I gotta give you a couple of warnings. First off, my life is kinda of chaotic right now and I don't have a lot of time for writing, so the following chapters will come sporadically as time permits. Also tying into that, I write out of sequence. I've actually got a good chunk of the middle written, but not very much of the beginning. So I'll apologize in advance for the lack of timely updates.



Jack awoke to an aching head besides the residual tingle of the zat blast. Apparently his captors hadn't been content to just zat him, they had to bash his skull in too. His back and arms were sore from having been bound behind him for an extended period of time.

He kept his breathing even and slowly opened his eyes to take in his study his surroundings. His eyes immediately focused on a pair of brilliant green ones that were staring back at him intently. He tried for a smile but it probably came out as more of a grimace, though the woman gave a tentative smile back.

Jack took a look around as much as he could lying bound on the ground. He was surround by his fellow prisoners who seemed mainly to be women with a couple of young girls and boys scattered about. Through the crowd he could see they were camped near the Stargate, but judging by the landscape they didn't seem to be on the same planet that he'd been captured on.

Swell, he thought bitterly. I'm so going to kill Daniel if I ever get out of this.

Only Daniel could be so arrogantly naive to believe these guys could have been anything other than slave traders when they had come across them at the ruins on P4C-389. Like the way they wanted to buy Carter hadn't been a dead give away, before they'd even seen the gaggle of imprisoned women being herded toward the Stargate. Only then was Daniel convinced and got his righteous dander up. He knew Carter hated that women seemed to be subjugated on many of the planets they visited and had likely gotten very angry at the plight the women would be facing when they got where they were going. Even given that she had enough had enough sense to lie low and see to the safety of her teammates first and foremost.

But Daniel?

Oh no, he had to go against the very firm, very direct order Jack had given him by managing sneak away to parley for the release of the women and getting himself captured in the process. Very smart, Doctor Jackson.

When they realized Daniel was gone, Jack had instructed Teal'c to make sure Carter got through the Stargate. There was no way in hell he'd allow her to suffer the same fate as these women. Then Jack went back for Daniel. He'd managed to get Daniel free but hadn't been so lucky himself. He didn't see Daniel anywhere around so he could only assume he had managed to escape.

Jack tried to lever himself up into a sitting position but could quite manage it with his hands tied behind him. The woman whose green eyes he had awoken to helped him to sit and kept him steady as he wobbled when his head began to spin. "Thanks."

She nodded her response.

"Where are we?" he asked hoping she would be able to understand him.

"The Barren Lands."

"That's the name of planet?" That seemed a hell of a depressing name for a planet.

"No, the planet is Temair," she told him in a soft lilting voice that reminded him very much of his Irish grandmother. "What's your name?"

"Alma. What's yours?"

"Jack O'Neill."

"O'Neill?" Alma asked, her eyes widening in wonder.

"Yeah," he answered slowly a little thrown off by the awe she suddenly seemed to hold him in.

"Are you here to-"

She wasn't able to complete her sentence because all hell had broken loose and it seemed they were descended upon by howling demons.