom Meeting shortly. See you again tomorrow, Sensei."

"Ah, ahaha. Of course, Hatake-san. Ja, see you then" Then immediately fled from the room.

"Sa misbehaving students…" Kakashi smiled at his class. Everybody trembled. "If I see a misplaced seat at exactly 5 minutes after this, we'll be seeing red in the Character Rating, so deshou?"

A hurried and nervous shuffling could be heard throughout the room. He threw the frog outside the window with a fading croak and from the side of his vision he saw that subtle flinch of the Shirokin transferee. Kakashi glanced at his watch and took a seat while waiting for all students to go back to their respective places. He crossed his fingers at his desk and observed the tall boy with blond spikes and multiple piercings.

"So…nobody is going to admit?" He looked around with passive eyes. To his surprise somebody stood up.

"Yes, Uchiha-san?"

Without breaking eye contact, the Class Representative pointed his finger at the person beside him. Naruto twitched.

"Eh? Sasuke you traitor!"

"As far as I know, this does not count as a betrayal, Uzumaki-san. I'm merely doing my job as an Officer. And we are not teamed up to begin with." She said indifferently.

Naruto was going to start another argument when Kakashi interrupted them. "Thank you, Uchiha-san. I do not need further proof on this. I've seen enough." Kakashi's little smile faded and he took on a more serious tone. "Don't you think that I'm easy, Uzumaki. I'm not as stupid as any other teacher. Unlike those Junior High School teachers I'm…"

Somebody stood up.

"Iruka-sensei… may be a Junior High Teacher but he's not just any other Sensei!" Naruto yelled. At his back Sakura nodded her head vigorously, lips pouted in passion.

Kakashi's eyes widened for a while then smiled. He sighed and walked toward Naruto. Naruto tensed in defense and was surprised when he received a ruffling of hair from Hatake-sensei. The still smiling teacher made the tall juvenile sit down. Kakashi looked at Sakura. Maybe he would forget about what she had done for just being cute like that.

"You're…" Kakashi nonchalantly leaned on Naruto's desk. Naruto looked up at his Homeroom Teacher. "Cleaner for another week." Naruto fell from his seat. Sasuke smirked with pleasure.

"Uwaa! That's not fair! I'm…"

"Yes it is. I'm even including Sasuke to help you."

"Sensei, now that one is unfair." Sasuke glared dangerously.

"Hmm.. really?" Kakashi look at the ceiling as if to think only to have his eye twitch at the cracks and dents that had shapes much like his own students. He had to think of some punishment for Sakura after all. Tomorrow perhaps but for now… "Don't you think that commotion at the male's Comfort Room deserves something?" His partially covered face shaped a smile but his eyes twinkled with a private knowledge.

Sasuke clenched her fist and continued to stare with daggers. /What is he? An NBI?/ Kakashi broke the tense mood by prancing at the front in a suddenly cheerful manner.

"Ok, let's get down to our discussion then." Their teacher said happily. Sasuke gritted her teeth silently. Kakashi's smile widened more and professed in his mind his love for teaching and its…side benefits.


"So now this is my fault?" Sasuke said incredulously after Kakashi sauntered out of the classroom.

"If you didn't point me out in the first place we'd gave never ended up like this!" Naruto said with a yell.

"What kind of logic is that, idiot of idiots? Even if I didn't tell him you're still going to end up cleaning the room! And you even drag me to it! This is all your fault!"

The quarreling pair kept on debating on whose fault it was, so they did not notice that everybody was inching away from them for fear of getting involved.

And that left them in a sea of empty desks and chairs.

Sasuke sighed tiredly. "Whatever, baka. Let's get going." However, Naruto just stood there.

"Sasuke I…" The brunette waited for him. Naruto frowned and nipped at his piercing. His face transformed from reluctant to mischievous as he look back at Sasuke. "And if I tell you that I'm not in the mood of cleaning today. What will you do?"

Sasuke clenched the broom she was holding. She was tired of this. It was like playing hide and seek in a very large forest, not certain of when this would end. She stared at Naruto long and hard, then hid her face behind her bangs. The whole place was quiet for several minutes and Naruto was planning on doing his exit when Sasuke's voice suddenly floated in the silence of the room.

"Don't you know…" She started. "At the very building we're standing on, was once a large concentration of trees that hid a shinobi village in the east named Konoha?"

Sasuke paused, waiting for a reaction. Naruto just raised a brow, looking clueless.

Swallowing the hardness in her throat she continued. "That there was a very important person that was born there who, at first was hated by everybody but in the end gained their trust and confidence."

"What are you talking about? Are you not going to fight me?" Naruto teased. "Hey, hey I'm going to skip cleaning today Class Rep. Can you catch me this time?"

Sasuke silently gritted her teeth but did not say anything.

