Return Of The Elemental

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Chapter 32 – The Wedding Of The Century

'Ron, will you calm down, your more nervous than me.' Harry said amusedly as he watched his best man run around with a nervous look on his face. It was then that Harry wondered what was wrong.

'Er, Ron, what is it that you have apparently lost?' Ron stopped dead and peered up over Seamus' bed which he was currently looking under.

'Her ring. Hermione's wedding ring, I've lost it.' He whimpered weakly.

Harry's mind, for a second, froze.

His mother's old wedding ring, the one that he had used as an engagement ring, the one that Hermione wanted to use as her wedding ring as well, was lost.

'Ok, Ron, now just think. Where did you last see it?' Harry asked, his voice calm.

'In here.' He said, waving his arms around the 7th year boy's dormitory.

'Well, if that's the case then.' Harry said as he held his hand out and summoned his staff.

'No Harry, please don't kill me. I'll find it. I'll buy you a new one, just please don't kill me.' Ron shouted hysterically as he watched Harry wave his staff

'What the bloody hell are you talking about?' Harry asked before he plucked something out of thin air. He then walked over to a cowering Ron and held his hand out.

'Now this time, don't lose it.' He said as he showed Ron the lost item. Then, in an afterthought, he added. 'Or I will kill you.' Ron just nodded dumbly and held the ring protectively to his chest.

A knock at the door and then alerted them to someone else's presence.

'Are you guys decent.' Ginny voice shouted impatiently.

'Yeah, come in Gin.' Harry said as he turned back to his mirror, trying in vain to straighten his tie. In the reflection he saw the door open and Ginny walk in wearing one of the golden dresses that Hermione had chosen for her bridesmaids. He turned around and whistled appreciatively.

'Wow Gin, you look superb.' He said as he moved forward and collected her in a hug.

'Mmm, I could say the same thing about you.' Ginny said as she stepped back and looked up into Harry's eyes, she continued to stare until she suddenly spoke.

'When I was younger I dreamed of this day. Of course, I was the one that would be standing next to you.' She said softly as she brought her hands up to work with Harry's, now, obedient tie. When she was done she nodded approvingly and gave Harry a peck on the cheek.

'Now though, my dreams are different.' Then she said mischievously. 'And they don't include the Boy-Who-Lived.' She then picked up her dress and dashed for the door and was out before Harry knew what had happened.

'Women.' Ron said from the floor as he got up and brushed one of his knees and then switched over to do the other one. Harry made his way over to him and looked down at him with a curious face.

'What do you mean "Women".'

'Well, didn't she just confuse the hell out of you?' Ron said as he quickly slapped his chest pockets and sighed in relief.

'Yeah.' Harry replied.

'Well, that's what we, "men", do when that happens. Don't ask me why, it's just a rule. When we get confused by a woman we wait till there out of ear shot and then say it. Now are you sure you don't want to hold onto this ring Harry, I might lose it again.' Ron said as he fumbled around in his pocket and then pulled out the ring and held it out for Harry from his kneeling position on the floor.

'Harry are you com-….' Neville had just burst through the door at this moment and had stopped talking once his eyes had taken in the scene before him. His mouth kept flapping but he wasn't making any sense.

'Err, coming are you… you coming are… Harry coming… I've gotta go.' Neville then ran helter skelter out of the dormitory, leaving Harry and Ron to wonder exactly what was wrong with the boy.

It was then that they noticed what positions they were in. Jumping apart quickly, Harry went back over to the mirror to check himself one final time and Ron started saying manly stuff every five seconds.

'Come on we better go.'

'You said it mate. Lets leave this shit hole mate. And you can get married to Hermione… Not me. Come on.' Ron then ran out the door and Harry followed, ready to start the first day of the rest of his life.

Meanwhile, down at the front gates of Hogwarts, Dumbledore was talking to an assorted bunch of reporters that had gotten wind of Harry and Hermione's wedding.

'I shall tell you one more time. If you do not leave now, you will all be charged with harassment… NOW LEAVE.' Seeing no one shift, Dumbledore pulled his wand out and started firing hexes at the pesky people.

Soon "Pops" of dissapartion could be heard and all the reporters had left. They had all wanted the story of the year but if what it took to stay was to avoid the end of Albus Dumbledore's wand then they were willing to let this one story to slip away.

Dumbledore smiled serenely, turned around and walked back up the worn path to his school.

Harry stepped out of Hogwarts and began walking towards the great lake. He smiled as he remembered all the arguing he had to go through with Hermione to have their wedding there.

He knew as soon as Hermione had said it that the lake was going to be the location of their wedding. It would happen no other way. If that was where Hermione dreamed her wedding, then Harry would do everything in his power to make her dreams come true.

