Forget the Past

Chapter 10:Mom and Dad's Intuition

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Erasa just couldn't believe that her mom was over there standing beside the door,looking at the two guys in her room.

"Mom,I can explain about this."Erasa finally spoke.

"I can tell."Mrs. Sharon spoke.

"Well,um,Dad said he just came over and-and,and they both seemed to stop by to get this here notebook for a assignment that Miss GUthrie said we had to do,hehe!"Erasa tried to explain.

"Yes-yes that's true.Mrs.?"Trunks also spoke.

"What is your name mister?"Mrs.Sharon told Trunks.

"Why-I'm glad you asked!"Trunks said and went up Mrs.Sharon and took her hand.

Gohan just rolled his eyes.He knew what Trunks was going to do.Trunks was always like that to charm his so called 'future-mother-in-law.'

"My name is Trunks.Trunks Briefs."With that,he kissed her hand."And I shall call you by?"

"J-just call me by Sharon.Mrs.Sharon."She shook a little by the kiss on her hand and blushed.

"Well,Mrs.Sharon,it's a pleasure meeting you and to be here with your daughter.If,that is,I can stay here for a little while."

"Of course it is,why don't you stay for dinner?"She smiled sweetly.

"I would be gladly to join you and your family."He looked at her.

"Of course,well,I should go get it prepared!"

After saying that,she left smiling.

"Lucky you! I'm so glad that I didn't get in trouble!" Erasa said.

"Trunks,I just knew that you were going to do that."Gohan laughed.

"He is such a womanizer.Erasa,if YOU are going to date this manwhore,I suggest that you keep him on his leash."Videl said.

All three of them looked at her.

"Videl!"Trunks said.

"What do you want?"

He just looked at her.

"I can't believe that you think that i'm a dog! That's ok.If you wanted me,you could either wait in line or go do Gohan in the bathroom."

Videl was getting pissed.

"YOU KNOW WHAT! I never liked you to begin with! I don't see what the other girls see in you but another guy to use and abuse!"

"I know you want to.No,wait,you want Gohan!"

Videl just looked away and gave him her back.

Gohan went up behind her and hugged her.

"Don't worry,Videl.Trunks doesn't mean what he says."Gohan whispered in her ear.

"YES I DO!" Trunks looked at both of them.

Gohan just gave him a glare to be quiet.


"Come on you guys.Just be lucky that my dad doesn't know anything about this.Now,he WILL really kill me."Erasa sat on her bed.

"Even if I do this."Trunks pushed her on the bed and got on top of her.

Erasa just blushed.

"Eww.If you guys want to do that kind of stuff atleast let us excuse ourselves first."Gohan said.

"Hello,Mr.Chris!"Videl said.

Erasa's dad,Chris(yes,I made up all the names),stood by the door,with his mouth wide open.Looking at what was in front of him.

Two boys,one on top of his daughter.

Mr.Chris was getting pissed.

"Um,hello,Daddy!"Erasa pushed Trunks off of her.

"Hello,sir.We were just,um,messing around."Trunks said.

"If seducing my daughter is called messing around then I suspect that you wouldn't do it again.Ever."Mr.Chris said.


"Dinner is ready.I hope you all will be joining us."He gave Trunks the eye.

"Yes,sir."They all replied this time.

Mr.Chris stood outside of her door waiting for all of them to get downstairs.

"Come on,we better go."Erasa was the first one out,then Trunks and Gohan came out with Videl.

AT THE DINNER TABLE They all were finally sitting down.With their plates in front of them.

Both saiyins were ready to eat.But Erasa and Videl elbowed them and told them to get into prayer position.

Trunks and Gohan didn't know anything about praying(one lives in the mountains,and the other is too rich).

"Let's all hold each others hand."Mr.Chris told everyone."Do you boys pray?"He told both the boys.

Trunks and Gohan looked at each other and back at her father."Y-yes,sir."They lied.

"Great,then you will lead us."He told Trunks.

Trunks just looked shock.He didn't know how to pray or even the words to say.

"Um,I kind of forgot the words to say,so I really don't know."

"Just say what you know."

Trunks was stuck doing it no matter what.

'Dendi,please help me!' Trunks prayed to Dendi.'WAIT? I just prayed!'

"Ok"He started."Dear Dendi-"

"Lord."Mr.Chris interrupted him.

"Right.Lord.I pray for this lovely snack-I mean dinner that we are about to recieve."

"Amen."They all said.

"That's all?"Trunks said.

"Of course.That is all that is need to be said.Right?"

"Right.It's just-um,that we say more."

"Well go ahead,we'll join."

"No,it's ok."Trunks felt stupid.

The girls just laughed.

He really didn't know what else to say.


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