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New story:

One's called 'My Sunshine'

It's mostly about Rouge and her secret identity as the heroine who will save the world from a watery destruction and the evil corrupt government who try to stop her as well as the unfolding romances that await her on her journey of water guardians', friends and lover and maybe something even more incredible.

(Preview) Scenes from the story:

"So what does this have to do with me?"

"Recently my team has been looking into a legend about a great flood, one so big that it sunk all land on Earth. What we've found are some ancient texts from the land where the legends originated. Those texts give plenty of proof that this could and has almost happened."

"I still don't see where I fit into this."

"The ancient texts tell of a heroin that was able to stop the flood from occurring." "The writings also speak of how the ability to stop the floods were past on to the next generation and hidden in a recessive gene until one day it would become known in the body of another worthy being." "The only indication we had to go on to find this so called person was a small clue in the ancient scripts. They spoke of a special mark the being would have one like a star I believe." He turned slightly so that he was looking at her though the corner of his eye. "Like the one on your arm."

"This is air born division to ground division. We've lost our visual on the target over."

"What!" Sims yelled into the radio.

"She just vanished sir" The man looked out only to be even more mystified than before.

Rouge was still flying but her arm and wing were killing her. "Are you okay?" Sam asked.

Rouge's eyes opened slowly she felt so warm all of a sudden her vision was becoming clearer and that's when saw Knuckles. Was he about to kiss her? "Knuckles?"

When he heard her voice he jerked back still blushing. "Ahhh…"

"Were you going to kiss me?" She blushed as she looked up at the one holding her.

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Next new story is one I just started.

New story:

Tales of Ninjas

This ones about how a ninja Yucka (Amy Rose) finds her way as a new ninja and maybe even finds love with a mysterious ninja she must follow on her first mission. Will she fall for this attractive ninja or will he break her heart?

It also features other charters with different names as the secen is mostly set in feudal Japan. More characters like Knuckles in this story know as Rokku, and Rouge as Rinko are characters that will be appearing in this story.

(Preview) Scenes from the story:

Yucka walked to the house that was behind her and sat down on the steps she sighed in annoyance. "Amy-san are you alright?" A white fured girl bat had stepped out from the sliding door her pink and yellow kimono sparkled in the sun making her looking even more radiant.

"Hello Rinko." "I'm fine I just had a hard morning." Amy put her ands on her knees and rested her head atop them. "I thought you weren't allowed to call me by outside name."

Rinko nodded as she sat down beside her. "Yes but I think you prefer being called Amy instead of your ninja name."

"Thanks Rinko." Amy smiled.

"Is your sad disposition about your first mission?" Rinko asked.

"How did you kown?"

"My servants constantly gossip over the happenings in the village." Rinko answered.

"I see…well it's bad enough I'm stuck with such a boring mission but to be told I can't go alone is almost unbearable."

Rinko sat down beside her. "Let me tell you something that I've heard Amy-san." "There ninja you will be traveling with is suppose to be one of the most handsome ninjas ever. His name is Shade."

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