In the distance he spotted the tent where Hermione and her entourage were getting ready. As he got closer he heard laughing but as he got closer still, it stopped suddenly and whispering was all that was heard. Then, as he was passing the front of the massive tent, Crystal stuck her head out and scowled at him.

'No peeking.' She snapped.

'I wasn't.' Harry said defensively even though he was standing on his toes trying to look over Crystal's head.

'Oi, I said stop.' Crystal said as she moved forward with her wand raised threateningly. Harry was thankfully saved by a passing Dumbledore.

'Ah Harry, not nervous I hope.' Dumbledore said with a wink to the scared young man as he led him away from Crystal who still had her wand pointed at him.

'Not at all, why should I be nervous?' Harry said conversationally.

'Well, it's not everyday you get married is it, unless your like my Uncle Dorman. Poor man, thought he could marry every woman in the land. Anyway that's a different story. It's just that today, you are taking a very big step that will be with you for the rest of your life.'

'I know sir. That's why I'm not nervous, I can't wait.' Harry said as they stepped into the wedding area. The last chairs were being set up by Hagrid as Dumbledore walked with Harry down the aisle towards the front.

'I knew you'd say that. It was the exact same thing your father said to me as I asked him the same question before his wedding.' Dumbledore said with one final wink as he left Harry for a prime seat in the front row on the groom side and began eating a bag of Lemon Drops that he must have had on his person every minute of every day.

Soon the many seats were being filled up by friends and family of Harry and Hermione. Harry even meeting some of his bride's relatives that didn't know magic existed and thought that they were at Hermione's boarding school for the smart and gifted… which wasn't entirely untrue.

Ron then ran up to Harry and stood beside him taking in big breaths.

'Its time, she's coming. Good luck mate.' Ron said as he stood leant up against Harry for support.

'What's wrong with you?' Harry asked as music started to flow gracefully through the air.

'Just meeting one of the bridesmaids.' Ron replied with a small smile. Then stood up straight and motioned his head behind Harry.

When he looked around Harry could have sworn he had entered heavens good graces and was showering in its glory. For that was the only explanation that entered his mind as he stared down the aisle and watched as Hermione approached him on her fathers arm.

With a smile that would have melted the biggest iceberg and eyes that sparkled with such warm affection, Hermione glided towards Harry in a wedding dress of pure white silk. It was held up by two thin straps that went over her shoulders and crossed at her back and didn't meet the soft looking material till just above Hermione's bottom, giving some of the older guests behind her quite a turn.

What seemed like forever, Hermione finally made it and stood next to Harry. She then turned slightly so that she was facing him and whispered out of the corner of her mouth.

'Do you come here often?' Harry couldn't help it, he smiled and leaned down quickly to kiss Hermione on the cheek.

'I try not to make a habit of it.' Harry said as he played with one bit of Hermione's hair that she had left to fall down the side of her face, just the way Harry liked it.

'Ready to get married?' He asked quickly before Parvati's Uncle began.

'Most definitely.' Hermione whispered.

The ceremony was beautiful and many a guest could be heard sniffling. Mainly the women as Ron kept muttering behind Harry. But Harry was sure that he heard Hagrid blow his nose once or twice amongst many of those "women". Soon it was time to exchange vows and rings. Harry was first and he motioned for Ron to give him the ring.

Ron, who was currently mouthing to Crystal that she "looked pretty", blushed and pulled out Harry's mothers ring. Harry then held it in his right hand whilst he reached out with his left to grab Hermione's left hand. He then brought it up and rested the ring against her fourth finger and then spoke.

'When I was young I dreamed of a life where I would one day have a family. It was parents to start off with. I just wanted someone to love me. But as I grew older my dreams turned to a family of my own, a life of my own. I dreamed of my kids, a house, a job, but most importantly of all, a wife. She was beautiful, with flowing blonde hair and bright blue eyes. I dreamed of a goddess. But when I came to Hogwarts my dream started to change. First it was my job, I was going to be Doctor, I wanted to help people. That soon turned into a Professional Quidditch player. Next to change were my house and then my kids. Then, last to change was my wife. Her hair was no longer blonde and wavy, but brown and bushy… Her eyes, once blue as the sky, had turned as brown and as beautiful as the depths I look into now. The time when I was away from you both helped and hurt me Hermione. I had realised my dream, but yet I could do nothing. Whilst everyone thought I was dead, you kept hope and with that my dream only became sharper in focus. When I came back and saw you, I saw you as the young woman that had haunted me each time I had closed my eyes. You were always there for me, through thick and thin. Today, my goddess, I ask you to complete part of my dream, to be by my side forever and always, so I can be by yours.' Harry said, not bothering to brush away the tears that had spilled from his eyes. He then slid the ring slowly down Hermione's smooth finger whilst he looked into her glassy eyes.

