Dumbledore smiled as he watched the obliviate surround Harry. When the glow subsided, Harry blinked rapidly, and looked around in confusion, "Sir? Where am I?" Harry looked perfectly innocent again. Dumbledore was ecstatic. He smiled at Harry brightly.

"Well you see Harry, after Sirius died, you became very sick. The disease made you very violent, and we were forced to keep you unconscious for the duration of the sickness. You only just healed enough for us to wake you," his eyes were twinkling with success. He plastered a kind, regretful expression on his face.

Harry looked upset, "How long have I been out? Did I hurt anyone? How is everyone else? Why don't I remember anything?"

That was enough to convince Dumbledore, "everyone is fine. You managed to damage my office quite a bit, and there were several incidents – hence the aurors. In all honesty I'm not surprised that you don't remember anything. It was a very taxing illness for your body, "he smiled, and realized one small error he had made. Harry wasn't breathing, and had no pulse. He thought the boy would notice for sure, but he appeared to be breathing out of habit, "I just need to cast two spells on you Harry would you mind?"

Momentary hesitance flashed through Harry's eyes, but it was quickly replaced with trust as he realized who he was talking to. He continued to frown, but nodded his consent. Dumbledore smiled, and cast the charms that would make Harry believe he was breathing, and had a pulse. Like all most glamour charms, they enveloped him, and seemed to seep into his skin. Harry looked down at his arms, but saw nothing, "what were those for sir?"

"They were monitoring charms Harry. They will let us know if you are having a relapse," he replied encouragingly. With any luck, Harry would be right back in his pocket once more, and the world would have its golden boy back

Harry nodded his understanding, "that seems like a good idea. But you never did answer me about how much time I was out? It doesn't feel like a very long time. Will I be going to the Dursley's?" Harry looked upset at the idea.

"No Harry, I don't think you'll be going back there again. You see, they expressed a desire to never see you again, and have moved away. Thus far, we have been unable to find them," it was a complete lie of course, but Harry seemed to accept it. He almost seemed happy. The boy truly did not appreciate what the Dursley's had done for him, "as for how long you've been out, well Harry, tomorrow is your first day of school."

Harry's jaw dropped, and Dumbledore was certain that his look of shock could not have been faked. His mouth opened and closed several times, but no words came out. Finally he took a deep breath and spoke, "I think I would like to lie down now sir," he said steadily. It obviously took a lot of effort.

Dumbledore smiled kindly, "of course my boy! I even have a drought for dreamless sleep here for you. You should wake up an hour before the feast."

Harry nodded mutely, and sat down on a bed that the aurors conjured for him, and took the potion without blinking, "two months…" he looked up at Dumbledore, "I'm sorry about your office sir."

Dumbledore grinned widely. Harry Potter was back, and there was nothing anyone could do about it


Hermione granger was exceptionally smart, and aware. She had to work for this awareness however, so work at it she did. When she received her letter, she immediately went to Diagon alley for all of the books on politics she could get. She discovered that purebloods most always thought themselves above others, and that to get anywhere, she would have to be the best. So she went and got more books. One of said new books was 'The History of the Wizarding World through the Ages'.

It told her of Voldemort, and Harry Potter. She did the math, and found that Harry Potter would be in her year. She knew that should she befriend him, she could make it straight to the top. The only problem was that all of the books said that Dumbledore was protecting him, so she wasn't sure if she could get in close enough to use him as she planned to. Her saving grace at that point came in the form of a letter – from Albus Dumbledore himself.

'Miss Hermione Granger,

Mr. Blotts, and Mr. Flourish have informed me of you're affinity for political books, and I would like to offer you a way in. Mr. Harry Potter will be attending Hogwarts this year, as I'm sure you are already aware, and he will need to be kept under control. I would like to entrust you with this mission. You're counterpart will be Ronald Weasely. I have the entire year planned out, and should everything go to plan, you will have a large vault in Gringotts under your name. Sign the bottom of the paper if you accept - if you decline, you will be obliviated, and the letter will self destruct.

Albus Dumbledore

P.S. – I know you will make the right choice Miss Granger. Do not disappoint me.'

Needless to say, she signed without a second thought, and her successful political career was ensured. That was all that really mattered to Hermione anyway.


Ron Weasely had received a similar letter to Hermione's, and had signed even quicker than she had. The combined promise of money, and a way to get one up on the rest of his family was enough to make him shiver in delight. Besides, he would be Harry Potter's best and first friend. What could be more beneficial to a political career than that?

He had met with Dumbledore shortly after school had started, and they discussed the plan. Everything had progressed from there almost entirely to plan. It was true that Ron became jealous of Harry often enough, and that led to a few problems, but nothing Ron saw as terrible. He also didn't like Hermione at first, but had come to accept her, and now would admit with little prompting that they made a good team.

Presently, he and Hermione were packing up for the ride to Hogwarts. Dumbledore had already told them of what happened to Harry, and they both knew that their jobs would be more difficult than ever. Neither was particularly concerned, as Harry was easily distracted, and it wouldn't be too hard to keep him a mediocre student who was the school quiddich star – just like Harry was meant to be.


