The Phantom of the Abbey


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The Phantom of the Abbey; Chapter X: The Point of No Return

As Kai watched, the lavender haired boy lifted his head up slowly. He stared at Kai. He didn't say anything, but the message was clear.

It'll come back around.

Kai sat down next to Ray shakily. Ray passed him a plate of toast and he accepted it, his face not showing the turmoil that was going on inside.

"I want you to have a look at Falborg today Seth." Voltaire was saying. "Modify it… Update it." The Demolition Boys were pale.

"Forget it." Seth sipped the bitter black coffee.

"I beg your pardon?"

"I am not playing your sick game anymore, Father." Seth's hands were shaking slightly, and he was wearing a different mask, a full length black one. It made him look more spiritual, soulful.

"Is that so?" Kai recognised the danger signs.

"You heard me." Seth put down the coffee cup and walked away from the table.

"Look out!" Kai yelled as Voltaire came up behind him, an arm around his neck.

"I don't think so…"


"No! What did I do?" Kai put a hand to his mouth in horror as the abbey began to crumble in front of him.

"Kai!" A man began walking towards him. Kai edged away as he saw the man was wearing a mask. "Don't you remember me? I'm your father!"

"Dad?" The younger Kai looked amazed.

"Take this, and get out the country. Go anywhere, but don't stay in Russia. It's dangerous." Kai's father handed him several fifty rouble notes and then disappeared into the darkness.


"Nobody betrays me and gets away with it!" Voltaire growled. Seth narrowed his eyes as he tried to escape from the choking hold his father had on him.

"Get used to it!" Kai snarled and he pulled his grandfather's cloak, making him release the Phantom. Kai jumped back, stung, as he saw the look on the older man's face. It was pure hatred. With one sweep of his arm, Voltaire pulled off the mask on Seth's face.


Screams rang around the room as they saw what Seth had been hiding under the mask. Voltaire swore under his breath as his cloak caught on some of the candles that were on the table. Not missing a step, he swept it off and dropped it – onto his son's back.


Suzy yelled as the room began to go up in flames.

"Out! We need to get out!" She yelled, covering her mouth against the smoke. Johnny nodded and picked Jo up. Suzy released Hydralyon and ordered him to start beaming light through the smoke.

"Keep down!" Tala called. Robert was the first to reach the door.

"It's locked!" He called, before succumbing to coughing.

"Get the hell out of the way of the door!" Spencer yelled and, without waiting for an answer, he lowered his shoulder and charged at the door. It cracked open loudly and Spencer tumbled onto the ground, gasping breaths of air. The other teams followed. Robert did a rapid head count and realised Kasi was missing. He dived back into the flames, searching for the pretty sixteen year old. He picked her up bridal style and carried her to the door, wincing as the flames began to lick at his hands.

"Dad's still in there!" Kai cried, pushing his fringe away from his forehead. He groaned as his hand came away sticky with blood. The doorframe crumbled as the fire consumed it. Kai made a snap decision and clambered over the burning doorframe. "Dad!" He called. "Dad? Where are you?"

"Kai… Get out…" he followed the sound of his father, and found him, curled up on the floor, the skin peeling off his back as the fire attacked. Kai pressed his hands to the fire, yelling as it burnt, but realising with relief that it was disappearing. Seth wrapped his arms around his son. "When you get out… stay at Tyson's… don't let Boris get you…"

"But what about you?" Kai returned the hug.

"It doesn't matter… Bryoni, I'm coming!" Suddenly, a spar of wood fell down, hitting the Indonesian on the head. Kai slumped down. Seth held his son tighter and closed his eyes.

It's over now, the Music of the Night…


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