Once the ring was securely in place, Hermione turned around to a crying/smiling Crystal and picked up Harry's fathers ring. She then turned back to Harry and held it in place and spoke her vows.

'My knight in shining armour. That is what you have always been for me Harry. Ever since I was a little girl I dreamed of this moment. In my dreams it is at this part where I take the knights helmet off and see who my hero is. And like you, my dream changed. For when I met you, I never had to remove the knight's helmet, you were already standing next to me. You befriended me when no one else would, you showed me something that no one else gets to see. Your heart. You're honest, compassionate, loyal and above all else the love of my life. I can't wait to spend the rest of it with you my knight.' She then gently eased the ring on and smiled tearfully up at Harry.

'Waaaaaaa. 'M sorry… just so beautiful.' Hagrid sobbed suddenly as he blew his nose loudly.

'Quite alright my dear fellow, I feel the same way.' The priest said as he stepped forward in front of Harry and Hermione again with a small smile on his lips as he added softly. 'Let's finish this shall we?'

'Do you Hermione Jane Granger take Harry James Potter to be you lawfully wedded husband?'

'I do.' Hermione said brightly.

'And do you Harry James Potter take Hermione Jane Granger to be your lawfully wedded bride?'

'I do.'

'Then by the power vested in me, I now pronounce you man and wife… you may now kiss the bride.' He said with a small wink to Harry.

Harry didn't need telling twice and turned towards Hermione who inched closer to him in expectation. Harry then leant down and the pair had their first kiss as a married couple.

Cheers then went up through the gathering and Harry and Hermione pulled apart with huge smiles on their faces. Harry then grabbed Hermione's hand and walked down between their friends and family, sharing hugs and handshakes on the way, not bothering to dodge the little bits of confetti that was fluttering down from the sky.

Harry then looked over his shoulder and saw Dumbledore and McGonagall holding their wands carefully by their sides whilst they looked around. Once they saw that none of Hermione's relatives were looking they pointed their wands to the sky and released dozens upon dozens of Doves. The white birds flew around for a bit and then formed themselves into a heart shape.

'Oh look at that.' Harry heard one of Hermione's aunts gush. 'It's like magic.'

Harry started laughing and smiled at Hermione who was giggling too.

'Party in the great hall.' Seamus shouted over the crowd earning him a few laughs from his fellow peers and a stern look from professor McGonagall, although the look was slightly spoiled seeing as though she was smiling somewhat slightly.

Harry and Hermione then got into a cart that Hagrid had made for them that was being pulled by Polesien, Vinnie, Makybe and Jazelle and started a small trip around the lake, so that by the time that got back to Hogwarts everyone would be ready and waiting for them in the great hall.

'That was beautiful Harry.' Hermione whispered as she snuggled into Harry's side.

'It was, wasn't it… Mrs Potter.' Harry said, expressing the last two words by wrapping one of his arms over his wife's shoulder.

'Mmm, say it again.' Hermione pleaded gently.

'What? Mrs Potter?' Harry asked teasingly.

'Yes, I'll never get tired hearing that.'

'Never?' Harry asked curiously.

'Never.' Hermione said confidently.

'Then I shall never stop calling you it, Mrs Potter.' He then moved down and kissed Hermione before he leant back in his seat and enjoyed the ride around the lake.

When they had reached the front steps, Harry quickly got out of the cart first and then positioned himself so he could help Hermione down. They then walked through the huge doors and were attacked by more confetti that was being thrown by the younger students that hadn't attended the wedding.

Harry and Hermione stumbled through the onslaught, holding their arms above their heads so that they were shielding their eyes.

'Hmm, I don't suppose you could make a little path for us could you my love?' Harry asked with a smile. Hermione just winked back and waved her hand quickly, making a mini tornado take place, swirling aside all the confetti that was in their path towards the great hall. Seeing that they were free, the newlyweds made a dash for the door and charged into the hall. When they saw that they had made it they brushed each other off from all the little bits of paper and looked up, ignoring the cheers from the guest in the hall.

They gasped in surprise and wonder when they saw how spectacularly the great hall had been decorated.

'Oh Harry, it's brilliant, don't you think?' Hermione said as she stepped passed some of the tables, dragging Harry along by the hand.

'Yes, it's just like magic.' Harry said as he looked up at the ceiling and noticed that it looked normal and guessed that Dumbledore must have taken the see through charm down temporarily.

When they had made it up to the head table which had been claimed by the wedding party Harry and Hermione sat down amongst the cheers that were still echoing around the hall.

When everything had calmed down, the doors to the hall opened up and things in muggle waiting clothes came in and started serving the entrees, which happened to be a small salmon type of thing that Harry devoured hungrily.

