The Hunter Girl and the Ghost Boy

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(Fenton House 7am)

Daniel Fenton woke up on Tuesday after a long battle with the Box Ghost the night before. Okay, maybe the box ghost really didn't put up that great of a fight but Danny was too preoccupied with trying not to hurt Valerie, who had shown up about 5 seconds later ready and waiting with her ecto-grenade gun aiming it at Danny. Danny had gone to bed at about 3 in the morning. He looked in the mirror at his body, checking for any non-coverable damage. Finding none, he threw on his white t-shirt with the red designs over his white undershirt and his jeans. Finding his socks he threw on his red and white sneakers and headed downstairs. His sister, Jasmine, was sitting at the table eating her toast and drinking her tea. Danny walked over to her and gave her a pat on her shoulder, too tired to say good morning and walked over to the coffee pot and poured himself a cup. Well, a quarter of a cup and then he filled it to the brim with sugar and milk, but at least it kept him awake, somewhat. He then grabbed a banana and sat down next to Jazz.

"Hey sleepyhead. Long night?" She asked him as he peeled the banana.

"Yeah, the ghost hunter girl came up while I was dealing with the box ghost." Danny said taking a bite. "Seriously, who the heck is up at three in the morning?" Danny never told Jazz that Valerie is the ghost hunter. Some things are better left unmentioned to Jazz.

"Besides you?" Jazz joked. Danny glared and Jazz laughed.

Jack and Maddie, Danny and Jazz's parents, came in from the basement. Danny's parents are ghost hunters and two of the most popular people in Amity since Danny Phantom became Public Enemy Number One and the ghost attacks on Amity Park increased due to the raid of Pariah Dark, the Fright Knight and their army of ghost skeletons. Danny's parents were now called on every time a spectral attack threatened their small town. They also were responsible for the creation of Danny Phantom, though they aren't aware of it. About eight months ago, Jack and Maddie created a ghost portal that would connect the Fenton's basement to the realm of the floating dead, the Ghost Zone. They didn't get it working at first; Danny had been dared by Samantha Manson and Tucker Foley, his best friends, to go into the portal. He had accidentally activated it with him inside and thus the white-haired, green-eyed halfa, Danny Phantom, was born. Jack and Maddie were so enthralled with the success of their first working invention they didn't realize the great sacrifice their son took to make them happy, half of his humanity.

Danny smiled as they walked in and finished the rest of his caffeinated milk and his banana.

"Hello sweeties." Maddie cooed at her two children and kissed them on the head as she passed by to get her morning cup of coffee.

"Hi mom." The two teens said to their mother. Jack sat down next to Danny and patted him hard on the back as he did every morning sending Danny's chin into the table. Danny sat up and rubbed his chin. It wasn't as if his dad didn't know his own strength, he just never realized that Danny was six times smaller than he was and that small pat was really, to Danny, like a bolder running into his back.

"So, what's new Dan?" Jack asked. Danny's baby blue eyes widened as if Jack knew something. Danny recovered quickly and smiled.

"Nothing dad. Just hanging around." Danny said. Jack smiled and started eating his breakfast that Maddie put in front of him. Danny sighed to himself gratefully. Jazz, noting this stood up and smacked his arm, signaling that she wanted him to stand up too. Danny scowled and rubbed his arm but stood up with her.

"Well, we're gonna go to school now. See you later Mom, Dad." Jazz said grabbing her books on the table in walking out.

"Bye Danny, bye Jazz, have a good day, and Danny, don't get into trouble."

"Yes mom." Danny said walking out with his school bag. The two Fenton teens go to Jazz's car and ride off to Casper High.

(Grey apartment 7am)

Valerie Grey woke up groggily to her blaring alarm clock. Damn that stupid Phantom. Trust him to terrorize the town at 3 in the morning. Valerie got out of bed and grabbed her yellow short sleeve shirt, orange skirt and white sneakers and put them on. She then pulled her hair into the yellow headband she wore every morning. She then narrowed at the newspaper clippings on her wall of the notorious troublemaking Danny Phantom. She hated him with a passion. He ruined her life and now she made it her life's work to hunt him down to the ends of the earth. No matter how long it took, thanks to her benefactor, Vladimir Masters, she could do it. It took her a while but she mastered all the weapons he gave her. Valerie growled, no matter how many weapons, he kept on beating her. He was really powerful, though he looked no older than her. She kicked her pajamas across the room. He was really a pain in the neck. He caused all this to her. She lost her popularity and everything she owned because of him. It was his fault she lived in the slums on the outskirts of Amity Park. It was his fault that her father now knew of her secret ghost-hunting life. Everything was his fault.

