Anck-Sunamun's POV

Author: LadyDragonFlyz (

Summary: My take on what Anck-Sunamun's thoughts were as 'she' ran during her last scenes.

Author's note: This was both my favorite and least favorite part of The Mummy Returns, and there were somethings I thought I needed to explain what I thought happened. (This is my first Mummy fanfic. :) Please be brutally honest on what you thought.)

Spoilers: Basically the end of The Mummy Returns. If you don't want to know what went on during the movie, don't read it. But other than that, go strait ahead!

I watched as he fell. At that moment, I knew I had to save him. I tried to make my feet move, but the body I was in held me back. Who would have known that the woman I entered had such a self preservation insinct?

Out of the corner of Meela's eye, I saw as the O'Connell woman--the one I had killed just moments ago with Meela's self--rush through the falling of the stone to get to her beloved husband. I heard him cry out several times. I did not know what he was saying, but Meela knew and unconciously translated for me. Why wouldn't he want her to save him?

"Anck-Sunamun!" I turned to the face of my own beloved, hating the fear I saw in his eyes. I desperatley tried to make Meela's legs move as he called out for me to help him. As he called out for me again, I tried to find away to cross the cavern floor without getting crushed by the falling rock.

While I was distracted, Meela took advantage. She turned and ran in the wrong direction. "NO!!" I tried to make her stop, but she was in control now. She was like a young rabbit afraid for its life. There was no reasoning with her.

'He needs our help!' I scream at her through our minds.

'We would have both been killed if we had saved him! I need to get out of here.' Meela became panicked as the temple began to shake.

'He returned from the dead to bring me back! He has loved me like no other has loved me before. I love him like I have loved no other before! I cannot allow him to die!' it was at that moment I knew he was dead. I knew he had fallen into the pit. Once again I knew how Rick O'Connell must have felt when he saw his wife die. Empty and without hope.

Meela must have thought I had given up, for she began to run faster through the quaking halls. She came into a small room and tried to run through a door, but rocks fell and blocked her way. How ironic that the rocks that stopped her from helping me save Imhotep also stopped her from saving herself.

I waited. She was panicking and becoming more destracted. I saw my chance and pushed back as hard as I could, causing us both to fall into a river of scorpions. She cried and struggled, trying to get free, but I just accepted it. My reason for living had just died, so what point was there?