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Chapter 4: A Choice

It's choice - not chance - that determines your destiny.
Jean Nidetch

Time seemed to have stopped. Skyblast didn't know if they had been here for three days or for three years. All he knew was the pain all over his body from his many meetings with the Decepticons that lived in the dead body of Unicron.

When him and the others ran into Megatron, trying to escape from their three hunters, Skyblast just stare at the huge sword that was attached to his arm and then darkness over came him again. Why did this seem to always happen whenever he ran into Megatron? Maybe he should be graceful since it wasn't the All Spark.

Now, here he was, hanging off the wall with his two equally beaten up friends on either side of him. Seem really like a good way to torment them even more then just hurting them. Having to watch as one of your friends get the same treatment. Such was the way with the Omnicons, they just care about each other since no one else would. The Autobots might not know who they were, but the Omnicons could. They could always tell each other apart. It was simple enough.

There was just the main question that needed to be answer. Did the Autobots know they were missing? Did the Bots think that they died in the last battle? Did they even care about them being gone for such a period of time like this? Skyblast really didn't know. And as he just hanged there, he was starting to care less and less what those Omnicons suck-ups were all about. If they did get free, they would just go back to the mines. Nothing would change. Maybe be asked a few questions about what had happen, but sooner or later they would just become faces in the crowd again.

That was not what he wanted. That was a life of nothing, being nothing. He was not going back to it. Not now and not ever. Death would be welcome to him right about now if Skyblast had the chance.

"Primus…why are they doing this?" moaned out Strongarm as a bit of Energon trickle down his lip.

"I don't know…it really doesn't make sense," answer back Signal Flare, "I don't remember them asking us anything….just getting beatings."

"I don't care…." mumbled Skyblast.

The two Omnicons just looked at their comrade in the middle of them, "Why do you say that, Blast?" asked Strongarm.

"Don't you get it! They know we are nothing! We don't know anything important they could just get from the Autobots! We are just punching bags they are taking out their anger on!" shouted Skyblast.

The two of them just stare at him, their mouths wide open, if they had them. But deep down they knew that was true. There was no questions, none at all. So, why else were they still on-line? It was always better to hit something that could still reacted then something that couldn't even mumbled anything back.

"I don't care what they do to me now," growled Skyblast as he just strained himself against his restraints, "I welcome the coming darkness once they allow it. It is better then going back to that life I once had."

"Now you are just become too emo for me, Blast," stated Strongarm, "That was Signal Flare's job."

Signal Flare just glared at Strongarm before turning forward again, "This is just becoming tiresome."

"Got that right," agreed Strongarm, "How long do you think we have been here?"

"Long enough for Skyblast to go over the deep end," said Signal Flare.

That comment caused the flying Omnicon to glare at his friend while Strongarm just chuckle a bit. After that, there was silence between the three of them. There really wasn't much to talk about since they were stuck without anyway of getting out of there without help from the divine hand of Primus himself or Unicron for that matter. Skyblast would have taken either now.

"So…..heard any good jokes lately?" asked Strongarm, chuckling lightly but earning himself glares all around.

That when they hear it. Heavy footsteps coming straight down the hallway. They weren't too blocky like Scorponok, Demolisher or Mirage, not too fast and messy like Shockblast and Snowcat. They were also not too sudden, not like Starscream that appeared when ever he wanted too. They started softly and getting loud with each step No…………that only left one Con left.

"Oh no…." mumbled Strongarm.

"It was bound to happen," responded Skyblast.

Signal Flare didn't say anything, but the look on his face could tell a thousand words. Skyblast just frown as he faced the door as it slowly open towards them. There outside it was the huge silver armor plated form of Megatron. He just entered the room, his smug face full of the arrogance that he was famous for. Skyblast just didn't know if he would rather be somewhere else, like back in the mines or just stay right were he was and enter the Pit that was bound to be waiting for him at the end.

"How are you liking your five star accommodation?" smirked Megatron as he stood in front of the three Omnicons.

"The room is cramp and ugly, the food isn't suited for preto rabbits and the view is left for something less then nice," said Skyblast as he just sneered a bit as the Omnicons just chuckle next to him.

Megatron just chuckle himself, which was never a good thing, "You think that humor will lighten your three situation. I highly doubt it," Quickly, the large Decepticon wrapped his large hands around Skyblast's throat and tighten it, "I find humor will be very useless for you."

"Ack," coughed out Skyblast.

Megatron's optics just flashed in his anger, "Now, I'm in a generous mood right now. The only reason I haven't dismantle you into pieces is that I have a proposition for you three."

With that said, Megatron let go of Skyblast, who started to take deep breaths into his systems. A proposition? Why on Cybertron would he want to offer them anything? It didn't make any sense in his head. He was the one with the power right now. The Decepticon leader could just destroy them in seconds if he just wanted to. But no….

"What kind of proposition are we talking about?" asked Signal Flare as he just focus his one optic on the Con.

A smirk form on his face as Megatron just took a step away from the Skyblast and turned towards the group, "It is very simple, You want something and I want something. We just have to work together to get what we both want."

That was enough to catch their attentions. What they want? Why? Why would he do that? To get what he want? What was he want? Energon was the obvious choice in the matter, but there was something in his voice that was making Skyblast doubt that was what he actually going on here.

"And what do you think we want? We could want anything, like freedom from this prison cell," stated Strongarm.

"Strongarm, quiet," hissed back Skyblast as he could see the flash of anger appear in Megatron's optics for a moment, but disappear.

"It is very simple…You do want freedom," stated Megatron as he stood in front of Strongarm then pointed towards the Autobot badge, "You want the freedom from that."

That was enough to get a shock expression on all of them. Walking away from Strongarm, Megatron as a look of satisfaction on his smug face. Those looks on the Omnicons' faces was enough to know that he was on the right track after all.

"See, I need more soldiers for my cause. While my own are somewhat competent in their own style, Optimus stills out numbers me in resources, weapons, and men power. You know how it is, you seen it all behind the scenes," stated Megatron, waving his hand around.

Yes, they knew the count. It was pretty simple enough in that. On the Autobot's side of the battle there was Optimus, Hot Shot, Inferno, Ironhide, Jetfire. Rodimus, Prowl, Landmine and Windsaber. They also had the humans and their energon mines with all the Omnicons working for them. Megatron only had Starscream, Demolisher, Snowcat, Mirage, Shockblast and Scorponok with all the Terrorcons and much lower resources with those Energon grids against them.

"What does that have to do with us?" stated Skyblast.

"Very simple enough. I can give you three what you want. I have Unicron's power. I was able to recreated three new bodies for my men….think about it,"

"You mean…our own bodies?" asked Signal Flare.

"Exactly," smirked Megatron, "All I asked is one little thing…"

And deep look frown on Skyblast's face, "Our loyalty, I take it," he respond.

"Aren't you a smart one," said Megatron, "Of course, I can understand your distrust towards the idea. After all what you have been through with my attacks on you."

"No duh," thought Skyblast.

"But I believe I am giving more of a choice then Prime had ever done for you. If you just agree to serve under the Decepticon insignia and me and I will give you own body and your own names. If not, if you refused this offer, I will just merely place you back into open space for the Autobots to find you," stated Megatron.

Now, this was hard not to refuses. Skyblast looked between his two friends and saw the look on their face. They were thinking about for sure. He was too. This was a hard choice, a very hard choice in the matter. This was what he wanted. He wanted a name, not a slagging drone title that thousands of others like him had. This was his only chance to live his dream, to have a name.

"What is the your answer?" smirked Megatron as it was clear to him which path they would choose.