As Marissa, Haley, Michael, and Luke walk in the theater.

Michael: "I'm very sorry I was so late do you forgive because if you don't I understand."

Marissa: "Well of coarse I forgive you."

Haley walks by and quietly says "True love."

Luke: Wow according to my cell it's 10:30 we still have 30 minutes.

Marissa and Haley: SHOPPING!

Michael and Luke: NO! Not shopping!

Marissa: Well we have exams TOMMORROW! I still need to study!

Michael and Luke: We'll quiz you on Science.

Marissa: How did you know that I needed to study for that?

Haley: I told him.

Marissa: Well we all should go to my house to study. Hales your spending the night anyways so it will be fine.

Haley: You and me are going to have so much fun tonight.

Marissa: I'm gonna call my mommy and say um…

Marissa on the phone: Hey! People are coming over…

Clarissa: Who?

Marissa: Well Haley is spending the night.

Clarissa: I know.

Marissa: Well um… Michael and Luke.

Clarissa: Well… I guess.

Marissa: Yes I love you so much thank you so much.

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