He observed as Uchiha bowed his head, expression hidden by the long and thick bangs. The pretty boy neither agreed nor refuted so Naruto claimed victory. "Keh," He rubbed his nose. "I did not expect my escape to be this easy. He hee, Ja!"

Naruto stopped running when he reached the stairs. His brows meet in confusion. Sasuke was acting weirdly. He looked back at the door of their classroom. Maybe he teased Sasuke too much this time. /Kuso…that would make my chances slim, na?/ He smiled bitterly. Then he saw a classmate at the bottom of the stair. Suddenly his bitter smile morphed into a naughty one. And in less than a second, he was towering over the guy. He gave the other boy a big grin and grabbed his collars. The poor classmate started trembling. He could only perspire that much.

Sasuke ignored the noises outside as she broods while cleaning. Then the door slid open.

Sasuke gave the guy a flat look. Maeda Tazuya. Grades above average. Also a student of this school at Junior High. Youngest son of an Electronics Businessman. Weak character. Not a threat. Sasuke sweatdropped. Supposed to be influential but easily bullied.

"Sorry for intruding," Came a meek voice. "I came to help."

"Why are you helping?" Sasuke asked warily.

"Umm, I'm sorry but Uzumaki-san told me to help you. I'll get beaten if I don't."

/Naruto-/ Sasuke blinked and look away. /That idiot…/ "Fine. Just don't disturb me."


It was been silent for a long while. Only the sound of the cleaning was heard in the empty classroom till surprisingly enough, it was Maeda that broke the silence.

"You and Uzumaki-san are getting along fine, aren't you?"

Sasuke snorted.

The timid brown-haired boy continued. "I mean, you never had friends before and whenever you talk to each other, you both seem happy."

/Happy?/ "Vicious, you mean." Sasuke deadpanned.

"Actually, there's something between the both of you. Like you're really destined to meet in the first place. And an air of familiarity when you are together. It is weird I know but…" He shrugged.

/Familiarity?/ Sasuke frowned. "Hn. What are you planning of taking in college?" she said instead.

"Pyschology. I was planning of working under my brothers as the Company Councilor."

"Credible enough" Sasuke mumbled.

"A-anou, I need to go Uchiha-san. I still have something to do in the Sociology club."

Sasuke nodded her goodbye. After some minutes Sasuke snorted. "Familiar eh? He doesn't even remember a thing. Not even the faintest ring even if you slap his face with the fucking blaring facts. So far the only thing that he is good at is being the hentai he is and be annoying as hell."

She reached for her keitai and dialed her driver's number. "Fujima. I'll be done for half an hour. Where are you now?"

"Sorry Ojousan but something came up. Your mother said to call her so she could explain it to you…"

Sasuke's lips thinned as she cut the line out without saying goodbye and pushed the speed dial number of her mom.

"Kaa-san... what the hell is this all about?"

"Sasuke dear, I'm sorry but this is all so sudden. Your cousin suddenly called and announced he's coming home and Fujima is the closest to the airport since he's already at the west Tokyo when I called."

"Understood." She answered in a clipped tone. "I'll just take the train then."

"No no, you could take a taxi and tell them to drop you at the main mansion. I'd tell Maya to pay the fair and…"

"I'll take the train." She said with finality.

"Are you sure? Don't you think…"

"Kaa-san…" Don't mother me. Left the last words hanging. Her mother had read it though, and gave a conceding sigh.

"Fine. You be watchful, ok? I know you can defend yourself but still."

"Yes. Mom." Sasuke said dryly. "I'll be going now"

"Take care now 'kay?"

"Ah." And ended the call. Sasuke stalked towards her locker room grumbling about unfaithful, incompetent drivers and stupid moms and put her things in its necessary places and walked towards the train station. She liked walking anyway. And the walk might do something about her bad mood.


Naruto kicked the nearest pebble and huffed. He could have been loitering at their place already but what was he doing circling around the park? It was not that Uchiha was hard to figure out…

Okay, Uchiha was really hard to figure out. He got all weird and started talking weird shit and then all of a sudden it looked like it was his fault that he did not know what the heck the Geek was talking about. He tore his hair violently and gave out a frustrated scream.

"How should I know what he is talking about when he always makes me keep on guessing about everything 'ttebayo? Chikushoo!"

/And yeah, because of that I haven't been able to tell him about something./ He groaned at his missed chance in the empty classroom. /Naruto, you idiot!/

An enraged scream cut out his inner tirade. Wait. It came from their place. And Kiba's friends were there. Realization that they could have been hurting other people came to mind and he did not think twice about running toward the direction of the noise.

Sasuke was having the pleasant walk that she wanted and it all ended when she reached the subway. Somebody at the other end of the stairs stood up. "Hey there new-face. We never said that anybody is allowed to pass by here."

