This story takes place during the ending and after Jak X Combat Racing. (Do not read this if you haven't beat the game, contains spoilers, also if you haven't played the game at all, you might not have a clue of what's going on in this story) Anyway this is my first fanfic and I decided to take a crack at it by doing a JakxKeira fanfic. Includes DaxxTess and AshxTorn. It takes place after Rayn gets the antidotes and was explaining the situation with Mizo after the final Yellow Eco Cup Grand Prix. Keep in mind that the beginning of the character dialogues and some later on in my story were taken exactly from the game itself because that's what really happens and then everything else afterwards and in between is my imagination. I also picked the Boomer as Jak's car because that's the car I used to beat the last race and boss. The Waterfront Loop is the last track that you race the boss in also, just so you know. This was rated because of some foul language. Also I don't own Jak and co., Naughty Dog does. Enjoy fellow Jak luvahs. Please review.


Chapter One

The news screen played the replay of Jak's screeching tires avoiding flying metal and debris as he crossed the finish line. The crowd went wild; Millions of excited screams surrounded them. Pecker began to host his news report after Jak had won gold in the Yellow Eco Cup Grand Prix. (Sig, Keira, Ashelin, Torn and Daxter all surrounded Jak)

"Haha! Yes! There you have it folks! The Kras City Grand Championship

has been won in style by Jak and his racing team. What a finish! And

the mysterious driver turns out to by my co-host, G.T. Blitz."

"You did it, Jak!", congratulated Keira. She had never been so proud…and relieved. Once again her hero saved us all, not the world from an evil villain, but his own friends from poison. Damn that Krew, blackmailing them to race so that they can survive, all so that he can take control of Kras City. Now it was all over. They had the antidotes and Jak was the Grand Prix Champion. Nothing could make this moment go wrong, or at least so she thought.

"Yeah... We did!", Daxter always made sure that he give himself credit through all of Jak's endeavors. That's Daxter, you got to love him. A smile spread across Keira's face, That fur ball never changes. Lost in her own thoughts, she hardly noticed Rayn walking up to them with the antidotes that they're lives depended on…literally.

"Rayn, what's going on?", Jak's concerned voice interrupted her thoughts as she turned her attention to the situation.

"Relax, this whole thing was designed to flush Mizo out. As for the poison, don't worry, I've got the antidotes right here."

Ashelin seemed suspicious, "How could you know that Mizo would be close?"

"Father tried to eliminate Mizo for years, but he could never ID the man. Then we realized... There is no Mizo, or rather..." her words were cut off as G.T. Blitz stormed over to her, anger burning in his eyes.

"Out of my way! You broke the rules!"

"Blitz!", Daxter was shocked at Blitz's sudden outburst and was even more shocked when he yanked off his fake hair to reveal the tattoos stained upon his head. He was Mizo all along! He was the one hiring the best drivers to kill Jak and his friends out on the tracks. He was the one that sabotaged their car! He was the villain that Krew was trying to overthrow and he was right under their noses the whole time. He had killed his own father!

"I'm Mizo! And losing the bet changes nothing! I'll crush your family and this whole city! No one else will ever know."

Little did he know that Pecker was recording his entire outburst and confession on live television, "No one except for two hundred million viewers that is"


"Smile for the cameras, big boy! Every star has to fall, right Mizo?"

Now enraged, Mizo grabbed the antidote container out of Rayn's hands, "You will all die!"

Mizo then jumped into his car and sped away with their very lives in his hands. He headed for the Waterfront Loop. Torn, Ashelin, Sig, and Keira all just stood there in awe of what just took place.

Daxter's voice broke their silence, "After him, Jak!"

Jak nodded and jumped into his Boomer, "I'll get those antidotes even if it kills me". He started the engine and his eyes filled with anger as he watched Blitz trail away into the distance. His eyes flickered purple and onyx but over the years Jak had learned to gain more control over his dark side. He knew how to let it out only when necessary. Even with that though, his eyes still revealed his demon without him realizing.

Daxter noticed this and cringed "Yeah literally!" was the last bit of sarcasm left behind before the car jolted and sped off "Yaaaahhhh", Daxter's voice went off into the distance as the group just stood there, fingers crossed, hoping their hero would prevail once again.

Please Jak. Come back safe. I'll be waiting.

Keira clung to her sides without realizing but she didn't care. She had to cling to something while she wrestled with her emotions. A burn began to rise up her throat from her stomach and warm tears blurred her vision as wheezing coughs escaped her small pink lips. Her knees hit the floor as she held her chest gasping for air.

Sig dropped beside her and grabbed onto her small delicate body. A feeling of dread took over him as he realized, the poison must be hitting her first. She only spent her life fixing cars and creating gadgets but her body was not as rugged as the bodies of himself along with the others, with the exception of Daxter. She was not a war ridden, gun smoking kind of gal. Her fragile body was taking in the deadly liquid through her veins faster than the others. Oh God he thought to himself trying to keep a firm look in his eyes.

Almost like a chain reaction Torn began to cough the same deadly coughs, the poison was starting to take effect. Ashelin cursed herself for letting him drink so much, he was always such a drinker, a toast meant a sip, not a gulp, little did they know it was poison but still… She shooed away those insignificant thoughts as she rubbed his back with a look of concern on her face. That was the first time you ever saw any kind of fear in that girl's face. It's because she knew, they were dying and there was nothing that could help them. Not a gun or a tactical plan, just the pure hope they had left in their trusted friend, Jak.


Hope you all liked the first chapter everyone! Don't worry I don't plan on making this story a very long one…although I do have a habit of writing and writing and adding and editing until something is like 10 pages. I get a little addicted.