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Draco felt himself being pulled into consciousness again. Why do they keep trying? he thought to himself. The sleeping draught he had taken was meant to last two days. That way he could sleep through Azkaban and the trial and finally sleep until he was left alone in Azkaban and he could kill himself and finally be with Harry again.

"Wake up Malfoy scum," said a rough voice. "It's time for your trial and they will want you to answer for your crimes. Even if we have to stand there and constantly bring you back to consciousness." Malfoy groaned and stood up.

"I don't care," Malfoy muttered. "Nothing matters anymore." The guard grabbed Draco by the arm and led him to the cage where he would be pulled up into the courtroom. Draco sat down in it and laid his head against the bars. The guards poked him with wands.

"Stand up scum!" one shouted. He stood again and held onto the bars. He heard the chain clink and he was slowly raised into the courtroom.

"Draco Malfoy," said the judge laying eyes on him. "You have been charged with ten counts of kidnapping and ten counts of murder. You have been charged with consorting with enemies of the magical world. How do you plead?" Draco pulled himself together as much as he could stood up straight and said,

"Your honor-"

"Excuse me! Your Honor!" shouted a voice behind him that he knew too well.

"Damn it Tony," Draco whispered. "You're going to muck this all up."

"Who are you?" said the angry judge.

"I'm Dr. Anthony Kobayashi. A childhood friend of the defendent and I have evidence of his innocence." Draco turned and saw several hooded figures walking in behind Tony.

"What evidence is that?" said the Judge unimpressed.

"This!" Tony held out his arm towards the figures and all but one pushed off their hoods. The courtroom was in utter shock. There stood Remus Lupin, Headmistress Minerva McGonagall, and the seven others that he had supposedly killed. "Your honor, five months ago Harry James Potter was put into an unique situation. He was contacted by Dolores Umbridge and was asked to be recruited to do her bidding. He told Minister of Magic, Remus Lupin. He, Minister Lupin, and Draco Malfoy-Potter formulated a plan. That plan was to appear to kill Draco Malfoy and hide him. They wanted to find out Umbridge's plans and just how many allies she had. That plan, did not go very well. Harry Potter could not kill his lover. That is why he appeared to kill himself four months ago." Draco stared at Tony and Remus Lupin in disbelief. "Minister Lupin, upon discovering Harry's mistake, made a new plan with Draco Malfoy-Potter and then obliviated his memory." Remus now walked to the cage and helped Draco out. He handed Draco a bottle and said,

"Drink this quickly. Harry put it together to wake you up." Draco drank the potion quickly and felt all his limbs fill with warmth and energy. Remus put his hand to Draco's forehead and put all the memories right again. Draco stumbled backwards, eyes closed, and felt a rush of pain. Remus grabbed his arm to steady him and the last hooded figure rushed forward, grabbed his arm, and put an arm around his back.

"Since then, Draco Malfoy-Potter has been following the orders of Dolores Umbridge but only in appearance. He feared that if he did not hide these important figures of the magical world, Dolores Umbridge would hire someone else who would kill these people without question."

"If all of this is true, where is Harry Potter?" said the judge. Tony gestured towards the last hooded figure who was holding up Draco. Draco opened his eyes and watched as Harry pushed back his hood and looked at him for the first time in four months with a look of perfect love. The entire court room was in a stir. But to Harry and Draco they were the only people there. Draco tentatively reached forward and touched Harry's cheek with his hand. Harry reached out to Draco and did the same. They barely heard the judge banging his gavel and absolving Draco of all charges in light of the overwhelming evidence before him. Draco couldn't speak. He couldn't move. He was afraid this dream would end if he even breathed. Harry leaned forward and whispered in Draco's ear,

"We should go. You're free." Draco let himself be led by Harry out of the courtroom. Once out the door, they had to shield their eyes from all the flashes and reporters who wanted to catch a glimpse of the pair. Harry pulled his hood over his head and sheilded Draco with the rest of his cloak. Remus led them out of the building and to a car he had all ready called.

"This will take you wherever you need to go," Remus told them.

"Including Ireland?" asked Harry.

"Especially Ireland. In about ten minutes you'll be there." Harry hugged Remus tightly.

"Thank you Remus." Remus hugged Harry back tightly and then shut the door.

"Minister where are they going?" asked a reporter near by.

"To get the privacy they so richly deserve," said Remus and then apparated away to his office.

For a moment, Harry and Draco stared at each other. Draco was visibly shaking.

"You're shivering," said Harry in a concerned tone of voice. He took off his cloak and wrapped Draco in it as tightly as he could. Draco couldn't take his eyes off of Harry's face.

"You're alive," Draco finally whispered. Harry looked directly into Draco's eyes and took his face in his hands.

"I'm alive. And I'm so sorry that we let you believe that I was dead. It was the only way to keep you safe." Draco reached up with shaking hands and threaded his fingers through Harry's dark hair.

"You're alive," he whispered again. He clutched the back of Harry's head suddenly and the two shared a passionate and violent kiss which lasted all the way to Ireland.

Later they could never explain properly to themselves or anyone else what happened that night. All they could say for certain was they never left each other's arms. Magic snapped, lights flashed, and the two became more bonded to each other than ever before. They felt what the other felt, they heard each other's thoughts, and they saved each other from the darkness and loneliness that had haunted them for the past four months.

For days, no one saw them. For days they didn't leave the house in Ireland. They didn't want to see anyone and everyone left them alone. Remus Lupin finally tried to get in touch a month later. He made it as far as the hill about a mile away from their house. What he saw made his breath catch in his throat. Draco was sitting on the floor of the front porch. Between his long outstretched legs, Harry sat leaning back against Draco, snuggled into his chest. They both wore jeans, trainers, black shirts and pea coats. While Harry's was tightly buttoned, Draco's was spread open and draped over Harry's shoulders. They were sharing a cigarette that they had to constantly relight in the harsh wind. Draco was taking a drag when Harry said something that made him laugh. His laughter rung out over the hills and made Harry smile brighter. Draco looked down, threaded his fingers through Harry's hair and kissed Harry on the forehead. Harry looked up and they shared a tender kiss on the lips.

"Aren't you going to go to them?" said Snape's ghostly voice at his side. Remus pushed away tears that he didn't know he'd been crying and sniffled.

"No," he replied with a quiver in his voice. "They're happy. Who am I to intrude on their happiness?"

"You're not going to them with a mission or any tales of bad news. Why not?"

"I'm not exactly the person that either of them wants to see right now. I thought they might need some company. I thought they might have driven each other crazy by now. But... look at them." Harry was chuckling heartily now. He stubbed out the last of the cigarette on the wooden boards of the porch and cuddled closer to Draco. Draco in turn stretched his coat out and wrapped Harry in his coat and arms as tightly as he could. "They don't NEED anyone else. They only need each other. Who am I to disturb that?" He turned to the ghostly face of his old lover. "You and I used to do that."

"I remember. You were always cold. I always had to snuggle close to you at night to keep you warm."

"You talk like it was a task."

"It was. One I looked forward to every evening. All day, all I could do was watch you. At night, I could finally hold you, like Draco is holding Harry now." Draco was resting his chin on Harry's head and gently rocking Harry in his arms now. Remus imagined that Draco was humming softly to him some old lullaby just because he could. "Like I wish I still could."

Remus turned away from the scene and trudged back towards town. Snape silently walked beside him. Slowly, Remus held out his hand and took Snape's cold and ethereal one in his as gently as he could. Harry and Draco would come back when they were ready. Remus knew that now. But for one second he wanted to remember what it was like to have someone hold a coat around you just so you would be a slight bit warmer than you are now.