Okay I thought this would be cool since somebody already made a Fruits Basket chat room so I'm using their idea for this fanfic. I made the screen names up by the way, if your screen name is actually one of these then please know that it was not at all intended. By the way some of the characters will be completely out of character at times.


Chat Room Created

DragonOfDarkness has entered the chat room
HalfDemon009 has entered the chat room
PlantBoy117 has entered the chat room

DragonOfDarkness: Hey guys!
PlantBoy117: Hiei, when did you get a computer?
HalfDemon009: Yeah, when did all of us get computers?
DragonOfDarkness: How the hell would I know?
PlantBoy117: Why did you even create this chat room?
DragonOfDarkness: I don't know I was so bored, I just wanted to do something.
HalfDemon009: Oh...well I've got nothing better to do so I don't care...Keiko keeps nagging me to go to school.

Mrs. Urameshi has entered the chat room

Mrs. Urameshi: So this is what you've been doing instead of going to school!
HalfDemon009: Keiko! When did you get a computer?
Mrs. Urameshi: I've always had one Yusuke!
HalfDemon009: ...Why is your screen name Mrs. Urameshi? Last time I checked you were just my girlfriend not my wife.
Mrs. Urameshi: Are you saying I'm not good enough for you!

Everbody sends a cyber virus to Mrs. Urameshi

Mrs. Urameshi: What was that for?
DragonOfDarkness: Payback for butting into our conversation.
Mrs. Urameshi: NO! I will get you three for this even if I dies trying.

Mrs. Urameshi has been thrown out of the chat room

HalfDemon009: Now what?
PlantBoy117: I wonder how long it will take for Kuwabara to get here.

BinkiBreath has entered the chat room

BinkiBreath: What are you doing?
HalfDemon009: We're talking you baka!

Angel of Death has entered the chat room

PlantBoy117: Botan...are you okay?
Angel of Death: Of course I'm okay Kurama! Must you always ask that?
BinkiBreath: Yeah...you two act like you're an old married couple!
HalfDemon009: They are married...
PlantBoy117: Shut up Yusuke!
BinkiBreath: How come I never knew about this? Why wasn't I invited to the wedding?
DragonOfDarkness: Isn't it obvious? They obviously didn't want you there.
BinkiBreath: Whatever I'm leaving!

BinkiBreath has left the chat room

Angel of Death: Kurama, let's go too.
PlantBoy117: What if I don't want to?
Angel of Death: -cyber puppy dog eyes- Please!
PlantBoy117: No!
Angel of Death: Let's go!

Angel of Death has left the chat room
PlantBoy117 has left the chat room

HalfDemon009: I guess we'd better go too.

HalfDemon009 has left the chat room
DragonOfDarkness has left the chat room


I know that was stupid but what else was I gonna do I was so bored.