Just A Glimpse

Raven frowned. "I can't believe all three of them bailed." Cyborg, Starfire, and Beastboy had all but vanished as soon as they entered the fair. Only Robin was left. "Your girlfriend went that way. Why are you still here?"

"I'm actually curious aboutwhat this fortuneteller has to say." Robin replied. "Ready?"

"Ah, a young couple I see." The old woman said when the two Titans walked in. "Did you come to see if you would stay together forever?"

"No, no. We're just friends." Raven said. The old woman nodded.

"Of course, sure. Whatever you say." The old fortuneteller said. "Come, dearie, sit down." She stopped Robin.

"We won't be long. You wait outside for your turn."

"What can Madame Isabella do for you today?' The old woman muttered. "Ah, I'll show you your future with that young man."

"What are you…" Raven started, but the old woman shushed her.

"You can't fool me, dearie." Isabella said. "I see through that mask you wear, to your true feelings." Then she laid a thumb alongside her nose. "Don't you worry, dear. I won't tell him. Now, about your fortune." Isabella took hold of Raven's hands. "Oh." She said, smiling. "Would you like to see, dearie?"

"I…" Raven began to speak, but even as she did, her vision darkened.

"Well, here we are." Raven said, trying her best to smile. "Are you sure Bruce won't throw you out right away?"

Robin smiled, and took his wife's hand. "What can he do? Unlike him, I married the woman I love."

"And the baby?" Raven asked, turning to her husband.

"Better Bruce learns about the midget now than later. Then he can get ready to be a grandpa." Robin replied.

As they approached the door, Robin dragging their bags behind them, Alfred threw the manor doors open.

"Master Richard! Its been a long time." The old man embraced the young hero. He turned to Raven. "I believe you must be Raven. Master Richard's letters were right. You are very stunning." Alfred took Raven's hand, and kissed it.

"Bruce is here, right, Alfred?" Robin asked. He grinned sheepishly. "We have something to tell both of you."

An older Robin shut the car door, and picked up the toddler standing at his feet. He smiled across the roof at Raven.

"Rich, what's so funny?" She asked, smiling back.

"Mrs. Grayson," He drawled, "Have you ever wondered just how we have such a perfect life?

"Why?" Raven replied. "Isn't it enough that we do?" She looked at the old tower in the distance, across the bay. "We should hurry. Cyborg will flip if Kyla doesn't open his gift on time."

Stopping just outside the door to Cyborg's apartment, where they could hear all their friends already laughing, Robin kissed his wife. "I love you."

Raven opened her eyes with a gasp. Shocked, she looked at the old fortuneteller. "That can't be." She said.

"I'm sorry, dearie." Isabella replied, letting go of Raven's hand. "But my gift only shows the true future."

"Do you know when?" Raven asked. "What if it all changes?"

"Its been my experience that the future rarely does change, despite anyone's best attempts."

Raven stood. "I don't know if I'm supposed to thank you." She said.

"No need. I hope you find your love soon. There is an emptiness in you that I sense he can fill."

Later on, as he argued with Beast Boy about driving, Cyborg saw that Raven kept stealing glimpses at Robin, an odd look in her eyes. He smiled inwardly, hoping that the girl he treated as a sister wouldn't wait long to take her chance.