Forbidden Love


With murder in its eyes; the demon jolted his legs and soared through the air, its tail raised high to slice through his tissue and arms ready to break bones.

Takato slowly turned his head around to witness the coming of his own demise as the basic demon was almost upon him. His breath became heavy and his heart went still as the tyrannical skull face with eyes like an endless void meet his.

"Takato! Look out!" Came Hotaru's voice, Takato had had barely anytime to duck as the large staff connected with the demon's face; sending it flying backwards onto its hollowed spine.

"You have exhausted yourself enough, let us handle this fiend" Hotaru said as he placed a hand on Takato's shoulder. The unmasked warrior only nodded as he was still stunned from seeing into the eyes of a full demon.

All five Bishops Of Order surrounded the demon, each with a different fighting stance of styles Takato had never seen before. The basic demon only cackled an insidious laugh and raised its venomous tail.

"Poison Tail!" he cackled; from the end of the stinger shot out a sick looking purple cloud soaring forward like a shooting star.

The first bishop easily side stepped it and manoeuvred his way forward with fists raised; he then proceeded with unleashing numerous arm thrust on the demons soft underbelly. It spat furious and tried to pierce his armour with its tail.

"Grasshopper Kick!" he shouted out in an Australian voice. He leapt in the air and started unleashing a flurry of fast kicks to the face, cracking the skull into fragments and leaving dazed and wounded.

"Zephyr is the Bishop Of The East, he utilizes the styles of Tai Kwon Doe with the power of air" Hotaru introduced while crossing his arms in a proud manner.

The demon brushed off the excess skull and lashed out against the azure warrior; Zephyr only side stepped back and let another come forward.

"Hammer Fist!" he shouted out in a British accent. He ducker under the demon's swipe and thrust the side of his fist into the demon's chest and compressed it back at least two inches. The demon gasped for breath before the attack took effect an a dark wave sent him crashing into the ground.

"Fracture is the Bishop Of The North, he utilizes the style of Ninjitsu with the power of darkness, do not be alarmed by this for in the Order Realm we use darkness as a way to balance out the light and use it for just causes" Hotaru explained while Takato breathed a sigh of relief.

The demon slowly edge its way up and face the bishop angrily, he lunged one of his arms back where a purple energy ball gathered.

"Toxic Throw!" he yelled in his sinister voice; the energy ball nearly collided with Fracture but he flipped backwards and avoided it ad let the third bishop take over.

"Lava Burst" he said in a Brazilian accent; he raised one knee and thrust his hands forward which sent forward a blast of lava. It struck the demon crushing and burning intensely, also leaving a large crater.

"Skellos is the Bishop of the West, he utilizes the style of Jujitsu with the power of fire, unlike me when I was in demon form he has perfect control and needs no weapon in manipulated the flames" Hotaru chuckled.

The demon crawled out of the crater with its flesh singed and crispy and sending a foul odour in the air. Still it persisted though and just managed to stand up with its tail sloshing away excess lava that was eating through it.

Skellos simply stepped back as the last one appeared, the demon just growled and leapt forward with intent to crush through their armour and pull out their brains.

"Crystal Glacier!" she said in a Russian voice; she raised her middle and forefinger and curved her thumb. As the demon approached a single snowball appeared in her hand, she flung it forward and surprising as soon as it hit the demon it was frozen solid in a block of ice.

"Frost is the Bishop Of The South and only women to ever make it into the Order Elite; she utilizes the style of Kung Fu with the power of ice" Hotaru explained.

"Wait a second? There was a women within the demonic brothers?" Takato asked, totally bewildered.

"Yes, she once took the form of Combot, she told me you were her cutest victim" Hotaru chuckled while Takato went bright red and scratched his neck.

"So what's your personal profile?" Takato asked.

"Mine? I am Hotaru, Archbishop Of The Centre, I utilize the style of Karate with the power of light and monarch of Order Realm" he laughed.

Soon though he stopped and stepped forward with the other bishops around the frozen demon, each one of them clapped threads in their signature gesture. The four bishops then began to create fast and complicated hand movements, as their did azure lines began to crack into the ground and swirl around the demon until they stopped with their hand clap and their signature symbol of two boded leafs encircled the demon.

