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Finding Your Sanctuary



The sky was pitch blackout side. Thunder clashed over head and lightning sprinted across the darkness, illuminating the rain as it fell.

In the shadows of an alleyway, sat a rag dressed boy. He had bright blond hair, mud and dirt covering it, and to anyone it would look brown.

His eyes were sky blue but held a deep sadness within causing them to turn to what looked like the gray sky over the ocean on a stormy day.

Across each cheek, were three scares that looked like whiskers. Around his neck was a collar, with a chain connected to the wall.

This boy was Naruto Uzumaki, an orphan and a slave. To be sold to anyone after his parents had abandoned him. For this boy held a secret, and that secret was what might cost this boy everything.


(Next day)

(Sasuke's Thoughts)

'Darn his brother, darn him to hell for ever talking him into doing this.' Thought a very angry Sasuke Uchiha. Today was his "happy day", also known as his 16th birthday.

His older brother, Itachi Uchiha, had talked Sasuke into getting a slave for his birthday. And now he was dragging his little brother to the slave market. 'Oh, how much I despise my brother this day.'

Finally the building came into view as they rounded corner. "This place looks like a dump." I said out loud as I saw the condition it was in.

The windows were all cracked and covered in filth. Along the side of the building ran weeds and the building looked as if it were to fall apart at any second.

Above the door was a sign that said, "Slaves." And in tiny printing at the bottom it said "Will do whatever you wish if equipped with a new controlling device."

I grumbled as Itachi dragged me towards the door as he said. "Deal with it little brother."

But what Sasuke didn't know was that his life was about to take a drastic turn. And he was about to be surprised.


(Reg. POV)

Sasuke and Itachi walked into the small building, making the bell above the door ring. A chubby guy behind the counter looked up from counting his money to greet them.

Usually he would do not such thing but he recognized the men as Uchiha's, and everyone knew the Uchiha's were rich. "Hello, what may I help you with." He said as they stopped at the counter.

"It's my brother's special day today and I was thinking of buying a slave for him." Itachi said.

The owner of the shop suddenly smiled a large toothy smile and got up.

"Follow me please." he said walking into another room. The two Uchiha brothers followed as instructed and were soon greeted buy a large room with cages or stalls lining the walls.

All around them were slaves. Small slaves, large slaves, girl slaves, boy slaves, tall, short, black haired, brown haired, any kind of slave you could probably ever imagine.

"What kind of slave would you like my dear sirs?" asked the chubby owner as they stopped walking and stood in the middle of the room. "Mind if we just take a look around?" Itachi asked him.

"Sure, call me over when you decide." The man said as he walked away. "Okay, now let us search around my dear little brother." Sasuke's only response was a 'huh'.


(Sasuke's POV)

'This place is horrible, it smells like something's dieing' I thought as we looked around at all the slaves. As I looked, I could see what they looked like. They all must not have gotten enough to eat because I could see there bones underneath the pithy rags they wore.

Finally, after a couple minutes of looking around, or thinking on my part, we got to the end of the room, were the owner stood watching us.

"So, did you find anything ya like?" he said in a cheerful tone, but I knew it was only to get our money. Both my brother and the slave owner looked at me. I just glared.

It was the simplest answer that I could think of without rightsizing the hole building, the man, and Itachi.

My brother frowned and said. "Well, wile we talk I want you to look around again little brother"

I knew it wasn't a 'if you want to,' it was a 'do it or else' no questions asked.

So, as they talked, I started looking around again. I really hate my brother today.

I was brought out of my thoughts by my brother's shout, telling me to get my but over there.

When I got there my brother was staring at me, smiling, but the owner was no were to be found.

As if he was reading my mind, he said. "He went to get more slaves that he gives out for special occasions." I knew my brother, which meant he said he would pay the owner extra.

After waiting a minute or two, the owner finally came out of a different room that blended into the wall perfectly. He told us to come in and Itachi dragged me over.

When we were inside the other room, I could see almost nothing for there were no lights, but then they flickered on.

Along the wall sat 9 slaves, all in better condition them the others outside, but only by a little. The guy quickly told them to get up in a harsh tone and told them to line up in front of us. As the last one stood in the line, I could see that there were actually ten slaves and not only nine.

Leaning on the walls corner, not 6 feet away, sat a boy about my age. He had bright blond hair, but I almost thought it was brown. He wore rags that were too large for his small frame and had a chain connected to a collar around his thought, connected to the wall.

I couldn't see his face, fore it was covered by his bangs. In front of us the owner growled and walked up to the boy. He unlocked the chain from the collar and roughly kicked the boy in the ribs, making me flinch. Around the spot he was hit, I saw the cloth become dark and wet.

The boy, in what I could see, got to his knees, but was not fast enough for the guy. He quickly whipped out something which looked like a controller, and pressed the red button that was centered at the top of it. Suddenly I saw sparks fly around the collar and the boy lifted his hands and clamped them around his neck. When ha looked up and I could finally see his beautiful, pain filled eyes, I froze.

They were bright blue in the light and they had landed on me. Our eyes locked. Seeing hope, pain, pleading and desperation in those eyes, but they then looked away. The electrical flow stopped surging thought the body of the boy though the collar and he collapsed to the floor, breathing heavily.

Itachi turned to me and saw the look in my eyes. After all there years, I finally perfected an emotionless mask, but somehow, this boy, had cracked it with one glance.

