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Chapter One


It was a peaceful morning in Konoha. Even in the school where Iruka and Kakashi were reviewing the files of the students who had passed into the Genin level. "Hey, Kakashi, look at this." He held up a stack of files. "All of 'em passed."

"Seriously? Even Menrui?"

"Yep. Guess she didn't inherit her dad's study habits." Iruka laughed as he opened the files. Inside the first was a picture of Uzumaki Menrui. Black hair down to her waist, bright blue eyes, and a smile that always seemed to be on her face. Even had the little whisker marks. Definitely her father's daughter, save the hair color. Yeah, Naruto married Hinata. Actually, they had another little girl, Otanashii, who was two.

He pulled up another file. Uchiha Shingetsu. Another daddy's girl. In looks only, of course. Shingetsu had her father's dark hair and his facial structure, but she had Sakura's bright green eyes and slight build. Another top of the class, and not only in brains. The kid could use some pretty powerful jutsus. Iruka grimaced a bit as he remembered when he accidentally wandered into one of Shingetsu's training sessions... He got his ass singed by a fireball.

But she wasn't even close to her brother, Kakushin. He had graduated three years ago and had passed the Chunin exams two years after graduation. He hadn't bothered with the Jonin tests yet. He took after his mother more than he did Sasuke. Poor kid, getting stuck with Sakura's bright pink hair. He had her face, definantly, but his father's eyes. Piercing, cold, black... yeah, a lot like Sasuke's.

Who were the next files? "The Hyuuga kids. Well, it isn't any wonder they passed." Kakashi commented, pulling out one of his ever present naughty magazines, a.k.a. porn. (Kakashi: Adult manga! SC: Sure, whatever you say...)"Considering who their parents are.Yep, Neji and Tenten were the next Konoha couple to get married. Their triplets were just as deadly as their old Squad had been, minus the dork with the stupid bowl cut. All three had black hair and the white Byakugan eyes. Hari was oldest. He kept his hair chopped short, much like Hinata used to. Then came Hiun. She took after her mom. Even kept her hair up in buns like Tenten used to.

Kiseichu was the youngest. He looked exactly like his brother, but his hair was long like his dad's, if not a bit more messy. And he had a scar across the right side of his face that Hari lacked. Bad run in with a wolf in the woods. All three were just as powerful as their parents, with the temper to back it up. Fortunately, none of them but Kiseichu had a short fuse.

Ino and Shikamaru had gotten together as well. Their son, Nara Roba, had passed the test too. He looked almost exactly like his dad, save his white-blonde hair and other little hints of Ino's genes here and there. They also had a daughter, Kume, who was five.

Kakashi glanced up from his newest volume of Icha Icha Paradise. "Having fun going down memory lane, Iruka?"

Iruka chuckled. "I suppose." There was a crash outside. "What was that?"

"Get back here Kakushin!"

"Ha! Only if you can catch me, kozo-kun!"

The teachers groaned. Shingetsu and Kakushin. Again. They stepped out into the hallway just as Kakushin came barreling around the corner. "Oh! K-Kakashi-sensei! Iruka-sensei!" He stopped just before he ran into them.

Shingetsu stopped a few feet behind him. "Konichiwa, Kakashi-sensei, Iruka-sensei." She tucked the kunai in her hand back into her pouch, hooping no one noticed it.

"What's going on you two?" Iruka asked.

"It's Kakushin's fault-"

"Shut up, no it isn't-"

"Yes it is, if you would just give it back-"

"That's enough!" Kakashi yelled. Both shut up. "Shingetsu?"

The girl scowled at her brother. "He stole my hitai-ate." Iruka noticed that her bangs were messed up, like something had been ripped off her forehead. Not to mention the four tiny scratch marks near her hair...

"Hand it over." The silver-haired Jonin ordered. Kakushin pulled the headband out of his pocket and dropped it in the waiting hand. "Here you go, Shingetsu."

She took it gratefully and tied it onto her forehead. "Arigatou. Now if you'll excuse me, I was supposed to meet Menrui and Hiun fifteen minutes ago." She ran off.

Kakashi turned to the boy. "I'm pretty sure I already know the answer, but why did you steal your sister's hitai-ate exactly?"

Kakushin looked away. "I was trying to test her." Skeptical looks. "What? I was."

"Kakushin, don't make me have to tell your parents about this when they get back."

"It was just a joke! You know, ha ha?"

Iruka sighed. "If you were still a student, this wouldn't be so bad. But you aren't. You're a Chunin, almost ready for the Jonin tests. Which you may never pass if you don't start acting your age." He sighed. "Why don't you head home and try to avoid running into your sister and her friends?" Kakushin nodded and walked off.

