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(A.N.) For intents and purposes of this fanfiction, the characters are fifteen going on sixteen instead of fourteen going on fifteen.

My name is Cassandra Simon. I am fifteen years old, the youngest detective in America. Of course, I'm no ordinary detective. The other cops only bring me in when something terrible happens, something that no human being should be able to do to another.

It's my job to get inside your head, if you're a killer that is. All I need is a touch, and then you have no secrets from me, none. Sometimes, I don't even need to touch you. Sometimes, I just need to be where you've been, touched what you've touched... Something like the corpses you leave behind. I can see what happened, feel the emotions and impressions you've left behind.

I don't know what it's like to be normal, to run or gossip like other girls my age. Since graduating college, I haven't been to a school, except for a case.

But now... Now I'm going to Japan, to a high school for a new assignment. The details?


A young woman, one Numai Chisato, seventeen and a junior in high school, has been murdered. She was kidnapped on Monday, February 25 of this year. A man-hunt was launched, the entire area searched for the girl. Her picture was handed out. A heart-shaped face, dark brown hair, wide brown eyes, petite build... All of it graced posters and the backs of milk cartons nation wide.

She was found six days later in the town's harbor, dead. Cause of death? Multiple stab wounds were concentrated in the abdomen. She had been raped, and evidence of torture and restraints were found.

Chisato was the first of three.

The next one was Yahagi Kayoko. Also brown-eyed and brown-haired and small, the sixteen-year-old bore a close resemblance to the first victim. Kayoko disappeared a week after the bloody discovery of Numai Chisato's broken body. On March 13, her body was discovered on a "raft" of animal bones and wood that was floating in a well visited cove also close to the girl's hometown.

This time, the vic was posed, a macabre model for the forensic photographer. She had also died of knife wounds to the stomach, and had also been raped, with evidence of other torture.

The killer began to taunt the police.

Notes began to arrive, small jibes at the authorities. The killer boasts how intelligent he is, how artistic.

Following the new pattern, the killer kidnapped another girl, eighteen-year-old Nanahara Izumi, a week after the finding of Kayoko. Again, the vic was dark-haired, brown, and had brown eyes. She was also a petite person.

Another six days later, March 26, Izumi was found by a local fisherman on the banks of a small river used for leisure fishing. She fit the M.O: Stab wounds, rape, and torture.

She was posed as well.

By this time, the town was still unaware of the killings. All three girls had had minimal family, none of whom lived close by. The bodies where secreted away by the police and the coroner, the officers' mouths ordered shut. So as not alarm the public I suppose. The girls are still listed as missing, but everyone who doesn't know better assumes they're just out somewhere, that their disappearances are nothing more than an effort to rile up their parents and friends. The police, on the other hand, scrambled, not prepared for such a horrible crime. The worst that they had ever dealt with was a talented thief called Dark Mousy, whom, I was told, was still at large. The murders were being investigated, but no one could deduce much.

There were no suspects.

This is why they called the F.B.I. and asked if they could borrow me. That is why I am on the red eye to Japan, to this sleepy little town that is a victim of a butcher. I am going to go in with a cover, a new student at the local high school. It has all been arranged.

They called, and I was dispatched. Why me, do you ask?

Because I am Detective Cassandra Simon.

Because I have yet to not solve a case.

Because I am a psychic.

Because all it takes is one, little touch.

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