'Do you think Dobby and Clatey like their new clothes?' Hermione asked as Dobby sent them a little wave through his uniform.

'Hmm, I think he might actually like it a little too much.' Harry replied as more and more house elves disguised as waiters made their way into the hall.

'How did you get the other elves to wear clothes Harry?' Hermione asked as she took a forkful of salmon.

'Err, it was mainly Dobby and Clatey that talked them into it.' Harry said weakly, avoiding Hermione's eyes, something which she noticed.

'Harry? How did they do it?' Her voice had a steely note to it.

'Alright I'll tell you, but you have to promise that you won't get mad at me?'

'Ok, I promise.' Hermione said quickly. Harry looked at her strangely before he spoke.

'Dobby and Clatey said they'd convince the others to wear clothes on one condition.'

'And, what was that condition Harry? Stop stalling.'

'They'd do it if I agreed to let them come and work for us.' Harry then ducked his head, hoping to avoid a loud tirade that he knew was coming.

'That's a brilliant idea.' Hermione said brightly.

'It is?' Harry said with a shocked voice as he emerged from under his hands.

'Of course. They will be able to help look after our children.' Hermione said simply, going back to her salmon.

'Our children.' Harry repeated dreamily, getting a faraway look in his eyes as the house elves brought in the main course.

'Yes Harry, a task that were getting started on tonight.' Hermione whispered softly, making Harry want to shout at everyone that the wedding was over and that they could all go home just so he could whisk Hermione away and lock themselves in a room, never to come out for at least two weeks.

'Eat your chicken Harry.' Hermione said amusedly.

Soon the main course and desert (Chocolate mousse and strawberries) were finished and Dumbledore motioned for everyone to stand up. He then asked Hermione's relatives if they wanted to have a quick coffee out in the gardens. The relatives all agreed readily and left the great hall. Dumbledore then flicked his wand and all the tables pushed themselves up against the wall. The old man then whistled cheerfully and followed Hermione's kin out to have some coffee.

They returned soon and congratulated everyone on how quick they were able to move the furniture, leaving most of Harry's classmates laughing behind their backs. They were quickly shut up though, with a sharp glare from Hermione.

'It is, I believe, time for the bride and groom to share their first dance as man and wife. So Harry, Hermione, if you please.' Dumbledore said with a smile as he waved his arms to the dance floor that had been uncovered from removing all the tables.

Harry stood up and offered his hand to Hermione in a flourish making her and some of the guests laugh.

When they had reached the centre of the floor music started up.

Feels like I have always known you

And I swear I dreamt about you

All those endless nights I was alone

It's like I've spent forever searching

Now I know that it was worth it

With you it feels like I am finally home

Falling head over heels

Thought I knew how it feels

But with you it's like the first day of my life

You leave me speechless when you talk to me

You leave me breathless the way you look at me

You manage to disarm me

My soul is shining through

Can't help but surrender

My everything to you

I thought I could resist you

I thought that I was strong

Somehow you are different from what I've known

I didn't see it coming

You took me by surprise and

You stole my heart before I could say no

Falling head over heels

Thought I knew how it feels

But with you it's like the first day of my life

You leave me speechless when you talk to me

You leave me breathless the way you look at me

You manage to disarm me

My soul is shining through

Can't help but surrender

My everything to you

The way you smile

The way you to my face

There's something that you do I can't explain

I run a million miles just to hear you say my name


You leave me speechless

You leave me breathless

Manage to disarm me

My soul is shining through

I can't help but surrender

My everything to you

'Did you choose that song Harry?' Hermione asked as she leaned into Harry's chest.

'Mmmhmm, I thought it fit us. Did you like it?'

'It was beautiful.'

The rest of the day was spent dancing, drinking and talking. But it seemed all too soon that it was time for everyone to board the Hogwarts Express and return home for the summer.

First the students left, not before coming up to Harry and Hermione to say farewell first though, all of them promising to catch up after they had sorted out their lives after school.

The next group to leave were the teachers who had the jobs of herding the students onto the express. After that it was Hermione's relatives that left, boarding the train as well.

Fairly soon though it was just Harry, Hermione, their friends, the Weasley's, Hermione's parents and Dumbledore.

'Well, I must be off, lots to do you know, new school year to prepare for.' He then stepped up to Harry and Hermione and hugged them.

'I truly am sorry for what I said about you Harry. Never in all my years have I been so wrong. It's just that Severus was like a son to me and to know that he never really cared hurt me. And what I really did was push away the only surrogate family I have. For that is what I see you as Harry, my grandson. Maybe, going through life, we can forge that relationship back together.'

'I'd like that.' Harry said sincerely. Dumbledore then smiled brightly and walked out of the hall with a spring in his step.

