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"I don't care HOW you do it, see to it the ghouls are silenced!" Integra slammed the phone down before sinking into her chair, rubbing her temples. It had been a rather stressful day and to top it off, the men were having a difficult time locating and destroying a group of ghouls that had SOME HOW managed to escape from the subway and into the city.

"Problems, my Master?"

The Director of Hellsing sighed and slowly looked up between her fingers as the shadows on the far wall swirled and warped into a portal. She clenched her teeth, glaring as first twin gloved hands then a body and finally the grinning face of her servant vampire appeared from the wall. The portal closed behind him and he strode up to her desk, a slight swagger in his steps.

"What's it to you," she snapped, reaching for the cool cup of tea that was perched precariously on top of a large stack of random papers and half-read files. Alucard raised a single eyebrow, watching the cup teeter on the edge of the stack while Integra's fingers brushed against it. The vampire leaned forward quickly; his hand stretched out to catch the cup as it slipped and fell.

"Damn it!" Alucard smirked at her curse and handed the cup to her. The Director looked up at him, frowning as he bowed mockingly.

"Your tea, Sir…"

Integra glared coolly at him and snatched the cup, muttering darkly. Alucard glanced down at her desk, his eyes settling on a file. Blinking, he turned it with two fingers; blood-red orbs trailing down the words.

"What's this?" He glanced up at his Master, curious.

"Hm? Oh, that's the case the soldiers are working on right now. Unfortunately, they weren't able to kill the vampire before it vanished…they're tracking down the ghouls as we speak…"

Alucard frowned slightly, his eyes narrowed as Integra took the file back. "They are humans…"

"That doesn't mean a thing, vampire!"

Alucard growled softly, glaring. "Well, it should mean something. I should have gone out…then there wouldn't be this problem. It would have been dealt with a long time ago…"

Integra glared back. "If you have forgotten, you've been ordered to stay ON the manor grounds…"

The No Life King sighed and flopped down in the chair that had been set up in front of her desk. An official from the Queen was supposed to have come, however he was running late. So the vampire decided to occupy the chair until he showed up. "That wasn't my fault. If the Police Girl had shown up on time-"

"Yes, yes, I've heard it before… 'If the Police Girl had shown up on time, then the PICTURES wouldn't have leaked into the media and YOU wouldn't have been seen'… For some reason I find that rather difficult to accept as an excuse."

"Its not an excuse, Integra!" Alucard glared and leaned forward, fingers digging into the plush arms of the chair. "It is the truth…"

"I'm sure…in any case, you will be staying here until this whole thing is cleared up."

The vampire frowned and leaned back, crossing his arms. "Why? Its not like people care anymore…it was a few days ago."

Integra shifted though the papers and files, some slipping off of her desk before she slammed a newspaper down in front of him.

"THIS…is the morning's paper, Alucard. Now tell me the people don't care anymore…"

The vampire picked it up and glanced at the front page. 'Killer still on the loose- a monster torn from the pages of a science fiction novel!' And along with the heading was a fuzzy black and white picture of him shooting the head off a ghoul.

"Ok…well, I suppose that's-"

"BAD," Integra hissed out through clenched teeth. "Very, very…bad…"

Alucard shrugged nonchalant as he set the paper back down on the desk. He sat in silence as Integra gathered the papers and restacked them in slightly neater piles.

"In any case, I've been overworking you."

"No you haven't."

"Yes, I have. Now don't argue with me," she snapped, slamming her hands down on her desk. Alucard blinked at her but made no other movement.

"Alright, you have," he said after a short length of silence. "So what? Would you count this as sick leave?" The vampire shifted his position slightly to cross his legs, a smirk on his features.

"If you don't knock it off, you'll be a walking bullet-ridden corpse and then yes, I will consider it sick leave."

Alucard shivered at her threat before standing and walking around the desk to glance out the window.

"You're the one that needs leave, Master…" He glanced over his shoulder to study the woman's stone features. Integra pulled a cigar from her desk before lighting it and drawing in a long breath.

"I'm quite fine, vampire," she murmured, expelling the held breath. Alucard shook his head slightly, chuckling before turning back to the window.

"You may think so…but I know better…" He frowned, watching a sleek, black car pull up to the door.

When the Nosferatu said nothing more, Integra turned to question him. She sighed when all she saw was the darkened window.

A few seconds later, the heavy door to her office creaked open, yet she still stayed put.

"Sir Integra. Lord Irving is here to see you."

The Director of Hellsing turned to face Walter, a grimace on her face. She stood, snuffing out the cigar.

"Send him in."

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