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Chapter 1: A Dream

Hope is a waking dream - Aristotle

Everyone is supposed to be unique. That there is something different about them that set them apart from the rest of their kind. From their bodies and voice pattern, to their names and personality, each of them is different. But what if…there was thousand of individuals just like you. You all have the same type of body, the same job, even the same name. What would you do?

"Agru…I am just tried of this whole thing,"

Skyblast threw down his pick to the ground and just growled at it. How many times a day did he dig up Energon, take Energon, refined Energon. It was all pointless to him now. There was hundred of Skyblast, Hundred of Strongarms, Hundred of Signal Flares. Why did he have to be amount the ones digging up Energon. He wants to be free of all this.

"Skyblast, what do you thi-" said Strongarm.

"What does it look like! I don't want to dig any more," respond Skyblast to his friend, "I am tried of all this."

"Of digging? But how can you be tried of digging?" asked Strongarm confused. Omnicons never got tried of digging. Their bodies were able to taken in the energy from the Energon and use it.

"No, not just the digging! It everything…………you wouldn't understand,"

Mumbling to himself, Skyblast just sat himself on the ground. No one would understand him. Every time he tried to talk about it to his fellow Skyblasts, they would just all give him a weird look and shrug him off. What would make Strongarm different from them?

"Try me," respond Strongarm as he placed his shovel down and sat next to Skyblast.

"It just…I am tried of being Skyblast,"

"Huh…how can you be tried of how you are?" asked Strongarm.

"It not who I am! I am a Skyblast, but Skyblast isn't me!" said the flying Omnicon.

Strongarm just continue to give his friend a strange look. He wasn't that fast in the head, but he wanted to understand what Skyblast was saying. All the other Omnicons around them were still moving, not noticing that two of their own had stop working and were just sitting on the ground, talking. Moaning a bit, Skyblast just shook his head.

"Strongarm, look around here, there are hundred of Skyblasts, Strongarms, Signal Flares. We are all the same in every way, our body, our voice; none of us even has a different name! We all have the same one," said Skyblast.


"I want to be different, Strongarm, I want my own body, a name to call my own. I want an identity," said Skyblast as he hit his fist again a rock.

Strongarm nodded his head at understanding want was going on in his friend's head, "So, you just want to different."

"Yes, but every time I tried to say it, the other Skyblasts just…look at me in disgust and go back to mining for those…Autobots," said Skyblast with a little distaste on the last words.

"Ha, well, don't worry about it much," answer Strongarm, "I feel the same way sometimes, especially during all the fighting going on."

That earn a chuckle from Skyblast as he was kind of surprise to find out that Strongarm felt like him sometimes. He just thought he was the only one. Maybe other did feel like him. That would be nice.

"But that doesn't solve the problem, does it? I just want to be free, free of all the mining, free of all this rules that tells what we can and can't do, I want the freedom to feel the wind under my wings," said Skyblast as he thrust his fist in the air.

Strongarm nodded his head, "Yeah, I would love for once not to run away froma battle and always go crying to the Autobots. The only times we seem to fight is in a large group against the Terrorcons. I would just love it to see if I could go up against a Con,"

Skyblast nodded his head. That would be great. To have the chance in doing something more with their lives, to fight, to do battle, anything else other than dig. Skyblast wanted this, he wanted to be free of all this, to be his own Bot.

"Yeah, but who would go along with that? Not the other Omnicons," stated Skyblast.

"What about the Autobots? Would tha-"

"And lose a couple Omnicons workers. I don't think so," responded a voice from behind them.

Skyblast and Strongarm turned around to see Signal Flare standing right behind him. They didn't know that anyone was listening to them. Everyone was kind of doing their own thing, not paying any attention to them. Signal Flare just walked right up to them, with his arms folded and just looked at the two of them.

"What makes you say that? I am sure tha-"

"Do you really think that the Autobots would actually grant you what you two want? They just want the Energon as fast as they can. So the more workers, the fast they will get it done," said Signal Flare.

Both Skyblast and Strongarm's faces felled. Signal Flare had a point. The Autobots wouldn't want to help them. They were just the nameless in a sense, one of hundreds of the same beings. There was nothing special about them. Why should the Autobots care as long as they got the Energon.

"So, is as far as we go in life?" asked Skyblast.

"Well, that just slagging great," mumbled Strongarm.

"Yes, it is. We shall never get our true desires being kept here," mumbled Signal Flare.

"So, you are in the sameboat as us?" asked Skyblast, sending a look towards Signal Flare.

"If you mean I am tried of being pushed around and used, then yes, I am with you," respond Signal Flare.

The three Omnicons just stood there, watching all the other Omnicons continue to work. Didn't they all want the same thing as them, to be free, to have their own minds and identities. It just didn't make sense. Autobots, Decepticons, even humans were all different, with different bodies and names. Why could they be too?

