Author: DD Agent
Title: Physics of the Heart, Mind and Soul

Chapter: Rodney and Kat

Summary: The Wraith are bearing down upon Atlantis, and this is the Physicists story.
Characters: Rodney McKay, Radek Zelenka, Kavanagh
Rating: G
Spoilers: If you haven't seen the end of Season One, turn away.

Timeline: Just at the beginning of The Siege part 2

Disclaimer: I own none of this story; its characters etc. belong to MGM Studios and the guys who make and own Stargate.

Cheers to the SFX crew (who are mentioned, no copyright intended) you make a killer magazine, and to Ryan who I hope will be watching Atlantis tonight on Sky One.


The Wraith were coming. The Wraith were coming. The Wraith were coming. This was the thought going through every mind of every member of Atlantis. The medical staff was setting up the infirmary for casualties. The military were setting up the weapons that Colonel Everett had brought through the gate. The physicists were also doing a ritual of their own.

Katrina 'Kat' Tomason was in the Puddle Jumper Bay. There was a quick meeting of the Physicists here in the midst of all the insanity of the coming battle. Kat was what you could assume pretty. She had big dark eyes that she kept hidden with layers of mascara, dark brown hair that was from her father and secrets hidden beneath her skin. She had become a physicist only a few years ago, and was extremely grateful to be on this mission. She stared at the floor and wrapped her arms around herself in an attempt to protect herself from more tragedy in her life.

Ben Kavanagh quickly joined her and sat on one side of the bay. She got on reasonably well with Kavanagh. He talked to her and made her feel worthy to be on this mission. His ponytail was tied back too tight and his eyes looked scared.

Robert Scourers joined them. He was American and from Nevada. He had wiry black hair and dark blue eyes in small sockets. She liked him very much as he wasn't conceited like some of the physicists and they had actually gone to University together.

Alexandria Maxine and Jordan Hawks came in arguing in deep Texan accents. They were stepbrother and sister since they were little. Jordan had silky blonde hair while Alexandria had deep ginger hair that looked like tigers fur.

Alfie Day joined Kavanagh and was the last American of the group to come in. Alfie had already slept with three botanists, four soldiers, two doctors and five of the archaeologists. He was a womaniser and had packed enough protection to go through every woman on this base at least twice.

In came Radek Zelenka, next, reading the latest copy of SFX that Everett and his boys brought. Kat liked him, as she respected any man who stood up to Rodney McKay. His hair was untidy and he was completely engrossed in the magazine.

He put it down and sat next to Kat. Then came her husband and love of her life, Carson 'Carey' Tomason. He had a large smile and always made her laugh. They had been best friends when they were little and was heart broken when she married her ex-husband Mitch. However, after that finished, they met again on Atlantis. They were actually married here.

Also arriving was Spanish scientist Pierre Carlo and Jamaican physicist Bobby Mica. Pierre was part French but was brought up in Spain and could speak both languages. Bobby had been raised in Jamaica but his mother was from Italy.

Then, to her disgust, came in head scientist Rodney McKay; and the meeting began.

"Well, the Wraith are coming," Rodney started.

"We kinda got that McKay. We have eyes and ears," Kat shot back, leaving several of the scientists giggling into their hands.

"Fine. Here's the thing. Peter Grodin risked his life to stop the Wraith coming here. He gave his life in an effort to buy us more time. The military are going to need us sooner or later, because they always do. I want every single one of us to be ready. Because, there is a good chance that we're going to die. And I want everyone to know that we tried our best. Also, I wanted to tell you that it has been a pleasure, working with every single one of you. Dismissed," Rodney said with heartfelt emotion, bringing tears to everyone's eyes.

The American scientists had buggered off to the dinner hall to catch one last meal before the Wraith came. As Robert said: 'You don't want to be hungry fighting off green vampires who have the same hairdresser as Gandalf the wizard'. He was right too.

Carey, Pierre and bobby and had gone off to the lab, to see if there was any way to increase the amount they could save onto disk.

Radek was called out by Elizabeth Weir to discuss how thins were going with the compression. His face was grave and no one wished to be in his place to tell her there was no change.

This left Kat and Rodney alone.

"That was a great speech you made Dr. McKay,"

"Thanks Kat, and you can call me Rodney,"

"Well, I'm sorry about the early remark. It was out of order," Kat apologised.

"Tempers are running high. It was understandable," Rodney reassured.

"Are you scared?" Kat asked, clinging on to her bag.

"You'd be stupid not to be," Rodney replied, staring into her eyes.

Carey realised that he left his bag and went back to get it. When he came back to the puddle jumper bay, he found his wife flirting with the chief of staff. And he was flirting back!

To be continued...