Then again, thinking over it all, if it weren't for Danny Phantom and his meddling ways she would've never realized how shallow Paullina and the others really were. She wouldn't have realized that Danny Fenton, the kid they looked down upon and claimed a geek, in fact a handsome boy with a selfless heart of gold. She would've never become an independent young woman who could really help the town she lives in against those stupid spectral annoyances. All thanks to Danny Phantom. All because of that noble meddling Danny Phantom.

Valerie shook her head. What was she thinking? Danny Phantom was a threat and an outcast to society. Looking over her newspaper articles again she looked at the headlines. Some from long ago said things like: "INVISO-BILL ATTACKS THE MAYOR!" and "INVISO-BILL BECOMES PUBLIC ENEMY No 1." Another featured him right after the fight with Pariah Dark, the ghost king. "INVISO-BILL REALLY DANNY PHANTOM!" and "DANNY PHANTOM: FRIEND OR FOE!" It also showed graphs and other things proving that the Phantom was not really an outcast anymore. In fact some of the young children she sees all claim to like him, some girls said he was cute, like Paullina. Valerie scowled and tore her gave from her many articles. She let her thoughts of Danny Phantom die and she went down the hall to see her father, Damien, sitting at the table.

"Good morning Valerie." He said looking up from his newspaper.

"Morning dad." She said sitting next to him.

"You created quite a stir with the ghost attack last night." He showed her the paper that has the sub-headline: "Phantom and Mysterious Hunter Clash in the Park in a Night Brawl."

Valerie looked at it angrily. "Who the heck is out at 3 am and is a photographer just looking for a story?" she said handing the paper back to Damien as civilly as she could.

"I don't know Valerie, but what have I told you about nightly hunts?" Damien asked.

"Not to go if it's past midnight. But dad, it's not any old ghost; it's that stupid Danny Phantom. He's a huge exception to the rule."

"Valerie, I'm not telling you that it's wrong to hate this ghost, Danny, but don't let his actions cause you to lose control of your life. Analyze things first. If he's fighting the same ghosts you are, what's so bad about that?"

"Dad, he lost you your job!" Valerie said in an outrage, "He took everything we had away from us! Tell me you don't hate him for that!" Valerie challenged.

"Valerie." Damien scolded. "Yes, I was a little sore at him at first, he lost me my job, but it took me a while to realize that it changed me for the better. Instead of working all the time and never seeing you, I now work nights while you're asleep. I've made friends with Jack and Maddie Fenton; you've made friends with Danny, and you're happier being with him and his friends than you ever were with Paullina. I don't hold any grudge against him. I mean he helped save the town, and in the long run, he might've saved you."

"What do you mean dad?" Valerie asked confused.

"If I didn't know that you were a ghost hunter, one day I would be watching the news waiting for you and I would find out that you got hurt or died."

"No ghost won't ever kill me that easy!" Valerie protested. Damien halted her rant with a stern look.

"I'm just saying, he could've saved your life one day, without him even knowing it. So just keep that in mind Valerie. Now get your stuff and go to school."

"Yes, dad." She said getting up to grab her school bag along with her bag of ghost hunting gear and ran out the door.

"Bye dad!" Valerie said shutting the door and walking to the elevator. She pressed L for lobby and stepped out when she heard the ding. She walked along the streets to the school that was just about ten blocks from where she lived. When she got there she saw Danny and Jazz Fenton walking down from where Jazz parked her car. Valerie waved at them and Danny ran over.

"Hi Valerie. What's up?" He asked smiling.

"Nothing out of the ordinary except that ghost hunter and the phantom were fighting and now it's in the paper." She said and missed the look of shock that ran across his face.

"That's interesting," he said after he recovered. The two walked in silence over to where Sam and Tucker were waiting by Danny's locker. Valerie saw Sam tense up when she and Danny walked over together. She smirked knowing that Sam felt that Valerie was making a move on Danny. After the confrontation with Pariah Dark had ended, another began, Sam and Valerie's claim on Danny. Valerie saw that Sam was in love with Danny and just to make her mad and insanely jealous; Valerie would flirt a little with Danny. Valerie just wanted to play with Sam's feelings, but after a while, Valerie started to like Danny a little less as a friend and more as a crush. She loved his cute smile and his short temper which no one took seriously; she loved his extreamly quick wit that he used often; she loved his hand motions when he talked angrily about someone; she loved his expressive china blue eyes and how they get lighter when he smiled; she loved when he blushed slightly when she teased him about something he did; she loved his clumsiness; she loved everything about Danny and felt that there could be a relationship between them.