/This is so not my day./ She inwardly groaned. /What have I done to deserve all of this?/

/Oh yeah. Orochimaru./

Summoning a superior air, Sasuke stop in the middle of the stairs and look down at them fearlessly with a smirk. Everybody's eyes narrowed.

"Is this your property? I doubt it. As far as I remember, this is a public passageway, is it not? So I have every right to pass by here." She resumed her walk and stopped when she passed over the group. With her back at them she continued. "And unless you show me your papers that say you own this place I will pass by here as I please."

One of them slowly stood up, toying with the metal rod he is holding. "Your cocky attitude would be the death of you, boy. Don't you know that?"

"Hn." She said with the best sarcastic tone that she could manage and resumed her walking without looking back.

"AITSU!" Screamed one and lunged at her.

She caught the rod before it hit her shoulders without turning and tugged the weapon toward her. The owner eventually stumbled forward and Sasuke used it to double the impact of her punch in the gut. More people got out of the dark place they were sitting in. Six people automatically surrounded her, some holding a weapon. She straightened and adapted a fighting stance when somebody at the top of the stairs shouted at them.


Up there Uzumaki Naruto faced them with his back against the sun that gave him a more heroic and melodramatic visual effects than was supposed to be matching the mood. /What the f…/ Eyes wide and rounded, Sasuke's left eye still managed to twitch. She could almost imagine an instrumental soundtrack playing in the background already.

So, the Trying-to-look-cool-and-heroic blond boy folded his arms trying to look strong and mighty, stood up straight at the mouth of the subway and glared down at them then recited his spiel. "Ganging up on a poor, pretty and defenseless boy with ugly weapons is a sign of cowardice! You guys are the worst!"

Sasuke sweatdropped at that and tried to keep cool and haughty even with the embarrassing situation she was in. But on the side, she was surprised over how the guys backed down and lowered their weapons (though reluctantly). That had her thinking about how much power Naruto had over these people to actually make them listen to him, bad punchline and pure idiocy included.

"Come on, Naruto-kun. You're cutting out the fun. Just when we're starting you're going to appear here and interrupt?" One of Kiba's friends said.

Naruto took two steps down and growled. "Duels and self-defense are fine but outright violence just for the sake of it… that I cannot forgive! Especially in my place! Now Scram!"

They groaned and protested a bit but left anyway. Naruto and Sasuke met in silence and for the second time of the day, alone with each other. The big blond boy was silent for a while, seemingly contemplating on something. Maybe this was a good chance-

Naruto started descending the cemented stairs. "Sasuke," Naruto began in a serious tone. "I need to tell you something-"

"If you wanted to say sorry you could have said it yourself, not use some other person."

Naruto blinked and look at Sasuke for a short while before smiling awkwardly, a faint blush present on his marked cheeks. He started scratching his head. "Keh. Well actually…I mean…Do you want to…"

Sasuke's bottom lip twitched and instead of returning the smile she abruptly turned her back on him and resumed her walk toward the station.

Naruto went after him. "Sasuke! Oe Sasuke, where the fucking hell you going? I'm still talking to you!"

Sasuke paid no attention to him and increased her pace.

"SASUKE!" His raging scream vibrated through the walls. "Teme… I'm still talking to you so don't ignore me!" He ran toward the long-haired boy and grab the bastard's shoulder and turned him around.

Sasuke met his angry blue eyes with an equally dark glare. "What are you really playing at, Naruto?"

"Huh, what? You…" Naruto attempted to speak but Sasuke cut him out.

"First you seem to treat me fine, then you started picking fights with me, then this whole day you keep on teasing me, and now your starting to make your move on me? What are you playing at, eh Naruto? What the hell do you really want from me?"

Naruto blinked, stunned blue eyes wide. Slowly processing the questions thrown at him. That did not help in making Sasuke's mood better. In fact, it made it worse.

"You're such a hopeless case!" Sasuke screamed and held her fist to punch that infuriating face. Her hit connected. Sasuke was so surprised that she forgot her anger for a minute. Naruto stumbled backwards for several steps.

She couldn't see his emotion since his eyes were hidden under his bangs as he rubbed the reddening part on his marked cheeks. Naruto's lips widened further as he slowly smirked. "Heh. Not bad… I guess Shikamaru is right after all. You're good even though you don't seem like it."

"You idiot, you missed the point…" Sasuke growled.

"If its a fight you want I'm going to give it to you!" Naruto looked up with intense eyes. Sasuke almost missed the part where Naruto suddenly moved without warning and swung a thick tanned arm to her neck. She ducked and braced her feet to jump back. If she couldn't get inside that thick skull of her former boyfriend through words she'd force it in through blows. She prepared herself to assault as she lunged forward.


