Burned, But Not By Fire

I know I should be updating my other Avatar fiction, but I was struck with inspiration, again. It happens, I get struck by the inspiration cloud and my attention is turned to it half way through the other fics. Sorry. Anyway, this is the result of wanting a lot of hurt/comfort while waiting for math class to end, and I happen to hurt the uke. Terrible me, I know, and poor Sokka is the uke.

Warnings: Yaoi; which means guys in a romantic relationship: Zuko/Sokka(Main) and Jet/Sokka(Non-Con). Rape; Yes, being forced against one's will to have sex. Not for Jet fans; personally, I think Jet went psycho and I don't like him that much. Violence; It gets a bit graphic and bloody. Look at the rating; Its M for a reason.

And I wrote this primarily to quell my own sadistic thoughts, if you don't like this kind of stuff, pay no mind to it.


Sokka walked through the woods, scouting the area to see if there were any fire troops about, but seeing none he paused for a break. They were still in the Earth Kingdom heading for the North Pole, and the trip was going slowly with all these detours. They were hidden in the woods, Appa was hard to hide, so they thought it best, and from what Sokka saw of the woods, they were thick and an army wouldn't be able to move though them easily; of course Appa had trouble squeezing between the trees as well. They were sticking close to the shore so that if they had to make a quick exit off land they could. Sokka scratched the back of his neck as he sat on a thick tree root; he had walked a long way, perhaps he shouldn't have, but he needed to know the area, and besides, he needed some thinking time to clear his head, Katara and Aang kept jabbering on about bending and they weren't paying him any mind.

After a minute of peace he began to stand, deciding that it wasn't safe to stay too long from the group; though maybe his decision was a bit late.

"Hello Sokka," Sokka whirled around, but he didn't have time to react before he was shoved back when someone dropped out of the tree. It was all in one familiar fluent movement that he was shoved up against the tree with someone's arm across his collar bone, the back of his head hitting the tree harshly, temporarily hazing his vision, "Long time, no see, traitor." His vision cleared, blue eyes meeting hard brown.

"Jet." Sokka growled angrily and went to grab his club that he had on him, but as soon as he lifted his hand his wrist was pinned to the tree bark by a familiar hook of Jet's sword.

"Not so fast, Sokka." Jet said, confident and seemingly enjoying the control he had at the moment, "We need to have a bit of a chat." Sokka snorted and glanced at Jet quickly, taking in where the rebel was positioned and what weapons he had. Of course the brunet had his hook swords in both hands and Sokka only hand one hand free, which was braced against the tree and not in reach of any weapon at the moment.

"We have nothing to talk about," Sokka snapped angrily and tried to lash out at Jet with his other hand, attempting full heartedly to give him a black eye, but Jet was skilled with that unique weapon and as soon as his hand lifted it too was pinned to the tree, but this time by his sleeve because Jet had stabbed it into the bark with the end of the dlade at the end of the hilt, and it wasn't gentle either, the blade had cut Sokka's arm, making him cringe slightly, but he still kept an angry gaze on the other.

"Oh, I'm sure we can find something, hm?" Jet sneered, "You ruined my plan to kill those Fire Nation troops."

"You were going to kill that whole village!" Sokka yelled angrily, "All those people would have died!" He tried to kick Jet away, but he was gutted by an elbow and the wind was temporarily knocked out of him.

"I told you before, there are sacrifices in war," Jet said, stepping back to admire his own handiwork; Sokka pinned to the tree by his arms, and breathing hard to get air back into his lungs. "It would have been a small price to pay to get the Fire Nation to leave out woods, but no, you had to go and ruin it."

"It was worth it." Sokka managed to get out when he got his breath back and this seemed to push a button in the Earth Kingdom native and he came close to Sokka and grabbed the front of his shirt and Sokka held his breath as he saw something not quite sane glinted in those hard brown eyes.

"It would have worked out fine if you hadn't have interfered." Jet hissed, "You humiliated me in front of my men by defying my plans."

"Well you weren't much of a leader to begin with," Sokka snapped, "Making them hurt people, what kind of sick person would kill their own people only to get rid of a fraction of the fire benders out there."

"It takes many battles to win a war." Jet growled.

"You're insane!" Sokka yelled and tried to push Jet back from him, but Jet actually pressed closer, a cold shiver filling Sokka, he hated Jet being close, he hated Jet, and he hated being helpless to injure the other back.

"So you think it was worth it?" Jet whispered harshly, "You think it was worth humiliating me? Well I can do the same to you, worse even." Sokka shivered and struggled at the words, he really didn't like the sadistic tone in the taller teenager's voice, frankly in scared him.