"This is where the nightmare ends for all of us!" Hotaru yelled out into the fog, the cold misty morning sent a chilling breeze in response.

"For too long has order been overturned by chaos, today with destroy the fiend that brought misery and suffering for the us and a single human who we owe our lives too…" Hotaru said with a smirk making Takato feel embarrassed.

"But now we stand with the demon within the Seal Of Order; where it shall be destroyed here and now!" he yelled, taking out his staff.

"By the power vested in me by the former Kings Of Order and by the witness of the Bishops of Order and Takato the Order/Human saviour…I banish thee!!" he shouted as he swung his staff down.

The ice cracked and the demon roared a final cry before the blade on the end of the staff sliced him in half, Takato could only watch without any mercy or grief as its remains were swallowed by the seal and then gone…disappeared forever.

"At long last we are free…and we owe it to you Takato" Hotaru and the others faced him. If Takato hadn't known their were on his side he would have intimidated more than them then Devil.

"We cannot thank you enough for freeing us, we now can travel back to our world, see our families again, and pursue Havik…" he said quietly.

"Havik!! I thought you said he was destroyed!" Takato said in dismay, the thought of the original demon lord still being alive was to horrific to believe.

"His body may have been destroyed but his spirit has lost none of its twisted abilities, he will return, but do not fear, for this is now our fight…you have done more than enough" Hotaru said as he placed a hand on his shoulder.

"You will be remembered in the archives for you heroic deeds! Always remember that we are your dept and will never be able to repay you, but if there is anything you need, or require aid….we we will come within a breath" Hotaru said softly.

He then stepped back and clapped his hands together and slowly opened them, a shinning aura appeared within the space which soon modelled into a sleek wooden chest.

"What is this?" Takato asked as Hotaru gave it to him.

"A small gift from the Order Realm, use it wisely for I fear that you will need it in the years to come" Hotaru said strictly; he then held out a hand.

"I'm afraid this is goodbye; good luck my friend wherever you go" he said. Takato had to fight back tears in his eyes but smiled and firmly gripped it.

"I wish you the best of luck" Takato said. All the bishops nodded and stepped back, all their bodies were covered in a turquoise coat before unleashing a huge flash of light before disappearing.

Then there was only silence; silence from Takato meant he was in deep thought, over so many tragic yet great events that had occurred in his life. He then realised he was not alone, his eyes met Rika's whose were a little way off; silence from her meant that what she had witnessed would forever change her life.

"She has been pulled into the light, just like me…I can't open up to her about all these revelations…there is two much pain behind them…" Takato looked towards the ground, not wanting to exchange even more grief while looking into her eyes.

Rika slowly walked forward, she needed answers, she had to know of what she had witnessed, all the horrors that had been unleashed that no one would know of.

Face Your Love

But he couldn't, after everything that had happened he could not go back to face what had set off these chains of events.

Grasping the chest tightly under his arm he ran towards the edge of the building and jumped; into the mist where he disappeared from sight.

"Takato…" Rika whispered into the nothingness, there she was alone with her won thoughts and her decision to what path she would follow.


The choices that everyone makes determine their future; Takato's choice would drastically change his future.

The pressure he was under after letting everything go nearly destroyed him; how could he relax when he knew there was a full scale war going on somewhere beyond the stars.

Taking his life into his own hands had been easier than expected; he had left home and left a later for his parents, making up a fake story about leaving. He had ditched school for he would no need and education now that he knew what was going on out there beyond this realm.

He had bought a nice, small but snug apartment; it was a single room with a single bed, coffee table, shelf, freeze, washing machine, chairs, desk and numerous pictures hanging on the wall, his new home was located far from his old so his friends and family would find him.

He had taken a job as a librarian; it wasn't much but it paid well enough for him to leave; after work he would he would spend most time at his desk with books he had brought of the theory of other dimensions and studied them to find clues and hopefully some gateway to Order Realm.

His chest he had never opened; he had a feeling that when the time was right he would open it, if it was from Order Realm then the significance of it was probably to stomp out the Chaos Realm in some way.