It had been 10 minutes since they started their mad 'fist talking' and neither was too forgiving to announce defeat. One was bent on shaking an idiot to the core because of the frustrations said idiot was causing (and was also too proud to admit defeat on the side) while the other one was being his stubborn self and wouldn't back down on virtually anything, and was unconsciously dealing with the pressure the other was giving to him in a physical way.

"You're being unreasonable!" Sasuke said while blocking a fist with her left arm.

"How the fuck am I being unreasonable!" Naruto stepped back to avoid the swinging fist and caught the other boy's slender arms and pushed his face forward. "Do you think that this is easy for me?"

Sasuke clenched her teeth. "Chi," She used Naruto's hold as leverage for her to leap and use her knees to deliver a kick at his stomach. Naruto released both hands to jump back and with a blink of an eye, Sasuke was already there in front of his vision, driving a fist to his face. Naruto merely smirked. Suddenly, Sasuke felt the world spin and found herself trapped between the subway's cold wall and a big tanned body while a large hand is gripping her fist.

"Why are you doing this?" Sasuke asked through gritted teeth. But her eyes screamed a different line. Don't you remember me at least a bit?

Naruto was about to lash and rage somewhere along the lines of 'there you go again' but the way Sasuke look back at his eyes kept him from doing so.

"What I really want…" He mumbled. "I thought you're an intelligent person, Sasuke."
Sasuke's heart sped up several beats when she felt Naruto's breath on her face. The blue eyes softened and he found himself leaning to Sasuke's lips. He caught himself in the middle of his action and hesitated but Sasuke did not give him more room to think about it as she fisted his collar and drag him to her and kissed him firmly on the lips.

Nothing deep, just lips. A bit sloppy yet fine. And tasteful. Naruto noted that before he froze as he realized something.

Uchiha did not know how to kiss. And that meant he'd stolen the pretty boy's first kiss. He gave an indignant squeak and jumped away guiltily.

"Ah…Eh…Sorry about that" Naruto scratched his head, looking down in apology. Sasuke had to roll her eyes.

"God, you're such an idiot." She said resignedly and stood off the wall. She shook her head and decided to let things be. Naruto was too unpredictable to scheme over and she wouldn't voluntarily subject herself to the wrath of his prankster side.

"Hey, have you eaten?" Naruto asked softly. "Heh, I've forgotten to since we're so absorbed in what had happened during lunch break."

"What happened with your stupid mess, you mean."

"Hey, Hey! Its that thick-brow's fault, not mine. He has no right to make fun of my hair and he won't believe me-they don't believe me! Bunch of asses. If I wasn't worried about how it's going to look on Oyaji, I wouldn't back down from those assholes and kick them all, even though we're at school."

Sasuke looked at him warily.

"How 'bout it?" Naruto said, suddenly amiable.

"How about what?" Sasuke shot back.

Naruto looked at her like she was the moron. She tried to keep herself from snorting at his face.

"What I'm saying is, how bout dropping by some ramen stand somewhere to have some food? Come on, my treat. Kind of like saying sorry for kissing you a while ago." Naruto is smiling in that big mouthed, closed-eyed fashion of his again.

"Right. I thought you were going to say something to me earlier?"

"Eh? Err.. well…" Naruto's voice faltered. Now that the momentum was gone, he couldn't bring himself to say things to.. to the other boy. "I've forgotten all about it." He smiled toothily. Sasuke's eye twitched. "Tell you what." He slung his arms around Sasuke's shoulders "I'll say it to you as soon as I remember. Is that cool?"

Sasuke sweat-dropped and look at Naruto with an impassive face, not believing an ounce of what he had said.

"So… is this some kind of a date?" Naruto couldn't help himself, still grinning from ear to ear.

Sasuke stopped in her walking, expression veiled by her bangs. Then as fast as lightning, she appeared in front of Naruto and punched him at the stomach.

"Ow, you bastard…" Naruto wheezed while clutching his middle.

"You have the nerve to call this a date." She glared. "Asking somebody to eat ramen on a date is disgustingly lame... dobe!"

"Like hell I would treat you to some fancy resto. And you're not even a girl to begin with so what's the use?" Naruto grumbled.

Poor blond boy received a kick to the head from the Karate regional champion and he continued to whine about having no money as the still moody long-haired boy dragged him out of the Subway by the ear.

As their bickering faded away, somebody on the dark side of the tunnel emerged and reached for his keitai. "You are right. The similarity of their physical attributes is uncanny. Obtain a sample of his blood test for confirmation."

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a/n: 2017: Anyways I'm reconstructing this fic, make it better since it's an old fic and all but life came crashing on me so. Anyways, I'm tinkering around and catching the loose ends. And since I am starting from modern AU, I'm creating some depth that I can afford to put.