"Wha-what are you talking about?" the Water Tribe teen stuttered nervously, but he couldn't say that he really wanted to know what it was. Jet snorted a laugh and his mouth drifted closer to Sokka's ear, causing the shorter teen to shutter at hot breath ghosted over his ear, very uncomfortable.

"I think you know," Jet let his words drip with malice, "It's a fitting punishment for you getting in the way..." Sokka felt more than saw Jet's hand drift down to his gut and he began to undo his belt that held his shirt together. With a new burst of energy that was mostly out of adrenaline fueled fear, he tried to lash out at Jet again, this time the hook holding his wrist was pulled out of the bark and he was able to land a descent punch to the other's face.

Jet stumbled backwards, though not without his one sword. Sokka pulled loose the other sword and dropped it to the ground; he was not trained to use a sword and he was in no position to be using something he was not use to. He pulled out his club and charged Jet, but with another swift strike of Jet's hooked sword, it was pulled out of his hand and thrown to the side and his wrist was caught in the taller teen's hand tightly then twisted him around, throwing Sokka off balance and pushing Sokka flat on his stomach of the ground with a pained grunt, his arm being twisted behind his back.

"Get off!" Sokka yelled and tried to hit Jet with his other hand but that was also grabbed and held together as his white fabricbelt was slipped from around his waist. His wrists were tied quickly and securely and for once Sokka had trouble trying to get the bonds undone; Jet's gang had been pretty bad at their knot tying, but Jet seemed well experienced in the art. Sokka struggled to the best of his ability but couldn't get the knot to loosen, nor could his knees get under him to push him up; Jet had a hand firmly on the small of his back.

"So you want to do this the hard way, traitor?" Jet said, whipping away a trickle of blood from his lip where it cracked from Sokka's punch, "Fine, you deserve it." There was a pause and he heard something drawn out of a sheath, but he didn't have to wonder what it was for long because Jet showed it to him; it was the same knife Jet had claimed to be the old man's. "Recognize this? You should." Sokka lay still, really not liking the thought of being stabbed.

The knife was drawn back and he waited an agonizing minute before he felt the cold sensation of metal under his shirt. It grazed his skin and Jet must have sharpened it since the last time because he felt the unique drip of warm blood roll down his back and the stinging sensation of a cut. Sokka held his breath and heard fabric be cut, trying to cease the raise and fall of his ribs as his shirt was slowly shredded, though he noticed Jet didn't cut anywhere near the bonds; Sokka cursed Jet for being so smart and insane at the same time.

His shirt came off in pieces in the end and several cuts bled where the knife had touched and be breathed hard, adrenaline running through him too much, but unable to react because he didn't want to be sliced and diced. He heard Jet laugh lowly.

"I see now you're being good." Jet drawled and his hand ran over Sokka's dark and cut tarnished skin. Sokka's heart was hammering in his throat, fear even apparent in his voice as he felt the knife drift lower.

"Jet, don't do this." He pleaded, "What is this going to prove? It's not going to do you any..." His sentence was stopped with a yelp as Jet drug the knife across his back, a bit harder than with the small nicks before.

"You were better when you were quiet." Jet hissed and Sokka's eyes widened as he felt his pants were pulled down to his ankles, but not stripped off. He shook as a rough hand glided down his smooth thigh and leg.

"Stop it, Jet" Sokka said, voice more demanding, though still a hint of fear showed though; and again he had the knife cut across his back, making Sokka yell out in agony, too aware of his surroundings to ignore it.

"Shut up." Jet hissed and stuck the knife in the ground, grabbing Sokka's pony tail and yanking it up, causing Sokka to yelp, nearly as loudly as he had when the knife cut. "You're big mouth is what got you into this." He let Sokka drop back to the ground and tried to think of something that would get him out of this mess, but noting came to mind. He heard the rustling of clothing behind him and felt the invading fingers probe between his butt cheeks and he tried to scoot away so as not to be touched, but Jet dragged him closer by his hips and parted his legs.

"Jet…" Sokka began, hoping to talk reason into the other teenager, but he soon felt a weight on his back and he winced as is irritated his cuts and something thick and hard was resting between his butt cheeks.

"This is the only time you'll be able to scream." Jet whispered into his ear, sneer set in place, making his usual handsome facade drop, "this will hurt, a lot, get use to it." Sokka tried to prepare himself for what he knew what was about to come, but there was no way he could mentally or physically ready himself for being entered so harshly by Jet's hard member. Sokka's mouth opened, but no scream escaped; shock of the pain blocking his vocal cords from working; he nearly thought Jet had pushed that knife into him and sliced him all the way up his spine. It burned and it made him shake uncontrollably, tears squeezing from his clenched eyes. He nearly was thankful that it had hurt so bad it numbed him temporarily, but then he felt Jet was thrusting into him sharp and hard, nails digging into his back for grip. One thrust knocked his vocal cords into working again, but Sokka couldn't say he was glad of that because the first thing out of his mouth was a loud helpless scream.

