It was the morning after Halloween, and Petunia Dursley had just gotten up for the mail. Bleary eyed, she walked down the stairs, and opened the door to grab the package she was expecting. Nothing could have prepared her for what she saw.

There was a boy on her doorstep. A black haired, green-eyed boy. The moment that she saw the boy's eyes, she knew that it cold be none other then her sister's son, Harry James Potter.

At that instant, she chose to do what any other magic hating person would do. She screamed. It wasn't an ordinary scream either. It was so high pitched, so loud and horror filled, that it managed to wake all living creatures in the area.

Bats living in the shutters took flight and filled the air with even more squeals. Birds flew off in shock, and did not return for weeks. All up and down the road, dogs began to bark. Cats hissed and ran to hide in the trees. A car crashed when the driver was startled by the noise, and Petunia's enormous husband came waddling down the stairs like a bowling ball with duck's legs.

A few more shrill screams, and a startled husband later, Vernon Dursley was driving towards the woods in search of a place that he could dump the child that his wife wanted gone more than she wanted anything else in the world.

When he came to the park, the elephant sized man scooped up the confused child and began to lumbar into the woods. He squeezed himself through trees as they started to grow closer together, trying to get rid of the child as far away from civilization as possible, so that it would never get the chance to pass it's freakishness on to further generations like the abominations that were it's parents had.

When the trees got to be so close together that Vernon could not manage to force himself through, he dropped the boy and turned back to go home. Vernon didn't have any idea as to how his actions would affect the future, but even if he had known, it is doubtful that he would have cared enough to try and change it. Vernon, Petunia, and Dudley Dursley were ignorant, cruel, magic hating people, and they always would be. Vernon didn't even look back as he stomped his way through the trees that were barely far enough apart to accommodate his girth.