"Hey guys," Danny said waving at them. Sam smiled at him them fixed her lavender gaze on her.

"Valerie." Sam said chillingly.

"Sam." Valerie retorted back. Danny took no notice of their icy one-worded conversation and put in his combination. He opened his locker just to get it closed again when Dash Baxter stood in front of him. Valerie could swear on her grandmother's grave that she saw his eyes turn green but she dismissed it because she was glaring at Paullina.

"What do you want Dash?" Danny said irritably. Dash only smirked at Danny's question and motioned to Kwan, his right hand bully, to grab Danny. Kwan smirked and grabbed Danny as if he were a broomstick and handed him to Dash. Danny squirmed and kicked at Dash but to no avail.

"You know what day it is Fen-taco?" Dash asked him. Danny narrowed his eyes and stared hard at Dash.

"Well, today is Tuesday so, I think there's a grammar test today so I assume you are going to fail miserably and be one step closer to getting your butt of the football team. Sorry Dash." Danny retorted using his ghostly witty banter to confuse Dash. The crowd that came around to watch suddenly went 'ooh' and clapped at Danny's remark. Dash growled and held Danny against the lockers.

"You wanna fight Fenton?" Dash said his face right against Danny's. Danny made a motion to wave the air away from him.

"Well, if you don't pop a tic-tac in your mouth it won't be necessary to fight, I'll be rendered unconscious in the nurses' office." Danny said waving his hand again. The crowd clapped and cheered. Dash chocked Danny against the locker.

"How about I just do this then?" Dash smirked. Danny gagged as Dash pressed harder against his throat. Danny gagged. Valerie gasped and watched in horror as Danny's face turned red and slowly blue. Valerie started to try and free Danny but Kwan held her back. Danny brought his hand to Dash's stomach and used his pointer finger to jab into Dash's abdomen. He then used his ectoplasmic energy shot to shoot Dash off of him. Dash yelled as he was sent fifteen feet away from Danny into the other set of lockers. Danny fell with a grunt as he dropped to the floor, coughing and gasping for breath. Dash stood up and wobbled around for a few seconds. Then Danny got up and massaged his neck wincing as he felt the ring around his neck that would soon form into a dark bruise and he promised his mom he wouldn't get into trouble today.

"Cirque du Freak boys what's going on here?" Mr. Lancer said coming out of the classroom behind Danny. Before Dash could milk it for all it's worth Valerie came to Danny's rescue.

"Mr. Lancer, Dash came over here and started with Danny, shoving him into a locker, and then after Danny told him to let him go Dash choked him and Danny shoved him off into the lockers."

"Is this true Mr. Fenton?" Danny nodded, not giving to himself to speak for fear he might throw up what was left of his small breakfast. Mr. Lancer saw that Danny was still holding his neck and removed Danny's hands. Danny winced as he felt his hands being taken off his neck. Mr. Lancer's face showed sight shock at the boy's quickly bruised skin. He turned to Dash and told him to go to the office. He turned to the rest of the crowd and said to go to class. He sent Danny to the nurses' office with Valerie, making Sam growl. After the two teens walked down the hallway in silence until Valerie turned to Danny.

"Are you all right?" She asked. Danny looked up and smiled.

"Yeah, just my neck and my butt are a little sore, nothing I can't handle." Valerie smiled.

"Well, that's what you get for teasing Dash. What's come over you Danny? You're talking back to Dash with effective comebacks but you're getting hurt and not to mention detention because of Mr. Lancer coming to Dash's defense. You're lucky I was there and he didn't look over me like he does to you Sam and Tucker." She said in a scolding tone.

"I'm sorry mommy; don't take away my cake and cookies please!" Danny said in a small innocent voice and placed those doggone puppy eyes on his face. Valerie smiled and smacked his arm. These were one of the moments that made him adorable.

"That's not funny." Valerie said, unable to hold back a smile form Danny. Danny laughed and smiled back. A little bit later they made it to the nurse's office and Valerie left Danny to go to class.

(After School)

Danny walked out of the school feeling slighty better than when he walked in six hours before. He didn't have detention and he got a 70 on his math test. Danny smiled. Yep, nothing could spoil this day.

Then his ghost sense went off.