Kakashi grinned under his mask. "Well, we did have one little prankster pass the Jonin exam."

Iruka grinned. "Naruto only passed because he knew when to get serious. Now, I believe we have a few more files to look over. And you ARE going to help me." He plucked the Icha Icha Paradise out of Kakashi's hands and ran back to the classroom.

The other man shrugged and pulled out yet another copy of the magazine. He always bought two, just in case.


Menrui growled and tapped her foot impatiently. "Where are they? Ooh, I swear, if those two are late again..." At that moment, Shingetsu ran up.

"Sorry. Kakushin's fault. He stole my hitai-ate."

"Why do you always blame him?"

"Because it always is. Just 'cause you think he's a reincarnation of a god or something..." She glanced over Menrui's shoulder. "Hark, the trouble triplets approach!"

"We heard that." Hiun told her, whacking at her head, missing by a hair.

"Ooh, I felt the wind from that one."

"Funny, Shin. Very funny." Hari muttered.

The girl looked offended. "What, am I not deserving enough to hear my full name?"


"Hari, you have no sense of humor."

Menrui stepped in. "Before this battle of words goes any further, we girls are going to ask you two non-girls to leave."

Kiseichu smirked. "Non-girls?"

"You heard me." She glanced to her left. "Look, here comes Roba. Talk to him." She walked off, Shingetsu and Hiun following.

"I can't believe we all passed." Shingetsu mused.

"Yeah, especially since Iruka-sensei's little incident with a certain someone's fireball jutsu..." Hiun grinned. Menrui snickered.

"Oh, shut up." She muttered. "Anyone know when the team's are being announced?"

"Tomorrow, I think." Menrui said. "Dad's all proud and crap that I passed first try." Hiun and Shingetsu glanced at each other. They knew better than to bring up how many tries it had taken Naruto to pass. Menrui was very touchy.

"You should've heard my mom when she heard all three of us passed. Dad didn't really say much, but he was proud, I could tell." Hiun said smugly.

"Yeah, we know. The all seeing Byakugan eye." Menrui muttered. "Quite frankly, I'm glad I can control mine and my eyes aren't always that creepy white."

"Better not let your mom hear you say that."

"Oops. Probably not." She giggled. "Wouldn't it be awesome if we all got on the same team?"

Hiun raised her eyebrow. "Do you know how slim those chances are?"

"Well, okay, not all of us, maybe just three or four of us." She turned to Shingetsu. "Maybe you could get paired up with Hari."

Shingetsu blushed. "I told you, I don't like Hari in that way."

"Then why are you blushing? Hm?"

"I am not!"

Hiun cackled evilly. "I am so telling him!"

"I'll kill you. I swear I will." She growled.

"You have to catch us first!" They yelled before running off.

"What... Menrui! Hiun! Get back here you traitors!"

She chased them to the village entrance, then turned around and went home. It wasn't worth it. Besides, they threatened her with that at least a hundred times a week. "Mom, Dad, I'm home." She called.

Sakura poked her head out of the kitchen. "Welcome back. Why are you covered in dirt?"

"I tried to tackle Menrui and missed." She lied. Actually, she had been tripped by a shadow clone of Menrui. Then she missed tackling Hiun. "Where's dad?"

"Testing your brother's jutsus again."

"Oh." Silence.

"You wanna come in here and talk?"

"Sure." She walked in and sat down at the table. "We're getting sorted into squads tomorrow."

"Really? Isn't Kakashi still taking on a squad?"

"Yeah, but most of 'em are new guys. I think Iruka-sensei is doing a squad this year too."

"Is Gai?"

"If he is, I hope I don't get him." She muttered, resting her chin in her hands.

"That's not very nice."

"You and dad have said worse."

Sakura blushed a little. "I suppose your right."

"Right about what?" Sasuke asked, walking in with Kakushin behind him, the latter of the two looking quite tired.

"Oh, nothing."

"I'm sure." He walked over and gave Sakura a kiss on the cheek. Kakushin and Shingetsu stuck their tongues out. "I saw that you two."


After dinner, and another fight between Kakushin and Shingetsu, everyone went to bed. Shingetsu stared at her ceiling. 'Tomorrow's it. We'll be official Genin and go on our first mission. I wonder whose team I'll be on. With my luck, I'll get stuck with Kakashi or Iruka-sensei. I suppose it's better than one of the new Jonin. I guess Iruka wouldn't be so bad... he's just really strict... Kakashi wouldn't be so bad if he would put down the porn for a minute or two... man I'm tired...' She yawned and shut her eyes. 'I should really... just go to bed...'


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