"Agru…well might as return to wor-" started Skyblast only to have the sounds of yelling and shouts rip through his audios.

"Run! Run for cover! Decepticons are attacking!" shouted a Strongarm running down the road.

Panic rose from the masses. All the Omnicons dropped what they were doing and started to head towards the exit. Well, all but three of them. Skyblast, Strongarm and Signal Flare just stood there, against the flow of the fleeing Omnicons. They just gave each other a strange look, a look of understanding.

"Say, Strongarm, you did say you want to fight against a Con, right?" asked Skyblast as he picked up his pick.

"Yeah, I did, didn't I," respond Strongarm with a chuckle as he picked up his shovel.

"Then lets show them that we aren't scared of them," stated Skyblast, "Are you coming 'Flare,"

Signal Flare nodded his head in agreement with his fellow Omnicons, "I refuse to stand by any longer and be thought of as a drone."

"Right, now lets go," said Skyblast.

The three Omnicons transformed and started to move towards where all the sounds of fighting were coming from. It was easy to tell, with all the Omnicons running away from that one direction. It took the three of them a while, but they reach an area that was totally empty, an eerie empty. Transforming back to robot mode, the three remain Omnicons just looked around the area. There was no sign of any other Omnicons, Terrorcons or anything else for that matter.

With his pick in hand, Skyblast lead the other two down the hallway of the mine. There was no telling what was going on here. It was all too quiet. Strongarm was behind him, holding up his shovel in front of his body, while Signal Flare as his laser arm all ready to fire when it was needed.

"Guys, I really got a bad feeling about this," said Skyblast.

"Just keep going," respond Signal Flare.

"Um…guys, I am hearing something," said Strongarm as he pointed to something in front of them.

The three of them stop in their tracks. In front of them were Terrorcons, about thirty of them. They were all eating the Energon. Gulping a bit, Skyblast tighten his grip around his pick and look at his two fellow 'warriors'. Both Strongarm and Signal Flare gave him a nodded and grabbed a hold of their weapons.


For the next few moments, Skyblast didn't realized what was going on outside his body. One moment, they were surrounded by Terrorcons, the next second he was pulling out his pick from one of the remains of a destroyed Terrorcons. They had won; they really had beaten all the Terrorcons in the area. That was really a surprise. Skyblast thought they would have actually die during this, but no…they had won.


"You can say that again," said Strongarm as he tried to wipe up the Energon that cover his body.

"This was quite a turn of events," said Signal Flare as the three of them regroup.

"You are telling me, I never thought we would actually survive this," said Skyblast.

"Me neither," agreed Strongarm.

"Same here," responded Signal Flare, "But now that we did…how do you feeling now?"

"Great! This was the best time I had in long time," said Strongarm as he thrust his arm up, "I want to do it again."

Nodding his head in agreement, Skyblast had a smile on his face, "Yes, this was the most fun I had in a long time,"

The three of them stood there in the quiet. Each of them was deep into their own thoughts. They had finally follow their own sparks, made their own descion, and felt what it was like. Skyblast just smile as he looked at the ceiling. He like the feeling he had. He had made up his own mind, no one told him what to do. He choose to fight, he choose to attack and they had won.

"Well, we better get back topside," said Strongarm.

"Yes, I bet they are doing a head count right no-" said Signal Flare before Skyblast cut in.

"No, they won't care, guys,"

"Huh? What are you talking about?" asked Strongarm as he had a confuse look on his face, while Signal Flare had his monotone face on.

"They won't miss three Omnicons, not us. We are extendable, there are just too many to count," said Skyblast, "The Autobots won't care if we never show up, there like hundreds more happy go-lucky Omnicons who won't question why we are doing this. Face it guys, we don't matter."

"Come on, Skyblast, don't be like that," said Strongarm.

"No, he is right, Strongarm," said Signal Flare, "We could have die doing what we just done and no one would care. No one would shred a tear; say a few good words about us. They would just go on with their lives and act like we never even here."

Silence gripped the three of them. Strongarm looked like he wanted to agrued that point but found nothing was making it's way out of his mouth. They made some sense. They wouldn't be missed. As the three Omnicons just stood there, someone seem to be watching them with a slight chuckle.

"Come on, let me blast them," respond Snowcat as the Decepticons stay hidden out of side. They only had a few moments before the stone wall that they create to keep the Autobots out was broken and right now they were wasting time.

Megatron glared down at the Decepticons gather around him. They just wanted to run in there and blast the Omnicons. Really, he couldn't blame them. Those pests were always helping the Autobots gain the upper hand, even copying his sword. Now, here was a perfect time to take a couple of them out. If only he didn't hear the words spoken between them.


"Huh? Why not destroy puny bots, Megatron?" asked Mirage.

"I think I could find a better use for them,"

"How so, sir?" question Starscream.

"Hee, you will find out," was all Megatron replied, "Now, get them."