Olivander sighed as the final last minute child rushed out the door. His conscience had been plaguing him of late. Dumbledore had come to him several years before, and had told him it was imperative that Harry believe his wand came from his personal phoenix. He hadn't questioned it at the time but he was starting to.

You see, Harry had in fact received a wand that was Voldemort's twin, but no Slytherin heir would ever have a phoenix wand core. Voldemort's wand was actually Slytherin's, and Harry's belonged to Slytherin's wife. The cores were basilisk venom in reality. The only thing Olivander thought brought him some redemption was that Dumbledore believed the cores to be dragon heartstring.


Harry was woken up with little time to spare. He was told that his trunk had been moved for him, and he was given his wand. When he asked about the wrist cuffs, he was told they prevented him from becoming dangerously violent again, and that should he find himself in mortal danger, the cuffs would drop off. Dumbledore knew this to be a complete lie, but it didn't really matter so long as Harry accepted it.

Ten minutes before the feast was scheduled to start, Harry was brought before Dumbledore fully cleaned and dressed in Gryffindor robes. Dumbledore smiled widely. Harry really was meant to be the Gryffindor golden boy, "Hello my boy! I trust you're all settled?"

"Yes sir. Thank you for the new clothing. Its perfect," Dumbledore wondered what Harry was talking about, but he was obviously happy about it.

"Of course Harry. It was actually Sirius's birthday present to you. He asked me to send the owl off for him before the end of the year. I haven't seen it yet of course, but I'm glad you like it," Harry smiled, and Dumbledore patted himself on the back. Harry would be grateful to him for helping Sirius, and should he not approve of whatever Harry seemed to have bought himself, he would have a way to say that he didn't approve.

"Thank you again sir. I'm sure Sirius appreciated it," there was determination mixed with sadness filling Harry's eyes.

"It was no trouble Harry. Would you like to walk down to the great hall with me? The other students have just sat down, and the first years should have just arrived," Harry looked slightly uncomfortable with the idea, but Dumbledore needed to make an appearance with him, "Come now Harry. No need to be frightened."

"With all due respect, I'm not frightened. I would prefer to enter alone. I'm sure it wouldn't do to much harm were I to enter a minute after you," he tried to interrupt, "I can say hello to the first years, and give them some encouragement."

That stopped Dumbledore in his tracks. It would help Harry's golden boy image to be seen as the person that everyone could go to. He could bind Harry to him later, but there wasn't likely to be an opportunity for him to address the younger years before they were biased by house placements, "yes I do believe that would be alright. Would you mind bringing them up to the front? Minerva can wait with the stool."

Harry looked surprised, and replied slowly, "I suppose I could do that…"

"Excellent! Wait outside the doors for me to give the signal before you enter," Harry nodded consent, "well then – off we go!" Dumbledore bounced all the way to the great hall, while Harry made his way to the first years.

"Hello students! Welcome to a new year at Hogwarts! I'm sure that many of you have noticed that Harry Potter is not among you. He fell ill this summer, and has spent his time at Hogwarts recovering. I ask that you do not question him on the matter. He has recently agreed to lend me a hand with the sorting this year. Some of the first years were in need of a little pep talk you see, so without further ado – let the sorting begin!"

There was tumultuous applause, and Harry entered the hall with the first years in tow.


Meanwhile, Harry had made it to the first years, "Hello everyone," they all turned to him nervously, "I'm Harry Potter," they gasped, and Harry rolled his eyes, "yes. The Harry Potter. I'm not as insane as the papers tell you, and would love to help you out should you have any problems, and regardless of your house. You will be sorted by a hat, so you can't really put much faith in your sorting anyway," there were a few nervous laughs. Harry could tell that some of the more intelligent children were intrigued, "well anyway – any last minute questions?"

A girl raised her hand, and he nodded to her, "where are the kitchens?"

Harry raise an eyebrow, "I'll draw you all up some directions, and bring them to you ASAP. You aren't supposed to know about them, so no telling I told you."

They all grinned, "If we're not supposed to know about them, how do you?"

Harry drew himself up, and put on an obviously fake haughty accent, "I am the most specialist Gryffindor golden boy, and know everything," They all laughed, and Harry grinned in reply, "Ah… that's my cue, come on little ones. Time to stick a musty old hat on your heads!" they giggled once more, and Harry charged into the great hall, opening both doors at once. The first years followed behind him giggling, and talking about 'Harry Potter the most specialist Gryffindor golden boy.'

He led them up to the stage, and stepped back to the bottom of the head podium, but did not sit down. Dumbledore raised an eyebrow, but figured that Harry knew what he was doing. As each kid was sorted, they all passed by Harry, who hugged Hufflepuffs, shook hands with Slytherins, patted Ravenclaws on the back, and ruffled Gryffindors hair. They all smiled brightly at him, and waved as they joined their tables.

Dumbledore was ecstatic. Obviously Harry had them all under control. Harry bowed to the head table, and took his seat, and Dumbledore stood, "congratulations on your placements! And thank you Harry. I know you are all starving, so I'll let you eat!" he clapped his hands and the food appeared.

