Deathly Slaves

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Chapter Fourteen

"Leah, we need to talk," Dean said as he entered her room.

It was close to midnight. The trio had come back from the factory and taken showers. Then they hit the hay. Or at least Sam did. Dean was still up thinking about Leah and him and their situation. And Leah was still up, thinking about the same.

"Come in," Leah said as she sat up and turned the light on.

Light flooded the room. She saw Dean in his boxers and undershirt. He saw her in her big t-shirt and shorts that began were they ended (or close to that). Dean came in and got on the bed. He reminded Leah of a little kid, getting on a bed that's too big for him. He sat by her for a minute before he spoke.

"Leah, I uh… I've been thinking."

She nodded.

"Well… I think I'd like being a dad."

"Really," she asked full of excitement.


She smiled. This was what she wanted. Why did it feel so wrong though?

"I'd like being a mom."


"Yeah. Not a soccer mom, but a kick-demonic-ass-mom."

He smirked. Same Leah.

"But," she said hesitantly, "It feels wrong."

"Why," he asked obviously disappointed.

"Dean, I can't take your life away. Everything you've worked for. You have to go help people."

"I want you to take it. I... We can still help people, but this would be home base."


"Leah, stop. I've decided to stay with you. That's what I want."

"What about Sam?"

"He can stay too. I'm sure he'll love a chance at almost-normal."

"You sure?"


She smiled. Now this felt right. He looked at her, before slowly moving in. She did the same. Soon their lips were touching. This was the same kiss from before. The same feeling went through her body and mind, as she pulled his shirt off.

Now this felt right.

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