"Get up you pithy, good for nothing brat. Though, I do wonder if you're even worth selling." After saying that, he spit next to the boys face and grabbed his angelic blond hair, forcing his to his unsteady feet. He pushed him into the line, bangs covering the boys face again, and waited for us to look at them, smiling away as if nothing happened.


(Naruto's POV)

I heard the door creek open again. I didn't even look up, just stared at the ground. After the lights switched on, I could see three shadows. One was the fat, old man that 'owned' and sold all of us. Taking care of us as well, but did a really crappy job of it, more interested in his money. The other two, I guessed, were some new costumers.

The old man yelled out for us to stand. Well, I have a stubborn streak, something that usually gets me into deep shit, but I didn't feel like moving off that cold, hard, dirty floor. I knew I would Never be sold. No one wanted a "scrawny, brat," as the old man stated, that could hardly even lift his own weight and would hardly ever talk.

Don't get me wrong, I am very strong when I want to be, but I was just to week, not eating in over seven days. Another one of my punishments. Anyway, I heard the old guy growl, a warning to me, but I just didn't have the strength anymore. I felt his heavy foot steps cascade across the floor and I could feel his glare. Hearing the chain connected to my collar fall to the ground and the extra weight fall of my neck, I knew what was to come next.

I tensed up my already beaten body and felt a sharp pain rip though my rib cage, hearing a small 'crack.' Feeling warm liquid run down my side, I struggled to get to my feet. The old man, I knew, had no patience at all, especially with me. So when I got to my knees, I heard a swish of cloth.

Pain erupted throughout my neck, traveling my body, causing my body to go stiff. I lifted my trembling hands to my neck. I was use to this electrical punishment, but it didn't mean it didn't hurt like a son of a squirrel. I was finally forced to look up and saw the two men above me a few feet away.

Both looking almost the exact same, I guessed they were brothers. But the younger of the two was the one that I kept my eyes on. I saw the hurt and the pain in his eyes, just like me. I wished he would chose me so I would be able to help him, but my hopes had died a long, long time ago. I tore my eyes away, willing the moisture to disappear.

Finally, the electrical flow stopped. My weak knees wouldn't support my upper body and I collapsed to the floor, trying to catch my forgotten breath. "Get up you pathetic, good for nothing brat. Though I do wonder if you're even worth selling." I heard the old man say and saw spit fly right in front of my face, hitting the floor.

I was then picked up by the slightly long hair and forced to stand. I kept my eyes down and waited for this to be over. I knew that after the other two picked there slaves, I would be beaten for disobeying orders.


(Reg. POV)

"Tell me, which one you'd like to inspect and I'll bring' em over." the owner of the shop said. Itachi looked at the ten slaves and looked back at Sasuke. "We'd like to take a look at that one please." he said, pointing to Naruto. The guys smile faded a little but it was soon placed right back up. He walked over to Naruto and brought him forward, right in fount of both of his two customers.

"I don't think you want this one. He can't do to much, incept be a waist. He never talks and can't even work. Now the others…" the guy said, trying to talk the two out of buying Naruto. Itachi glared at the man, making him take a step back, and stop his speech.

"Don't tell me what I want or don't want, got it? Now take these other slaves and come with me. We need to talk, and Sasuke might want to get to know his new friend." With that said, Itachi walked out the door, followed by the owner and the nine other slaves. That left Sasuke and Naruto alone.

When the door shut, Naruto's knees gave out again and he fell towards the floor. Sasuke quickly reached out and caught his, pulling him into his chest to make sure Naruto didn't slip from his grasp. He gently placed Naruto back on the ground with his back leaning on the wall. Sasuke then sat down in front of him.

"You ok, dobe?" he asked, trying to get at least a spark of life back into the boy. Bright pools of blue met steal gray. But then Naruto looked back down and ignored the insult. Sasuke frowned, but kept pressing on.

"Ya need to fix that wound that that idiot gave you, our you night lose too much blood." He was about to use a strip of cloth he had in his pocket to cover the wound, but heard a ripping sound and looked up. Naruto had ripped his already, almost none existing rags that covered his body and started to lift up the remainder to rap the wound.

Sasuke winced. Not just because of the large gash that mired his side but if how skinny Naruto really was. His ribs were sticking out as if he were only skin and bones. He also had other wounds that looked fresh as well.

Quickly rapping it and pulling what was left of his rags to cover his body, he finally looked up. "You shouldn't buy me; it would mean you would just get hurt even more." Naruto said in a voice that told Sasuke he hadn't used it in a long time. Naruto didn't know why, he never talked to anyone, but he did to the other boy.

Sasuke's surprised look soon vanished as he said. "Well, I think you deserve to get out of this hell hole and I can take care of myself. What's your name anyway?" Throwing away the confused face and smiling, he answered. "Naruto, Naruto Uzumaki. And you?" He hadn't smiled in so long, it felt good.

Sasuke smirked and said. "Sasuke, Sasuke Uchiha." Naruto then started to stand and supported himself on the wall and said. "Well, nice to met 'cha Sasuke-teme" "Same here dobe"

Then the door opened and Itachi walked in and told them they were leaving to go home. "Home,…that sounds nice." Naruto whispered as Sasuke helped him stay standing, walking away from the wall. "Guess I, finally got a home to go to." Then everything in Naruto's sight went black.


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