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Chapter 9:

Later that night, Catherine couldn't get Steve's face out of her mind. And though she knew Greg would protect her no matter what, she couldn't help but being scared. Steve was a man of words and no actions but his thread had sounded real to her and she knew she wouldn't be able to stand another hit.

"Cath…" Greg said trying to get her attention. "Cath… honey…" he said again touching slightly her shoulder from behind. Her movements caught him by surprise because she reacted badly to his touch.


"I'm sorry Greg… It's just that…"

Greg knew exactly what was she thinking. He, too, was afraid of Steve's thread but not for him but for Catherine, the Baby and Lindsay.

"You don't have to worry honey. He'll never put his dirty hands on you again. I promise you that." He said embracing her.

"He'll find a way to hurt us. And I couldn't stand it if something bad happened to our baby or you". She was sobbing into his arms.

Greg was surprised by her use of the word "our". Officially he was the father yes but, when they were alone she had never referred to the baby as theirs until that moment. And this was the word it made him grew from young to adult in a second.

He took her to the couch and made her lay putting her head on his knees. Playing with her hair, he though carefully about what he wanted to say to her and what to do next about Steve.

"We'll get a warrant against him"

She stood up fast.

"I don't want the police involved in this. Plus a warrant won't do anything. He still can hurt us if he wants."

"Cath, that way, he will be surveyed by the police. Any act against you or Lindsay will be prevented. It's the only way."

"He knows a lot of ways to hurt us. And, take it for sure, a pair of policemen won't afraid him."


"No Greg. I'll deal with this in my own way."

Greg knew that she wouldn't change her mind so he decided to play along with her.

"Ok. We'll do it your way but I'll live here."

"What?" Cath asked surprised

"He's a thread to my child and to you. He will attack when less expected so I need to be here for you. I'll live here. That or we get a warrant".

It was Greg's last word and Catherine knew it was not worth fighting against it.

"You sure?... I mean you are already doin' a lot for me and the kid and now you'll have to deal with a pregnant woman".

"I don't care about anything as long as you feel safe and not scared. I'll protect you". He said putting a hand on her belly.

"I am really lucky to have you by my side"

"We're in this together now…" he softly sang into her ear before kissing her cheek sweetly.

They look into each other eyes and found everything they had been searching but before something happened, they slowly push each other away.

"Goodnight Cath"

"Goodnight Greg".

The cold night air was filled with love. Again.