'We better go too loves.' Mrs Weasley said as she stood on tip toes to kiss both Hermione and Harry on the cheek, smearing lipstick on their once lipstick free faces.

'See ye love birds.' George and Fred chorused as they moved away with their mother.

'Enjoy your night Harry.' Fred called out before he and his brothers ran out of the hall cackling wildly.

'Those kidders.' Mr Weasley said as he stepped up and shook Harry and Hermione's hands. 'But do make sure you have fun Harry.' He said with a small glint in his eye. 'I'll see you two tonight.' He then added to Ginny and Ron as he walked out of the hall.

'And we wonder where Fred and George get it from.' Ron said, oblivious to his best friends quandary.

'Well, sweety, I suppose we should be off to. Lord knows what Coco is getting up to.' Mrs Granger said, signs of tears that she had cried still left in her eyes. She then hugged her daughter and kissed her forehead before she passed onto Harry.

'You make sure you look after her dear, she's very special to us.' She said as she hugged Harry to.

'She's special to me too Barbara.' Harry said kindly, he then pulled back and quickly called for his staff. He then picked up a spare fork and made a Portkey for his new family.

'See you Phil.' Harry said as he shook his father-in-laws hand.

'Right. You behave yourself Potter.' Although it was a threat he still smiled as he said it.

'Will do sir.' Harry then passed them the portkey, then tapped it with his staff and waved to them as they 'Popped' away.

'What a day ey?' Ron said as he blew out his cheeks.

'It was sooooooo romantic.' Crystal said as she stared adoringly at an oblivious Ron.

'It was wasn't it?' Ginny said as she too stared at her boyfriend with a dazed look in her eyes. Neville, who wasn't as clueless as Ron, did notice the look and all the colour in his face paled.

'Err, I've got to go and finish packing, can I get that portkey now Harry?' Neville said as he continued to walk towards the doors and his escape. Harry took pity on him and quickly made a portkey out of a spoon. He then tossed it to Neville who caught it on the fly.

'To activate it, just say, I'm too young to die.' Harry shouted as Neville gave him the thumbs up. It was then that Ron finally saw the look in Crystal's eye and thought about the conversation that was actually taking place, it was then in that moment that he too paled enormously and started to make his way to the exit.

Before he could say anything Harry grabbed a spoon, waved his staff making another portkey and threw the spoon to Ron.

'Same password as Neville's.' Ron just nodded his head in gratitude and made a run for the doors, Ginny and Crystal close on his heels.

'Hmm, that was mean.' Hermione said, as she faced Harry in the empty hall with her hands on her hips.

'What?' Harry asked, also noticing that no one was around to witness his impending death.

'Oh don't you "what" me. What does "I'm too young to die" supposed to mean?' Hermione said with a hurt voice.

'I was only joking Hermione. Come on, did you see the look on poor Nev's face and Ron looked like he was about to pass out. Personally I don't see what their problem is, I happen to love being married to a beautiful woman.' He then walked over and scooped Hermione into his arms, making her squeal in delight.

'How is it that whenever I get mad at you, you do or say something that makes me forgive you instantly?' Hermione asked as Harry continued to carry her out of the hall and up the stairs to Gryffindor tower.

'Well, its like I gift, it's like I can't control it.' Harry said as they made their way through the many Hogwarts corridors.

'I'm going to miss this place.' Hermione said with a sigh as she looked over Harry's shoulder at the many portraits and tapestries that adorned the walls.

'Of course you will, you'd be foolish not to.' Harry said as he leaned down and added after he had kissed Hermione's cheek. 'But not to worry, I have a feeling that we will be back one day.' Hermione then looked at him suspiciously.

'What?' Harry said as soon as he saw the look on Hermione's face.

'Why did you say we would be back one day?'

'Well, we'll have to come and see the kids some time wont we?'

'I suppose.' Hermione said slowly, still looking at Harry curiously.

'Password dears. Oh just think, this will be the last time I have to ask.' The fat lady, the portrait that protected the entrance way to Gryffindor tower said sadly.

'I love a happy wedding.' Harry said the password and then passed the blubbering portrait with Hermione in his arms. When they were in the middle of the common room Harry set Hermione down and listened to the commotion coming from above them.

'Come on Ron, why don't you want to get married?' Crystal's voice sounded angry.

'Because I'm too young.' Ron shouted back defensively.

'He's got a point you know.' Harry and Hermione heard Neville's voice say hesitantly.

'Oh, is that what you think Neville?' Ginny's voice this time shouted angrily at her boyfriend. Seeing that an all in bruh-ha-ha could happen Harry and Hermione quickly ran up the stairs to the boys 7th year dormitory where the shouting was coming from.