It was a normal Saturday morning; Takato was dressed in a deep red shirt and black trousers for he could never really go back to wearing anything that wasn't red, he had left his goggle at home for it was a symbol of his former life, he had tried to get rid of anything that linked him to the past.

He was studding a book on the idea of other realms, studying them fiercely for a hint or a clue to the location of the other realms; the thought of Havik still rampaging through the universe made him cringe with fear but it also made him more determined to find him and most importantly stop him.

All of a sudden, there was a gentle tapping on the door; Takato never got visitors so he was suspicious at the thought. The gentle tap came again, when he did answer the lock undid it self and the face of Rika slithered into his gaze.

"Never though I would be able to find you…" she said quietly with a small smile. Takato kept his gaze on her without even a hint of a smile.

Slowly she entered his room, the usual tough girl that she had used to be was gone, it was almost as if she feared him. Moving a few stray locks of red hair out of her eyes she face Takato; he looked completely different for he was no longer the young, annoying kid he had used to be, he had matured in a short space of time.

"Why are you here and most importantly how did you find me" Takato asked bitterly. Rika shuddered slightly before sighing.

"I came to talk to you, there some things I need to know and as to how I found you it took a lot of work, asking locals until I found your record at the town's library" she said nervously.

"There's nothing to talk about, what your saw that day was only mine to see, just try to forget it and go home" Takato said shallowly, turning his back on her.

Suddenly he felt his shoulder be grabbed and being whirled around to face Rika's burning eyes.

"Listen to me! I may not have known what the background story was to what or why you did! I just need to know things to put my mind at rest! You may think you're the only that has suffered but guess what! Your not! There hasn't been a night I haven't trembled at the thought of that monster coming back to get you! So stuff your selfish pride and tell me what I need to know!" Rika growled, clenching her fists hard.

Takato was stunned for a moment, he hadn't expected so much fire from inside her; he had forgotten she was one of the strongest people he had ever met.

"Fine; ask your questions" he said, leaning backwards on a chair. Rika breathed a sign of relief and went ahead.

"First of all; are you Blood Rose?" she asked strictly; he was afraid of that, this would lead to more complicated questions and soon she would be entangled in his world.

"What I'm about to tell you cannot leave this room; what you are about to know could shake this world, after hearing it there is no going back" he said seriously. Rika nodded immediately, Takato sighed and began his tale.

He went through how his pain had been caused by her, how he had devoted his life to get her attention, soon after how Hotaru had explained his story of the two realms; he went on to say how he had acquired the rose and how he indeed had become Blood Rose, he told of the demonic brothers and very soon the confrontation with Devil.

"You know the rest…" hen sighed as he concluded. Rika was sitting on a chair and trembling, his story had defiantly had an impact on her.

"So…are you saying that…I was the cause of all your pain…what you meant to say of the rooftop was that…that" she couldn't even bring herself to say the words.

"That I loved you? Yes, but I was a fool then and now things have changed; you've heard the story and experienced the ride. Leave with what you have left of a grip on humanity" Takato said, waiting for Rika to leave so he could get on with his life.

She stood up, but head in the opposite direction of the door latched her arm around Takato's neck, which took him completely off guard.

"Takato…whether you realised this or not I've been a part of this to; this strange new world will take a lifetime to get used to, one I am willing to share with you" she said as sapphire never distanced themselves from his hazel ones.

"Rika you can't-" Takato was about to begin but Rika cut him off when she put a finger to his lips, she had a thin smile on her face and managed to snake her other arm around hi neck.

"Not another word; face it tiger, you just hit the jackpot" Rika gave a warm smile before pressing her lips onto his.

Takato was stunned, shocked, bewildered, and down right confused; but realised what he was being offered and felt himself return their heated but loving kiss.

Was this the end? No, it was just the beginning; a new world had been opened up to Takato, what he thought was suffering was just preparation, a new world was open for him, a world without barricades or boundaries, where possibility was as far as the imagination.

Meanwhile, inside the chest which had been a gift from the Order World; a scarlet mask and a single crimson rose shone, for they knew that they would be needed soon.

For you see; this rose had just begun to unravel it's petals…