Chapter 1

"What do you mean, you can't swim?"


"Never got around to learning."

"Well, that's just great, Sundance. If you haven't noticed there's about two hundred natives with very sharp spears just over that ridge! Now is not the time to share this information!"

"Rodney! It is not Ronon's fault that he never learned to swim. We will just have to find an alternate route."

"Alternate route! Alternate route? Teyla, there is no alternate route! Have you taken a look around? Natives behind us, sheer cliff walls on either side, and the river before us. Rivers that require swimming!"

"McKay! Enough! While we're on the subject, does anyone else have an issue with swimming?"


"Heights? Yeah, yeah, McKay, just deal with it."

"Oh sure, I get told to deal with it while the world gets put on hold for Ronon! So unfair…"

"SHUT UP, McKay! You're not helping. Okay, Ronon, we are going to jump. Just try and keep your head above water, and kick as hard as you can to the other side. Got it?"


"I prefer to fight, Sheppard. I will stay here and provide cover while you three escape."

"What? Are you nuts? Didn't I just say there was two hundred natives – wait! Let me amend that! Two hundred angry natives, waving sharp objects and bellowing for our blood? You're out of your mind!"

"McKay's right, Ronon. We're not leaving anyone behind – even if it was Rodney that pissed them off."

"Was not! I can't help it if they think I offended their ancestors."

"Dr. McKay, now is not the time to argue this issue. If we are to escape, it must be now."

"Fine! I'm ready! Go talk to Goliath over there. He's the hold up."


"Ronon? Are you ready?"



"Look, I promise you that the second we surface, I'll find you. I'm not going to let you drown, okay?"

"All of us will help you, Ronon. Isn't that right, Dr. McKay?"

"Oh sure, if we all don't get smashed to bits by rocks, or drown as the current sucks us under, or freeze from hypothermia seeing as it is early spring, and that water is bound to be……."


"Yes, yes, I'll help him."


"Uhh…Ronon, we have to go now. The natives are getting really close."




"Oh for Pete's sake!"


"McKay! What the hell are you doing?"

Muffled sputtering and gasps for air.




"Whenever you are ready, Ronon."


"I was lying, you know. I really can swim. I just wanted to see what McKay would do."


"I know. However, I would keep that knowledge to myself – at least until he dries off."


"Shall we?"



The End