'What's going on?' Hermione shouted as she and Harry ran into the room and saw both Ginny and Crystal pointing their wands at their boyfriends who were pressed up against the nearest wall, their faces showing just how scared they were.

'Stay out of this Hermione, just cause you have a man that was ready for commitment doesn't mean we all do.' Crystal snapped, her wand not moving from Ron's heart.

'But Crys, you're still so young.' Harry tried to say but Ginny cut him off.

'Were the same age as you and Hermione.'

'No you're not. Me and Hermione have been through so much that we feel as though were 50. Just give yourselves some more time, especially you Gin, you've still got one more year left in Hogwarts.' Harry said reasonably, watching as Neville nodded along silently to his words.

'I mean it not as if the boys don't want to marry you one day… right fella's?' Ron and Neville both started nodding their heads frantically.

'See, now how about you lower your wands and stop scaring them.' Hermione said as she stepped forward and pulled Ginny and Crystal into a hug whilst Harry walked over to his best mates.

'Women.' They muttered together.

'Alright, I think its time for me and my husband to leave for our honeymoon.' Hermione said happily as she moved over to stand next to Harry who had his staff out again and was making a portkey for Crystal to use to get home.

'Ohh, you never did tell us, where are you going?' Ginny said curiously as Shydan appeared out of thin air next to her. Harry stared at Shydan for a minute then tuned back into the conversation just as Hermione told them where they were spending their honeymoon.

'Merlin balls, you own your own island Harry?' Ron shouted in awe.

'Err, yeah, it's been in the family for years. I'll take you there some time but obviously not today.' Harry said as he looked at Hermione with a burning fire in his eyes, something which she noticed and made her heart beat faster in anticipation.

'Well, I think that's its time for us to leave.' Hermione said breathlessly, she then summoned hers and Harry's trunk that held all their belongings from their years at Hogwarts from the Head Girl dormitory.

'Right, well, we'll see you soon guys.' Harry said as he took his trunk off Hermione without his eyes ever leaving hers.

'Yeah, buy guys.' Hermione said just as Harry took one of her hands in his and apparated them both to his family island.

'Hmm, I have a feeling that those two are going to be very busy over the next couple of days.' Crystal said whilst looking at the spot where the newlyweds once were.

'Mmmhmmm.' The others agreed, knowing exactly what Harry and Hermione would be doing that would be keeping them so busy over the next couple of days and nights.

'Ok, you can open your eyes now.' Harry said excitedly.

'Oh sweet Merlin Harry.' Hermione shrieked in joy as she opened her eyes in took in the paradise that was Harry's island.

'Hmm, tell me what you really think.' Harry said teasingly, making Hermione scowl playfully at him, she then jumped into his arms and planted a big kiss on Harry's lips.

'This is so perfect.' Hermione said as she laid her head on Harry's chest and watched the sun go down over the sparkling ocean.

'Hmm, perfect.' Harry echoed.

'Umm, Harry.' Hermione started as she looked over Harry's shoulder. 'Is there a house here?'

'Nope.' Harry said simply as he started walking off with Hermione in his arms.

'Then where are we going to sleep?'

'Who said anything about sleeping?' Harry asked as he raised his eyebrows suggestively.

'You know what I mean.' Hermione said as she smirked at him and his dirty thoughts.

'Well, it's not really a house.' Harry said.

'Then what is it?' Hermione said impatiently.

'It's that.' Harry said as he used his head to turn Hermione's toward a little hut that was built atop a small hill 30 metres off the water. He then continued walking towards it as Hermione rambled about how pretty it looked.

When they finally made it too the front door Harry smiled and kicked it open and then stepped inside with his bride in his arms.

The hut was just as Hermione pictured it as soon as she saw it. Cosy. There were hundreds of candles that came alight and cast the hut in a warm glow. Hermione climbed out of Harry's arms and began to explore. There was only the one floor, the front door leading into the sitting area which was joined to a small kitchen. Then off to the side was another door which Hermione decided to check after looking into the other one that was next to it, guessing that she would find either a bedroom or a bathroom. As soon as opening it she knew it was the latter as she came across a large shower, bath, sink and toilet. This room also lit by candles. She came back out and smiled at Harry who was looking expectantly at the last door.

'What is behind door number two Harry?'

'You'll see.' He said with a hint of nervousness. Hermione put her hand on the door knob and slowly opened the door, gasping in delight as soon as she poked her head in the room.

The first thing she noticed about their bedroom is that it had no roof, or at least it didn't look to have a roof.

'Umm, Harry?'

'It's not a charm, there really is no roof.' Harry answered her unasked question as he stepped into the room.

'What happens if it rains?' Hermione asked incredulously.