"Damn." He muttered going behind the school to change. "Goin' Ghost!" He said starting to transforming to his alter ego. His blue jeans changed to tight black spandex pants. His sneakers changed to white boots. His white shirt changed into tight black spandex with a DP eched on the front. His hands changed to white gloves. His skin turned from a pale white to a pasty tan. His hair changed from jet black to a snowy white. His eyes were the last to changed. After he opened his eyes, they had turned from a baby blue to a glowing green. He shot up in the air and started to look for the ghost. His eyes scanned the area and he spotted Deserie playing with some poor humans wishes. Danny sighed and flew over toward her.


Valerie came out of the side of the school humming happily. Then she heard her ghost hunting equiptment start to beep. She looked and she saw that her hightech ghost dectector telling her that Danny Phantom was on the loose again. She growled and ran to side of the school and changed into her new black and red suit. She then jumped on her hover sled and drove over toward the park.

"Deserie why don't you just leave these people alone?" Danny asked throwing her away from the man and woman.

"Why did you do that for?" The woman asked. "We were just about to ask her for a new house."

"Yeah but she would've given you a house that leaked and had temites all over it. So... I just did you a favor. So run!" Danny said as he saw Deserie coming over to them and shooting an ectoplasmic energy ball at her. The couple ran away.

'Yeah, the minute a fight begins, they jet but, when you ask nicely they argue with you. I should just shoot them, then they'll run away.' He thought. As he was thinking, something shot at him from behind him. He turned to see a red ectoplasmic energy ball coming at his face. He phased through it and looked to see Valerie on her hover board looking straight at him. Danny sighed. It was hard to like someone that was hunting you down every other day.

"Got ya right here ghost!" She said pointing her gun at him. He sighed again as he heard it power up. She shot it and he dissapeared. He then flew behind her and pushed her, giving him time to fly into a deserted allyway.

"Where are you ghost!" She yelled looking for Danny. Danny reappeared behind her and shot a energy ball at the hover board. Valerie fell off on to the ground and the hover board started to go haywire. Danny shoe her gun that had fallen next to him and sent a shot flying, causing the hover board halfway across town. Danny laughed as he saw it fly away.

"What are you laughing at ghost!" She said getting up going over to kick him. Danny dodged it and flew up in the air.

"Well, the fact that your board isn't sensitive to you just the weaponry you hold give you a good enough answer?" He asked and the responce was a energy ball that just grazed his head. "Take that as a no?" He replied sheepishly. He flew faster when he saw that she was following him with her gun.

"Fight me like a man ghost!" She yelled at him when he dissapeared for the fifth time. She felt something push her again toward the wall and holding her there.

"Look," He reappeared holding her wrist agaisnt the wall. "The name is Danny Phantom. Not ghost or boy or kid or," Valerie saw him wince, "Inviso-Bill. Do you need me to spell it for you? Capital D-A-N-N-Y Captial P-H-A-N-T-O-M. Danny Phantom!"

"Fine your name is Danny, I really don't go give a flame in heck what you're name is. It's not gonna matter when I dispose of you." She said trying to get out of Danny's grip. Danny tried to stop her from kicking him in a very painful area.

"Will you just let me go?" She asked. Danny looked in her green eyes. He saw so many emotions. Loathing, anger, and scared. She was scared he was going to hurt her. She was vunerable without her weapons compared to Danny's naturally aquired ghost powers. His green eyes softened. He inched closer to her face and she closed her eyes. He then pressed his lips against hers in a innocent kiss. She felt his cold lips on hers and she pressed deeper into the kiss. He let go of her wrists and pulled away from her. Before she could react he flew away leaving a very confused Valerie.

(Fenton House)

Danny transformed back in his room and flopped down on the bed. He sat for a few minutes thinking about what he had done. He had kissed Valerie. Valerie, the one who he secretly liked. Valerie, the one who hated his alter ego. Valerie, the one who saved him from detention. Valerie, the one who swore to hunt him to the ends of the earth and back. Valerie, his friend. Valerie, the ghost hunter. Danny was completly confused. But then he imagined how confused Valerie was and he giggled.

(Grey House)

Valerie had walked back to her house in a daze. The ghost boy, Danny Phantom, just kissed her. And she sort of liked it. Her archenemy kissed her! She sighed and fell on her bed, looking at her wall. She looked in the pictures of him and thought how she just let him get away with that. How did she let him get away with kissing her like that? Did she secretly like him? No. That wasn't a love kiss, or even a like kiss, just his way of creating a diversion. Or was it? She looked away from the wall and looked at the alarm clock. She saw that it was 5:30 p.m. She needed to get to work. She got up and took one last look at the pictures on her wall. She sighed once again and shook her head confused. How was it that one boy could turn her world upside down like he did.

'Stupid Danny Phantom.' She thought closing her door.


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