By: Junsui Kegasu

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They told him in that weapons class that only a diamond was hard enough to scratch another diamond. And even then, they would scratch each other. It made sense – even to him – but right now, it didn't just apply to minerals. The comparison could be stretched farther than that.

Oh, so much farther, he thought, nipping at a skim-milk collarbone, making it turn sunburned pink – marking his diamond. He heard an appreciative gasp and bit a little harder, drawing a drop of ruby. After all, his diamond hated to be kept unblemished as he had his entire life.

He could fix that, though. Diamonds didn't always have to look perfect, after all. He wasn't, with his sun-tanned, battle-scarred skin. Gaara wasn't, either. You could see a few of his ribs and his skin was far too pale to be healthy. He didn't care; he loved his diamond either way – for the love-deprived child he was on the inside.

A cynical smile graced his lips, hovering over that alabaster, sweat-slicked chest. That's why they loved each other so much; no one else looked past the scarred and dangerous exterior and saw that they were still human. To their respective villages, they were scarred germs people looked at with disgust. To the Akatsuki, they could be polished to a brilliant glow and utilized.

They were so much more than that, though. Beneath him, Gaara moaned and arched when he pushed into him. They had human emotions, and human expressions. He bent down and suckled the skin over Gaara's jugular, feeling with his tongue the rapid pulse of the boy underneath him.

When these two diamonds scratched each other, so long ago, they stuck together, oddly propelled to someone of their kind. Though the wound decorating each of their foreheads had long-since scabbed, disappeared, scarred, and faded, the magnetic impulse remained, and now, Naruto only felt complete in the presence of his precious diamond. Gaara was something to protect, for even though the sand could save him from any injury, emotional damage couldn't always be repaired.

They were deformed from being emotionally abused like that, Naruto eventually forming crystals where Gaara had not. Slowly, without much experienced, he was cutting away pieces of those ugly shells, watching with pride as Gaara grew in front of his eyes. Just a year ago, they wouldn't be doing this, grunting and moaning, skin against skin and sweat mingling with blood, but now…


…But now, the past didn't really matter. He grunted as he released inside his lover, pulling out from him and then pulling the Jinchuuriki against his chest. They were both panting, the sweat that covered them acid melting away that ugly shell, shaping them into defined, cut crystals that glimmer with normal humanity. Maybe, if they kept it up, just like this, one day they'd be accepted.

Against him, Gaara shifted, preparing for another sleepless night of viewing his mate. Naruto frowned inwardly; the damaged boy deserved more. "Go to sleep, Diamond."

There was a pause and Naruto almost thought he might've gotten through on the first try. Then…

"What did you just call me?"

He snorted in amusement. "Nothing, Panda."


Maybe, one day, they'd glimmer with the luster that their villages seemed to love. Maybe one day, they'd be accepted.

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