Chapter 6: I'm a what?

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The red eyes on the bug in the corner signaling that they were watching the scene before them and recording as well. In a plush office down the hall, a figure sat cross-legged in front of a computer smirked and stood.

"Well, well Daniel, it seems that you did lie to me after all. And for that you will punished." Two rings formed around the millionaire's middle and traveled up and down his body transforming the middle aged man into one of the most feared ghosts in the Ghost Zone. A second smirk crossed the blue face. "And I do so love being the punisher." He floated thought he ceiling to meet his two pawns.

"Wait, so you're holding this trinket for a ghost because he asked you?" Valerie asked skeptically. Since Phantom ended his tale he went on to tell Valerie that Clockwork had given him the necklace to protect for the next king. Whoever he was. Clockwork couldn't, and wouldn't divulge that information with Danny, something about breaking protocol. After telling this to Valerie, she promptly badgered the halfa with questions about why he would do it and what did it all mean. Danny tried to answer her questions but that led more questions and heated commentary on Valerie's part. Danny was almost at wit's end when suddenly a pink ectoplasmic blast hit Danny on the side of his face. Danny's body slammed into the colorful painting over the mantle. Valerie's head shot from watching her companion fly out of her sight to the glowing figure in the doorway.

"I knew you had it Daniel, it's not nice to lie you know." Vlad said laughing as he let the glow from the palm of his hand dissipate. Danny struggled from his fall to stand.

"Well, then you should know that I won't give it to you Plasmius." Danny said straightening himself up. Vlad laughed and began to jet toward Danny who jumped up to dodge out of the way; he floated out of the house onto the roof. Vlad, realizing that Danny had gotten away, growled and shot up after him. Valerie stood up from the seat and ran down the hall.

"That ghost must've taken down the shield." She said in a Capitan Obvious move. She ran outside on to a balcony to see the two ghosts fighting in the darkening sky. Danny dodged three of the ghost rays but was again hit by the fourth. Valerie shook her head.

"He always gets hit by the last one." She noted.

Danny recovered quickly and sent a barrage of blasts Vlad's way as well. Vlad deflected these with his cape and sent them flying back at Danny. Danny went intangible and flew behind Vlad. Danny's invisible fists glowed bright blue as he froze Vlad's right arm. Vlad let out a yelp and pulled his iced arm away from Danny who turned visible again. As Vlad tried to thaw out his arm Danny landed a punch to the other's face and sent him flying. Danny flew past him at 132MPH and landed a kick to his middle. Vlad shot toward the ground and landed with a 'thump'. Valerie had made it to the ground floor and ran out of the mansion in time to see Vlad land on the ground. Danny flew toward the ground and walked over to Vlad as Valerie walked over. She turned to Danny and was about to start speaking.

"Time Out!!!" A voice cried. Everything stopped. The three froze in their motions as a blue and purple vortex appeared and The Master of Time stepped out. He swirled his staff in his hands as he transformed into his child self and took the three through the vortex.

Danny opened his eyes and found himself lying on the floor in a room full of ticking clocks. He sat up and looked around. He noted that he was in Clockwork's lair. The gears and pendulums moving in their place outside of time. Danny stood and saw Clockwork standing in front of his green and black swirling whirlpool that presented him with a look into the past or future, a puzzled look on his face. Danny walked over to him. Clockwork turned and smiled at the young halfa.

"Hello Danny." He said warmly.

"Clockwork, why did you bring me here?" Danny asked.

"Correction Danny, why did I bring all of you here?" Clockwork said gesturing to the still unconscious Vlad and stirring Valerie.

"Valerie!" Danny said running over to the young girl. She straightened up wide-eyed.

"Where am I?" She asked steadying herself as Danny lifted her up. Vlad had also begun to rouse. Danny turned as the older ghost stood quickly realizing that they were away from Wisconsin.

"Glad to see you have awoken." Clockwork said becoming a child right before their eyes. Valerie watched him with rapt attention. Vlad however was not amused.

"Why are we here? Who are you?" He demanded.

"I am Clockwork, Master of Time. I see all that has been and all that will be." He said. Vlad perked up.

"So you know my future. What will become of me? Will I be more powerful?" Vlad asked. Clockwork changed into an adult man.

"I cannot tell you that. I can only present you with facts that will help you immediately." At this he turned to Danny.

"Which brings me to your question Danny." Vlad grabbed Danny by his shoulders.

"How do you know this ghost? What has he told you? Tell me!!" Vlad demanded. Danny shook himself out of Vlad's grasp and stood in front of Clockwork.

"What is it? You don't usually call me unless it's something important."

"Indeed it is Danny. Remember we had a conversation about the necklace I gave you." Clockwork said. Danny nodded and pulled the chain out from his shirt front. Vlad's eyes widened as he saw the sparkle of the diamond in the ghost's eye glinted at him. He stood in front of the younger halfa and gasped the necklace lightly as he stared hard at the figure.

"Here it is, right in front of me. The key to the Ghost Zone's highest position. Power in my hands. And you've had it all along Daniel." He said softly. Danny pried the necklace from Vlad's hands, green eyes glowing as he glared at him.

"Yes, as it's protector, which means that you will only have it over my dead body." Danny vowed. Clockwork stepped in between the two halfas pushing them away from each other. He turned to Danny again as he altered his form into an elderly man.

"Then you do remember. Good Danny. But alas, there is something I have neglected to tell you. You are not only the necklace's protector, Danny. You are much more than that. For it is stated that whomever is to hold this necklace, he has the power to rule the Ghost Zone, as it's king." Clockwork said, transforming into a child. Danny's eyes squinted in thought.

"And that means, what?" Danny asked. Clockwork smiled serenely then grew serious.

"Danny Phantom, you're destined to hold that necklace but not to protect it for the next king."

"You don't mean…" Vlad trailed off.

"Daniel. You have been chosen to become King of the Ghost Zone."

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