Jet didn't stop his assault until the sun had long since set and Sokka's throat was raw from yelling, now only able to let out whimpers of pain when ever a particularly harsh thrust spiked the tearing sensation up his spine. His forehead was on the ground and he tried to concentrate on breathing, but the tremors of pain constantly reminded him that Jet was using his body for his own twisted sense of revenge. Sokka jumped when a sudden warm fluid filled him, it scalded his torn insides, making them burn even more; salt to the wound. Jet slid out of him then, sexually satisfied and he picked up a piece of Sokka's shirt to clean himself of blood and semen.

"At least you can take your punishment like a man." Jet sneered, looking down at the exhausted and injured form of the Water Tribe teen, watching Sokka curl up on his side like a wounded dog. Jet snorted and pulled up his pants, dropping the soiled rag to the ground, then as an added bonus, he delivered a swift kick to Sokka's gut, causing him to whimper. Jet huffed, satisfied once again that he'd come out on top. "I'm sure someone will come along and find you, and then they can see what you did to your self." Sokka was too far in agony to reply, tears had long since dried, and too tired to move his limbs. Jet sneered one last time, "Say hello to Katara for me." Then he turned and left as swiftly as he had come, heartlessly leaving Sokka to fall unconscious, no strength left to even move out of the clearing.


Prince Zuko pushed aside a tree branch and huffed in an irritated way, "This forest is too thick for a rhino to get through," He glanced at the old man behind him, "Are you sure the Avatar has been spotted here, uncle?"

"No," Iroh admitted, his fan slowly moving back and forth, creating a soft breeze in the humid woods, "But it's the best rumor we have to go on." Zuko felt a headache and rubbed his temple with his middle and ring finger. All these rumors and no solid facts were annoying and wasted what little time he had to catch up with the last air bender. He'd been held back enough fighting with the pirates and needed to pick up the trail again as soon as possible.

They'd heard of the most resent rumor that the Avatar had been seen with a bunch of Earth Kingdom renegades that had been causing Fire Nation troops trouble. Now they were going off on a whim; Zuko didn't like going off on rumors, but it was the best they had. Zuko, his uncle, as well as a few soldiers were combing the area for any sight of the Avatar or his companions. Iroh wasn't really looking, he was just following his nephew, and making sure the young fire bender didn't burn down the forest on them with his frustration fueled temper.

"We should not stay long, Prince Zuko." Iroh said, his fan shutting with the flick of his hand, "I'm sure the Avatar will be up and moving by no later than noon." They'd been searching since before the crack of dawn with no luck, and the men were all hungry and a little irritated by their prince's relentless searching. "I could go for a cup of tea when we get back." Iroh chimed cheerfully but Zuko didn't respond, hearing his relative, but not feeling like agreeing, even though he knew Iroh spoke truth.

"We have to at least find some kind of evidence," Zuko said, determined to find the monk, "A camp site maybe or somewhere a..." He didn't finish, explanation was no longer important as one of his soldiers ran up to him and saluted him. "What is it?"

"Sir," the soldier said, letting his salute drop and gesturing towards the direction he'd come from, "I think you'd better come see this, it appears to be one of the people traveling with the Avatar." Zuko was suddenly on high alert and Iroh sighed, knowing this wasn't going to be approached with caution or at a walk.

"Show me where." Zuko ordered, already swiftly heading in the direction that the soldier had indicated, almost at a running pace but not quite. The soldier hurried after Zuko, seemingly to want to make something clear to the prince.

"Sir, its not a pretty sight..." he tried to warn the prince of what he was about to see, but there wasn't enough time to tell Zuko with his long strides as he reached the spot wheretwo other soldiers waited for the third to come back, both of their eyes on the prince and not on the teenager on the ground, and when they had looked around, they avoided looking at the scene. Zuko nearly froze in mid step, eyes widening in considerable shock. Iroh wasn't far behind, and when he peered from behind Zuko he 'tsk'ed the site and shook his head; pity for the broken boy curled up on the ground. Zuko looked at the soldier that had come to him.

"Is he alive?" Zuko asked seriously; from where he was standing and with the blood covering Sokka, he couldn't tell by just looking.

"I... we don't know, sir." The soldier said, a tad meekly, knowing that they should have, but no one was willing to approach the obviously raped body. Zuko glared at the soldier, but decided not to worry about that now.

