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Shadow sat in the waiting room his foot taping so very nervously. Knuckles put his hand on the black hedgehog's shoulder. "I know how it is I was just as nervous when Todd was born."

It had been three years sense Shadow and Amy had returned to Earth and just as Maria had promised no one remembered that Amy had killed Sonic or that Shadow had almost killed all of humanity. Knuckles and Rouge had their fist child right after Shadow and Amy's return. They had a little boy and they named him Todd, he was a little echidna who was white with red strikes in his dreadlocks he had his mother's aqua blue eyes and his fathers strength.

Rouge was sitting in a chair beside Knuckles holding Todd. "Don't worry Shadow Amy's going to be fine."

Then finally a nurse came out into the waiting room. "Excuse me are you Shadow?" She asked as she read the name from a clip board.

"Yes." Shadow answered as he stood up.

"If you'll follow me you can see your baby now." The nurse led Shadow into a hospital room. The nurse then closed the door and left.

Shadow looked at Amy who sitting in a bed holding the baby in her arms the sun from the window was hitting her just right making her seem like an angel. He approached her very slowly and sat on the edge of the bed. Amy smiled at him. Shadow lean close to her and looked at the baby. "She's beautiful just like her mother." Shadow kissed Amy on the cheek.

"You want to hold her?" Shadow's eyes were a bit wide at the suggestion. Amy gently sat the baby in his arms. "That's it now keep her head up." Shadow did as Amy instructed and cradled the baby.

"Amy what's her name?" Shadow turned to the child's mother in question.

"I think we should call her Marie." Amy's eyes were slightly closed as she looked down at the baby girl in Shadow's arms.

Shadow knew very well that Amy was naming the baby after Maria because without her Amy wouldn't be able live a normal life she would be treated as a murderer and Shadow might have brought about the destruction of the world, but that was all behind them now they were looking to the future. "It's a perfect name." Shadow kissed the baby's forehead.

There came a knock at the door as it was cracked open. "Hey can we come in." It was Knuckles and Rouge.

"Of course." Amy answered as she nodded in approval.

Rouge entered with Knuckles at her side and Todd was riding on his father's back. They walked over slowly so as not to disturb the baby. "Oh Amy she's beautiful." Rouge exclaimed as she looked at the new born. "What's her name?"

"It's Marie." Amy answered.

The baby stirred in her sleep and was slowly waking up to the world, but she didn't cry she looked around wide eyed.

"She's got her father's eyes." Knuckles remarked as he saw the baby's blood red eyes.

Rouge gently took Todd off Knuckles back. She sat down beside Shadow and was holding Todd close. "See Todd this is Amy's baby; can you say baby?" Rouge held the three year old close to Marie.

"B, bu, bay baby." Todd looked at Marie with big eyes. The little echidna reached out to her and touched her face. "Baby." Marie smiled and laughed as Todd touched her face with his little fingers. Marie grabbed Todd by his index finger and then placed it in her mouth. Todd looked at her as he tilled his head to the left wondering what she was doing.

The adults laughed at the two little ones. "Come on Todd Marie must be hungry" Rouge gently pulled Todd's hand away from Marie and then picked him up in her arms. "let's go Knuckles Todd's probably ready for some lunch." "Bye Amy, Shadow we'll come back later."

Todd leaned over his mother's shoulder still looking at Marie. "Bye-bye baby." Todd waved his hand as the three disappeared from the room.

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