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Chapter Two:

It was almost mechanical the way the water dripped to the ground. Every three seconds, another drop struck the concrete, the sound echoing down the abandoned tunnel. Monotony, he thought dryly. The vampire vaguely remembered reading something about the Chinese Water Torture and there was no longer any doubt in his mind that it would drive him mad (or even more mad given the current state of his sanity). Not because it was water, not because it would be hitting him, but because of the monotony. It was something that just was and he despised that.

The water came from a busted pipe that ran along the ceiling of the tunnel. It had been patched up multiple times and yet the water kept coming back, stubborn in its attempt to wear a hole in the ground.

Drip…Three seconds later…Drip…

If the Nosferatu had a watch, he was sure he could keep perfect time with it. Not that he really had a reason to keep time, but he could if he so chose to. The vampire glanced around the darkened tunnel, his gaze drifting over rubble, trash, graffiti, and something that looked like dried blood. Even though this section of the Underground had been sealed off, there were still people that lived alongside the rats down here. People that scurried about the darkness, glaring viciously at him before vanishing as though ghosts. He did not mess with them and they did not mess with him in return. It was a mutual respect creatures of dark had for each other, and even if though wasn't a spoken respect it was still there. Alucard gave a short sigh as he stopped, his head cocked to the side in thought. He hadn't of seen anybody lately and that caused something resembling worry to form. Not for THEM, of course, but for the situation. These people had no Fear of things; they fought it back each day and thrived in this place.

So what could have made them go so silent?

He was still for a while as if expecting an answer to be whispered to him. But the world around him was soundless save for the dripping of that accursed pipe. Of course, he really should not have expected anything different. He had turned his back on the world centuries ago; why should it be kind to him? Alucard started off down his path, senses trained around him. Nothing about this seemed right to him.

The people were silent.

The rats were silent.

And if it wasn't for the water, the tunnel itself would be silent.

This was never a good situation, he mused to himself, even for a hunter. When things grew this quiet it always meant there was something stronger lurking about in the shadows. With a growl, he whirled around, his voice vibrating off the painted and cracked concrete as he called out.

"Why do you hide?! Afraid, perhaps?! If you are so great of a THING to scare VAMPIRES show yourself!"


Alucard gave a low, cautious growl as he frowned. It was here, he could feel it in his very marrow. It was hiding, stalking; silent and as wary as he. A grin spread itself across his long features as he pushed his sunglasses up the bridge of his nose. Well, if this…thing wanted to hunt, then so be it. It would at least provide entertainment for the No Life King before he had to make his way back to that damned manor. Turning on his heel, he once more started to walk, this time very much aware that something was behind him. Should he attack now, he would no doubt kill it.

And where would the fun be in that?

The battle would be over before it began and that was something he wanted to avoid. It had been quite a number of years since something had challenged him and he wanted to enjoy it.

To relish it.

There was sound behind him now, loud and thick. Nervous? Alucard's ruby gaze narrowed to slits and he continued to walk, his head turned a single millimeter to the left. Yes, it was definitely sound. Shuffling? Pacing? He gave a low hiss and before turning, guns drawn and pointed right at the face of a…very terrified-looking vampire. The whelp gave a sound close to a yap and scurried back a few feet.

"AH! H-Hey c'mon man! I-I wasn't meanin' no harm!" Alcuard stared viciously at him, silent and defensive. The vampire was a young blood that much he could tell. Scrawny and filthy came to mind as the No Life King stared him down. The kid was staring back, twitching and glancing around. He reminded Alucard of the rats that he ran into down here and it drew a chuckle from the vampire. He received a scowl in return as the whelp jerked towards him.

"Y-You're Alucard, right?"


The kid stared at him for a few seconds before giving a rather owlish blink. He was given another growl which seemed to jumpstart his brain. "AH! I-I'm uh, Jonas. N-Not that you care." He mumbled something and Alucard could feel his index fingers twitching. Jonas seemed to notice because he suddenly became considerably more nervous in the passing seconds.

"L-Look. I-I was sent to give you a message." The kid fell silent and watched him closely, looking for any reaction from the vampire. He was given a rather dry look.

"And? You have three seconds before you become useless to me."

"Uh…r-right…You need to get out. Get out of the Underground and stay out." This sentence seemed to cause the boy to glance over his shoulder, his fingers twitching wildly. Alucard sneered as soon as Jonas returned his attention to the tall man and the kid gulped. That did not look good…

"And why would I want to do something like that?"

"H-Hey man, I'm just givin' you the message I was sent to give, okay? I don't know nuthin'." Jonas didn't have time to see the gun rise, but he did feel the cold metal press against his forehead. He froze and he could have sworn if his heart was still beating, it'd be in his throat by now.

Alucard merely stared at him, silent. The vampire gave a frown as he lowered the weapon. "Why didn't you try to scare me off, then?" That question caused the kid to give a hoarse laugh.

"Scare you off?! Are you out of your bloody mind?! I ain't that stupid, no thanks." He shook his head, taking a few steps back. "There are people, ya know…strong people, evil people. Watch yer back."

He was gone before Alucard could question him further.

Now alone the Nosferatu stood there, brooding and quiet. It was not like vampires to seek him out; he had a reputation of killing them off after all. So the fact that this one came to him… He huffed and began his search once again. He couldn't feel that THING anymore which meant when the kid showed up, it must have wandered off.

It wasn't too much longer when he came to a bend and his pace grew slower. Breathing, now…no; panting. It was panting that filled his ears. Something being scuffed along the ground then silence.

Alucard tensed faintly when he heard the growl behind him.

And before he could react-

-it struck.