"Scout the area, look for any person, animal or camp site." Zuko ordered all of them and there was no protest given, each glad to leave the disturbing site. Zuko's nose wrinkled at the metallic smell of blood and the sight of inhuman violence. Though despite being disgusted he approached the still Sokka, kneeling down to see if the other was alive, daring to press two fingers to the side of the darker skinned neck which was exposed in his curled up position, feeling for sign of life; there was no point in caring if the water tribe teen was dead, but if he was alive the Avatar would surely be looking for him and would want him back alive. It was cruel thinking, but Zuko forced himself to cut out emotional ties; though he did feel pity and he couldn't deny it, he was after all human as well.

Sokka's skin was cold, and for a moment Zuko actually did assume the other to be dead, but then he felt the faint pulse of life and he let out a breath, glad he wasn't touching a corpse. He gazed down at all the gashes caked with dried blood along his back and then his eyes avoided anything past the waist line; he did have some level of respect for the injured. He focused on the white belt binding Sokka's wrists and wondered if he should get rid of it; the darker skinned teen looked too wounded to put up a fight.

"He's alive." Zuko announced to his uncle who was still behind him. Iroh was not all that shocked by the scene as was his nephew and crew; he'd seen the worst of war, and he was not proud of it. A good few fire benders had gone savage and people were burned alive in grotesque ways. Blood, wounds, and deathwere not uncommon in war; he could handle it and could think reasonably in the midst of it; but even though he didn't show it out right, he was also shocked by the level of violence.

"So what do you plan to do?" Iroh asked and Zuko paused, himself now trying to stomach the situation.

"Take him back to the ship and try to get information out of him." Zuko said and finally grabbed the knot of the binding fabric on Sokka's wrists, not bothering to mess with trivial knots and siring the fabric, the belt unraveling some. He pulled the belt off the rest of the way and Sokka's limbs felt limply to the ground, cut around his wrists from the strain and struggle. The next thing he did was pull up Sokka's pants to cover up the violation that had taken place. He was quite uncomfortable touching the darker skinned teen, a sense that he was hurting the other further squeezed into his conscious, so he did this quickly and Sokka winced in his unconscious sleep and a pained groan left him. Zuko sat up quickly, seeing if the other would awake, but he didn't. Zuko took a breath and looked around for any other clothing, but there were only shreds of blue and black clothe and a water tribe club in the area. He grimaced and realized there would be no clean way to move the other, not with all the blood.

Zuko cleared his mind of the task and hefted Sokka up, arms under the water tribe teen's shoulders and knees. He normally wouldn't do such a thing, but he'd sent his men off to search the area before he'd assessed the situation right. He'd positioned Sokka's arms to rest on his chest, where there was a large bruise, so that they didn't get in the way as he was moved. Sokka didn't react,but when he'd moved the injured one a strong smell of blood and sex hit him from the liquids that hadn't dried. It made his stomach twist uncomfortably but he willed away any nausea he might have felt and stood up straight, looking to Iroh, who had pulled out his fan again and was fanning the air to clear the smell.

"I'll go gather the men." Iroh said and went to do just that. Zuko headed towards the meeting area that they'd arranged incase anyone got lost. Occasionally Sokka would wince in pain and his body would tense before going slack again, low on energy and there was no real struggle. Sokka's body nearly felt fragile in his arms like could break easily, or already was broken, he couldn't tell. He's never seen anyone in this situation and he wasn't exactly sure how to act around that; he was glad Sokka was unconscious, just so he wouldn't have to explain his actions.

Making it to the clearing they had agreed to meet at, there already were a few men waiting to receive their next orders. He saw them stand straighter like they always did when he approached, but he could see they were all surprised when they noticed that he was carrying someone. Zuko went to the strongest man in the group, shifting Sokka away from him more, "Take him to the ship and get him cleaned up, he needs to be questioned when we get back." The man grimaced but took Sokka and they all headed back to the ship.

Zuko watched them leave and he couldn't stop the nausea that hit him. He hurried to a nearby tree and leaned over, one hand on the tree to support him self as he vomited; he truly was not ready to stomach the sight of that, of what people could do to another, a true result of savagery.


Yup graphic, but I think any rape would be, it's not just something you can just brush off, it's awful and traumatizing. I'm trying to stick to reality; I've noticed that some rape fics are just flat out wounded and then healed within a matter of sentences; I don't think anyone can numb that feeling of being used, not without a lot of support from friends and family. And again, trying to stick to reality, it has to be a grotesque site, I wouldn't blame Zuko for throwing up, he's not an unfeeling guy. Iroh; hell, he was a general, and people in war see a lot of unwanted things. Just saying, every reaction they have has reason. If you enjoy, leave a reveiw,