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Clash of the Bands

Ch. 1: 3 New Students

Ok well it's about half way into the 2nd quarter of the school year. It was about 7:45 and Tyson was running to school.

"Oh man I'm really going to be late today" said Tyson running. He was half way to school.

"Kenny did I make it" asked Tyson out of breath.

"Tyson you just made it, its 7:59 now" replied Kenny.

"YES, YES, YES" said Tyson as he walked to his seat, "now Hilary can't yell at me".

"Hello class" said Ms.Kenkaide as she walked into the class room.

"Class I have an announcement, we are going to have 3 new students coming to join us tomorrow" said Ms.Kenkaide.

'Oh boy who are the three lucky kids who get to sit in this boring class' thought Tyson to himself.

"Ok well whose turn is it to have the new students stay at their house" said Ms.Kenkaide looking down a list. "Ah Tyson it's your turn" said Ms.Kenkaide looking up at him.

"Ok" replied Tyson.

--------------- Later that day.


"Yes school's finally over" said Tyson happily starting towards the door.

"Hold on Tyson I need to talk to you" said Ms.Kenkaide.

"What's up Ms.Kenkaide" asked Tyson.

"I'm counting on you to keep these kids happy, so don't slack off" said Ms.Kenkaide in a serious voice.

"Don't worry Ms.Kenkaide I won't let you down" said Tyson walking out of the class room.

"Oh and Tyson" said Ms.Kenkaide.

"Yea" asked Tyson.

"Be here early tomorrow" said Ms.Kenkiade.

"Ok" replied Tyson.

The next morning Tyson was at the school by 7:40.

"Tyson… what are you doing here so early" asked Hilary amazed.

"Ms. Kenkaide told me to be here early" replied Tyson as he yawned.

"Oh right today we get those 3 new students… wonder who they are" said Hilary.

10 minutes later the bell rang for class.

"Ok class are you ready to meet our new class mates" asked Ms.Kenkaide.

"This is Max Tate, Ray Kon, and Kai Hiwatari. Max is from America, Ray is from China, and Kai is from Russia" said Ms.Kenkaide.

The class had 2 rows, one on each side of the room. There were 5 tables that sat 6 in each row.

"Max, Ray, Kai, why don't you sit with Tyson, Hilary, and Kenny" said Ms.Kenkaide pointing at the table they were to sit at.

"Is it just me or is Kai kind of cute" asked Hilary.

"I'm not gay Hilary" said Tyson.

"Just asking jeezz" said Hilary.

Tyson crossed his arms and put his head down on the table.

Hilary elbowed him in the side, "get up Tyson" said Hilary annoyed.

"You didn't have to elbow me" said Tyson rubbing his side.

"Tyson move I want Kai to sit there" said Hilary.

"No this is my seat" said Tyson.

"Move" said Hilary pushing Tyson out of his seat.

"Hey what was that for" asked Tyson getting up and sitting in the chair across from his old chair.

"Hi I'm Hilary, this is Kenny, and This is Tyson" said Hilary pointing to them as she said their names.

"Hi I'm Max, this is Ray, and this is Kai" said Max pointing to Ray and Kai as he said their names.

Max and Ray sat down next to Tyson.

"Kai you can sit here" said Hilary pointing to Tyson's old seat.

"Was it really necessary for her to do that to you" Ray asked Tyson as Ms.Kenkaide continued the lesson in social studies.

Tyson shrugged.

"I hate this subject" said Max putting his head down on the desk.

"I hate every subject" replied Tyson.

------------------- 1 hour later

"Tyson wake up class isn't over yet" said Ray shaking Tyson well Ms.Kenkaide wrote the homework on the board.


"Finally I didn't think the bell would ever ring" said Tyson.

"It's only my first day here and I'm happy to be out of school" said Max.

"Well who isn't" said Ray.

"Oh yeah… you guys are expose to stay at my house for a while" said Tyson.

"Ok then" said Ray.

"Works for me" said Max.

"Whatever" said Kai.

"Ok well let's go so we can eat and have some fun" said Tyson.

"After we do our homework" said Ray.

"You're a party pooper" said Tyson.

Ray and Max laughed.

"You guys talk to much" said Kai.

"Yea… well… you're a sourpuss" said Tyson.

"Whatever" replied Kai.

"Ok come on guys lets go" said Tyson as they headed to his house.

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Chapter 2: The announcement