'Hey, no one said we Potters were smart.' Harry said as he too looked up at the starry canopy that was the night sky. 'But with you now one, I think that that will change.' He added jokingly.

'You bet.' Hermione said as she continued to examine the room, noticing that it held few less candles.

'Come on, let's see what Dobby put in the fridge for us.' Harry said as he dragged Hermione back into the kitchen.

'Been putting your personal slave to work already Harry?' Hermione asked sweetly.

'Hermione I-.'

'I was just kidding Harry, come on, lets cook some dinner, I don't know about you but I'm not all that hungry, I ate heaps of appetizers.'

'Yeah me too, we'll definitely have to get Dobby to make some of those little pastry puffs again.' Harry said as he pulled out some ingredients for a small salad.

'Hmm, I think we've got enough food in here to last us a month.' Harry said after dinner as he searched the fridge for a bottle of wine.

'Maybe that's how long Dobby thought we would be here.' Hermione said from the bathroom, where she had escaped to after telling Harry to get a bottle of wine and to meet her in the bedroom.

'Ah, got you.' Harry said triumphantly as he pulled out a bottle of French wine, then retrieved two glasses and made his way to the bedroom. Once there he crawled up on the bed and waited for Hermione.

'Are you ready?' Hermione asked from outside the door.

'For what?' Harry said as he poured a glass of wine in front of his face, trying to measure both glasses exactly the same.

'For this.' Hermione said. Harry looked through the glass at the blurred figure that was his wife, seeing nothing he lowered his glass and immediately his eyes grew to the size of saucers.

Hermione then walked forward and around to her side of the bed in a white camisole that was held up by two thin straps and stopped just below her bottom. She then crawled up on the bed and slithered her way over to a dumbstruck Harry who was still holding one of the glasses in front of his face. His eyes were the only thing that moved as soon as Hermione entered the room.

Hermione then leant over and delicately plucked the glass from Harry's hand and then kept moving further so that she could reach the already filled glass that was on Harry's bedside table. Once she had it, she moved back watching Harry's eyes as they followed her chest. Once she was back on her side of the bed she passed the glass she picked up to Harry and toasted.

'To us.' Harry, finally finding his vocal cords echoed her proclamation.

'To us.' Then with a 'chink' they tapped their glasses together and downed their drinks in one go. Hermione then gathered their glasses and placed them back on Harry's bedside table.

'What now?' Harry whispered.

'Now we do what normal couples do on their wedding night.' Hermione said as she moved closer to him.

'Oh, what's that?' Harry said, having no idea why he was so nervous. Hermione always made him nervous, he brought his thoughts back onto the issue at hand and heard Hermione whisper in his ear.

'This.' She then started kissing his ear, softly and slowly, each time her lips touched his skin Harry felt his heart speed up. Hermione's lips then trailed down his neck as her hands began to undress him, Harry helped her by quickly waving his hands and ripping the top half of his clothes off, leaving him breathing heavily as Hermione stared at his rising chest and sculpted abdominals. Harry couldn't wait any longer and he grabbed Hermione and flipped her over so that he was above her, he then gently lowered her head and chased it with his. Once her head touched the pillow he pulled his hand away and started running it over her body whilst he kissed her with his hot lips.

'Oh Harry you don't know how long I've waited for this.' Hermione breathed heavily as Harry's right hand slipped up her silky night wear and rested on her left arse cheek. Harry pulled his head and lips away from where they were sucking Hermione's neck and looked into her eyes that were filled with so many emotions, love and lust the main ones that Harry knew overruled all others.

'Not as much as I have I'm sure.' He panted and then growled devilishly as his mouth descended down to her breasts, where he hungrily moved aside the flimsy material that was hiding his quarry with the help of Hermione, baring her half and therefore declaring it open for hunting season.

Hermione hands then started undoing Harry's pants, starting with his annoying belt as his mouth continued to kiss and suck on her perfect globes of flesh.

All too soon it seemed, Harry and Hermione were naked and lying on opposite sides of the bed, staring lovingly at each other as they caught their breath back, their chest rose and fell in perfect harmonization. They knew now, what was to come next. The final act that would join them together as one, forever and always.

Harry moved first as he reached his left arm out and rested it over Hermione's middle, her hip shivered at the touch, he then curled his arm around her and pulled her too him slowly, so that when all was done their sweaty bodies were resting against each other as they waited to see who would make the next move. It was after minutes of staring deeply within each others eyes that Hermione finally took the initiative. She leaned up on one arm and gently rolled Harry onto his back, she then rolled on top of him so that Harry's hardness was pressed between them. Then, with her eyes never leaving his, she trailed her right hand down over the side of his body, never stopping her sensuous motion until she reached her destination. Hermione then raised her hips and moved her hand between them to where Harry's member waited for her. She then placed it at her opening and then as the fire in her eyes erupted she lowered herself down onto Harry with a drawing sigh.

