Woody walked Jordan to her door after a long night at work. They had worked well into the early morning hours and they were both exhausted.

"Well I'm looking forward to a long, hot bath and crawling into my warm, cozy bed" She smiled tiredly.

"Yeah, that sounds good but I'll probably skip the bath and head straight for bed, I'm beat" he replied wearily.

"So do you wanna come in?" she smiled, somewhat shyly.

"Jordan, I don't want to be your rebound guy, maybe we should take a little time" he said.

"My God Woody, we've taken like four freaking years, how much more time do you need man?" she said exasperatedly.

"You just ended things with JD" he reminded her.

"Yeah and he was my rebound guy, you're the guy" she formed him.

"I don't know Jordan" he said still reluctant.

"How many times do you want to just walk me to my door?" she asked, opening the door to her apartment and going inside, leaving the door open behind her.

He watched her, having a silent argument with himself inside his head, his head telling him to think this through, his body telling his head to shut up.

"I'm going to go start my nice, hot bubble bath now, you've got a few options here, you can A, come in and join me, B, come in but skip the bath and get in my bed and wait for me, or C, go home alone, leaving me frustrated and angry for over thinking this" she said and walked away from him into the bathroom.

He entered her apartment and shut the door behind him but still didn't move away from the door, still unsure of what he should do.

She came back out of the bathroom, wearing nothing but a smile "So what did you decide?"

His mouth dropped, his eyes traveling over every inch of her naked body. "I….uhh...I" he swallowed hard, unable to mutter anything coherent.

She smiled triumphantly, knowing she had absolute power over him now and it would be impossible for him to resist.

"You're quite a bit overdressed if you're choosing option A or B" she teased, smiling seductively at him.

He smiled back and kicked off his shoes and started unbuttoning his shirt as he made his way over to her. He stood in front of her and she yanked his shirt off, trying to take control of the situation but he wasn't having that. He grabbed her and pulled her body into his and kissed her deeply, making her lose all control, she gripped his shoulders to not lose her balance in the swiftness of his kiss.

She reached for his waistband, quickly unzipping and unbuttoning his pants and letting them fall to the floor, his boxers quickly followed.

She pulled him into the bathroom and he stepped into the bathtub sitting down, she straddled his lap, immediately sliding down onto his erection, he groaned at the feel of being inside her. "Aren't you glad you stayed?" she smiled teasingly before kissing him deeply. The first time they had made love at the inn she had allowed him to take control now it was time for the tables to turn.