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Chapter Four - Aftermath

They had won the battle, but at a cost. Such a cost. Many lives were lost that day, and many were taken away to be shells of their former selves. The bodies would be cremated and sent back to Earth on the Daedalus. However, friends of the deceased where invited to say something about them.

"…Peter Grodin, Robert Scourers, Alexandria Maxine and Carey Tomason. These people, our friends, lost their lives protecting us. I'd now like to invite people up to say a few words about their friends, family or colleague's who paid the ultimate price," Dr. Weir finished. Sheppard ascended the stage, but Kat didn't pay any attention.

Colonel Caldwell and several other visitors sat over to the side. She recognised one of them, and caught his eye. She gave a brief smile and returned to the ceremony. Her eyes glazed over, and felt a comforting hand over hers. It was Radek. He had looked after her since that night, and she had welcomed it.

Rodney had just said a few words about Peter, as had most of Atlantis. Everyone missed him, and he would be a great loss to the expedition. McKay went back to his chair, looking subtly behind him at Kat. She was sitting next to Radek and her sister Kara. He hadn't talked to her since that night, even though he desperately wanted to. There was something about her that he wanted, something that he desired. But now wasn't the time for making moves, she had just lost her husband. Even Rodney wasn't that tactless.

Jordan and Kavanagh went on to the podium. They were both pale and shaky. Jordan had lost his step sister, and even though they argued, they were extremely close. Kavanagh had liked Alexandria, and she had actually like him back.

"Alexandria Maxine. Alex to many of us Physics Whizzes. She was possibly the most annoying person in this city, next to McKay and Kavanagh, obviously. My little sister died shutting the door so me and Ben could be safe. Jesus, I wish we had shut that as soon as we had come in. I miss ya Alex. The city ain't gonna be the same without ya baby girl," Robert exclaimed, eventually breaking down in tears.

Alfie climbed up on stage and helped him down. Kavanagh brought out a shot glass and a small bottle of vodka. It was well known that Alex had enjoyed a drink of vodka and had often thrown the best shot parties anyone had ever been to.

"This is to you Alex. The best Texan Vodka drinker we have or will ever have. Alex." Kavanagh raised the glass and sat down next to Jordan. Rodney stared around and saw people crying, people pale with shock or just simply lost in their own world. The Wraith hadn't killed them, but they had in essence taken their souls.

Pierre and Bobby came up on the stage. Also pale and drawn in, the two had battle scars across the face and chest. This was Pierre's last day, as he had asked for a transfer back to the SGC, as had Kavanagh. The two couldn't deal with what the city had dealt them. But mostly Pierre wanted to see his little daughter Mica grow up, because Robbie couldn't see his now.

"Robbie was a great man,"

"A brilliant man,"

"Bobby, I'm talking right now," Pierre grumbled. Atlantis would certainly miss the comedy duo of these two.

"He was one of the greatest people I have ever met, and Robbie was certainly the life and soul of the Physics department. I miss him, and I know that his wife Debra and their two boys Jack and Charlie are going to miss them just as much as me and Bobby here," Pierre finished, and descended the stage leaving Bobby to speak.

"You know me, I'm not really good with words unless Pierre's helping me. But….I miss Robbie. And I loved the guy. I want to say that he was a good man, but he was…Robbie just…was." Bobby finished, embracing Pierre on the way down.

Rodney caught Kat's eye as she went up the stage.

"Carey was my husband, and I loved him. He made me laugh, and he loved me. He made me feel safe, and he was possibly the greatest friend I had. The things he did just before he died will be put down to stress, and fear." Kat started.

Sheppard noticed her words and saw Rodney slump in his seat. He had a giant bruise on his jaw which was the ugly colour of yellow.

"I have known Carey since him and me were small, and I know that all the people in Oakland, our home town, will miss him. We lost many people that day, and I have no intention of Atlantis losing any more. Thank You,"

Rodney wasn't the only person who noticed that Kat's words lacked emotion and feeling, like she was just going through the motions. Dr. Weir dismissed them all, and the assembled members of the city dispersed.

Kat was sitting, just staring at the water when Rodney sat next to her.

"Your speech was sweet, but it sounded a little off. Anything…wrong?" McKay asked, and Kat looked at him like he was some sort of ugly bug.

"I've just lost my husband Rodney, of course something is wrong,"

"Now that sounded real,"

"I have buried too many people Rodney. I've been to hundreds of funerals in twenty seven years. You'll forgive me if this ceremony is a little been there, done that. See you later, McKay," Kat replied with anguish and hate in her voice.

"Just one more thing, how did you learn to shoot like that?" Rodney asked. Kat's skills with the firearm had surprised him. There was nothing like that in her file.

"My Uncle Nick taught me,"

And with that she was gone. One of the visitors to the ceremony caught up with her and slipped and arm around her shoulders. Sheppard walked up to Rodney and sat next to him.

"John, who's that walking with Dr. Tomason?" Rodney asked, hoping that he knew.

"That's General Nick Alliston. He's one of the most famous RAF generals. He's pretty cool, even was considered to run the Atlantis mission according to Elizabeth. Why?" Sheppard replied.

Rodney didn't reply, but went over to join his staff. He looked over at Kat and realised there was more to Kat Tomason than met the eye. And he was determined to find out exactly what it was.