Harry gasped at the feeling he was receiving, he opened his eyes slowly since they had closed due to his pleasure and saw that Hermione also had her eyes closed. But for him it was pleasure, with the look on her red face Harry could only guess how much pain his love was in.

'Hermione, are you alright?' He asked worriedly as he raised his head till it was touching hers. She blinked open her eyes and stared at Harry, her brown orbs glassy with tears. She answered him in the only way she could think of in that moment. She rocked back and then came forward again making Harry gasp again and flop his head back to his pillow as Hermione continued to rock, gently at first, then building up gradually.

Moans filled the room as Hermione continued her ministrations, Harry gripped the bed sheets, curling them around his fist tightly, he then chucked them aside and moved his hands so they were placed on Hermione's hips. He then looked up at her and smiled, noticing that the look of pain that had started on her face had turned into a look of pleasure, her eyes that were burnt out were rekindled with a fiery passion that Harry could only hope to match.

Soon Hermione and Harry's screams reached their crescendo. Harry forced his eyes open and looked at Hermione intently as he came inside her exactly the same time as she reached her climax. Slowly they both stopped their movements and Hermione fell down, exhausted, on top of Harry. Harry brought his hands up and wove them into her matted hair. He then kissed the top of her head and then lifted her head up gently until he could see her half lidded eyes.

'I love you Hermione Potter.' Hermione's parched lips looked liked they wanted to reply but no voice no sound other than a contended groan came out. Harry took that as a loving response and leaned forward into a kiss that Hermione greatly partook in before she pulled away and fell asleep on Harry's chest with a smile on her pretty face.

'I think I'm going to enjoy my life.' Harry said before he wrapped his arms protectively around Hermione and extinguished the remaining candles, leaving the lovers to sleep under the light of the brilliant night sky.

'Yes.' Harry repeated. 'I'm going to enjoy my life.' He then kissed the sleeping angel in his arms one last time, then leaned back and was asleep before his head hit the pillow.

8 months and 3 weeks later…

'I hate you Harry Potter.' Hermione Potter screamed as she squeezed the hand of her hate tightly.

Hermione was currently on a bed in a St Mungo's maternity ward, she had been rushed there by Harry after she had told her husband that she was having immense cramps in her stomach.

Needless to say, she was starting to hate the man who got her in this position in the first place very much.

'Come on Mrs Potter, only a couple more pushes to go.' The Healer that was in charge of Hermione's birth said supportively. Hermione took a few deep breaths before she screamed again and pushed with all her might, she thought she might of heard Harry gasp but didn't really care at the moment.

Harry did gasp though, and it wasn't because of the progressive pressure that Hermione was strangling his hand with, he had just seen his baby heads poke its way out of Hermione's vagina.

'Come on sweety, one more, one more push.' Harry said as he patted Hermione's sweat head lovingly. Hermione started to cry with the effort it took and gave one final push, her scream was then overtaken by a much different screaming, the screaming that was often heard from a new born baby.

'Congratulations Mr and Mrs Potter, you are the proud parents of a baby girl.' The Healer said with a sigh of relief. Never before had he heard a woman giving birth scream so much, but then he realised that most mothers also took pain relieving potions. Hermione of course, didn't.

The Healer then came around from the front of the bed and handed the new born babe to Hermione, who was flushed with both exhaustion and happiness. She took her baby girl into her arms carefully as if she were made of porcelain. The tears then started to fall again, both from her and Harry who was standing and looking over Hermione's shoulder.

'She's beautiful. You both are.' He said quietly making Hermione look up at him with a brilliant smile on her face.

'Have you thought of any names yet?' One of the nurses that helped during the birth asked quietly as she watched the two new parents. Harry and Hermione looked at each other before Hermione looked back down to her baby and smiled at her fondly.

'Nikki… Her name is Nikki.'

'Nikki Potter. That has a nice ring to it. I'll leave you now to get acquainted to your new baby, just call if you need anything.' The old nurse said with a small smile before she left the room.

'Look at her Harry, look at what we created.' Hermione said tearfully as she touched her daughters head softly.

'I know my love, I feel as if I could cast the biggest Patronus ever.' Harry said as he slid into the bed next to his two girls.

'I didn't know it was possible to love something so much so quickly.' Hermione said as she kissed Nikki's head with soft lips.

'I did.' Harry whispered as Hermione lifted her head to stare into his eyes. She then lifted her head a bit more and kissed Harry on his cheek.

'Keep talking like that and we could end up here again in another 9 months.' She said with a laugh as she went back to looking at her daughter.

Hmm, another 9 months ey… I can't wait. Harry thought to himself as he stared at his little family.

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