By Chaoseternus

Just a quick one shot...

Darkness; speckled and tormented by the sprinkling of lights which mar its perfection with their blazing heated infernos of stars.

I used to hate the darkness, I used to sleep with a night-light on all the time, I hated, feared the darkness, and the nothingness, the emptiness it represented.

Now, it calls to me, and I answer back, I find comfort and protection in its wide, ever cold, but ever embracing arms, and the escape it offers. The Cylons cant find us, not out here, there are far too many of those little speckles of light for them to investigate, too much space in that gulf, that emptiness between stars, the dark is not an enemy any more. Its sheer size, its sheer inevitable space is our guardian, our protecting soul, an embrace that, eventually, the Cylons will most certainly pierce, but for now, we have time.

Time is all we need, to build, to create, to breed and to plot.

The Cylons, they took the Holy Lands from us, they stole and desecrated the places granted to us by the Lords of Kobol themselves, for that alone we would have vengeance, but for the destruction of our brothers, our mothers, our fathers, our sisters, our families, friends and our homes, for that they will die. For that, we will cleanse the stars of the putrid, rotten light, their sheer unrelenting evil.

Light, it shines into the dark, it reveals, and we are not ready to stand in the light of evil yet. The darkness of good, that hides us, shields us from the light for evils light can not be everywhere and neither can evils servants.

Of course, a star system without light is the perfect place to hide, and the Lords they showed us the way to our shield. In truth, without a star this is no star system, but the many moons of a wandering gas giant we now call home, and whilst these worlds have no life of their own, they have everything we need. The belts swarm with water, the rings of the giant hide hydrogen, oxygen and a thousand other precious gases, the moons themselves abound with metals.

Plastics we lacked at first, but having no lack of hydrogen or carbon, it merely took time to figure out how to make such from the gases of the Wanderer itself.
Now, our population has grown, expanded, our numbers have allowed the construction of more ships, more weapons with which to strike back at the infidel.
It is perhaps fitting that on this day, the thirtieth anniversary of the death of the Great Saviour, Lord President Roslin that I, her most faithful servant, Billy Keikeya , led her children in the first crusade to retake the Holy Lands.

It is perhaps a mere probe; we do not yet have strength enough to force the anti-Lords into the abyss, but we will learn their strength, and we will make them pay.

Yes, it is time.