Ron dug in immediately, but Hermione leant over to talk to Harry, "are you feeling better?"

Harry nodded, and flicked a pea at one of the first years, who glared at him good-naturedly, "I'm fine. Not really hungry, but I'm fine nonetheless."

The first year flicked a pea back at Harry, who loaded a spoon with mashed potatoes, and flung it at her. Her mouth was opened, and it flew right in, causing Harry to laugh, along with several others. She scowled, and tossed a date at him, but he snatched it right out of the air, "That's no fair!" she squealed.

"All's fair in food fights," Harry declared.

There was a mischievous glint in her eyes, "well then, I would suggest you watch out. I might get ideas."

Harry laughed, "You should talk to Fred and George. They'd be happy to recruit you – I'll give you their owl address. In the mean time, practice chaser. You've got a good arm."

"Harry! Stop giving the first years bad ideas," she slipped into her normal role easily, "and what did you say that got them all to like you so quickly? I've never seen anything like it!"

Harry scowled, "hello to you to! My summer was nonexistent thank you. How was yours?"

"Oy! Chill out mate. You know 'mione. She always has to be learning," Ron said through a stuffed mouth, "and anyway, wasn't it just like three days or so since you last saw us for you? Can't have missed us too much."

Harry was taken aback, "I still would have liked a hello!"

Ron shrugged, "sorry mate. Malfoy was being an ass on the train again. He was looking for you."

Harry rolled his eyes, "I'm sure," he turned to Hermione, "I just said what felt right. I'm glad it made them more comfortable."

One of the new male first years tossed a broiled onion at him, and he ducked under it without even looking. It splattered all over Pavarti, who squealed. The boy gaped at Harry, "how did you do that? You didn't even see it!"

Harry grinned, "Sight isn't the only sense a person has. I heard you toss it."

Many people's eyes widened, but Hermione just rolled her eyes, "really Harry, you should be more mature!"

"I don't know Hermione – that was pretty brilliant," Ron grinned as Hermione scowled.

"Harry needs to be a roll model Ron!"

Harry preformed a cleaning charm at Pavarti, who smiled gratefully, "Hermione – why would I need to be a roll model? It's not like I'm a prefect, and I've already volunteered my services as a guidance counselor of sorts, haven't I midgets?"

The first years all confirmed, and dessert appeared, which distracted Ron, and the majority of the Gryffindors. Hermione was still on about it though, "Harry!"

He sighed, "Look Hermione – I just woke up yesterday. I haven't had any fun or relaxation time since last summer. I think I'm entitled to have some fun, yeah?"

She softened, "Oh Harry, I'm sorry. I forgot."

"It's alright Hermione. No hard feelings," he smiled, and she grinned back, glad that she hadn't done any damage. Harry spent the rest of dinner talking with his fellow Gryffindors, and tossing various food items at first years, who valiantly tried to hit him back. Dumbledore made the usual announcements, and sent them all to bed.

Harry walked over to the girls dorm stairs, and sat down in front of them, "hello stairs," they turned into a slide and back again in reply. Harry smiled, "surely you can tell that's not what I have in mind. I just want to tuck them in. It is there first night after all," the stairs flipped into a slide once more, but changed back when Harry put his hand on them to show their consent. He stood, and turned to the room, "come on girls, let's get you settled. Boys wait here for me," he headed up the stairs with the trail of girls behind him.

The girls dorms were bigger, and fancier than the boys, but were far too glitzy for Harry's taste. He showed each of the girls to their beds, and watched as they each got their pajamas, and headed to the bathroom to get dressed. When they were all ready he had them each climb into bed, where he tucked them in, and gave them each a pat on the head, "Good night girls! Sleep tight!"

"Good night Harry."

"Night golden boy."

"Night. See you tomorrow."

"G'night Harry"

He smiled, and headed back down to a room full of stunned boys, who immediately crowded him, and asked how it was, and how they could get up as well. Harry scowled, "stop acting like horny gits for one. Come on newbie's! Let's get you settled too."

He marched straight upstairs with the boys chatting behind him. They all just peeled off everything but their boxers, and climbed in. Harry whacked each one with a pillow, and said good night, before proceeding to his dorm room.

Ron was waiting up for him, "what was that Harry?"

"Just making them feel comfortable Ron," Harry changed into a pair of black pajama pants.

"Yeah right. Taken an interest in the younger population Harry? I always thought you headed towards older woman," Ron sneered.

Harry rounded on Ron instantly, and pushed him up against a bed post, "How dare you! I was simply doing for them what I would have liked some one to do for me you buffoon!"

Ron's eyes were wide with fear, "I'm sorry! I was only joking Harry – no harm done! I know you would never do anything like that."

Harry dropped him, and Ron held his neck breathing hard, "whatever Ron. I'm going to bed."

Harry climbed in, and sealed the curtains around himself, before leaning back against his pillows. He really wasn't tired at all. He closed his eyes, and cleared his mind, 'Hello Tom. Everything is going to plan.'