Author: DD Agent
Title: Time capsule
Summary: A guide to Radek Zelenka, the Czech physicist.
Characters: Uh, I think Radek Zelenka
Rating: G
Spoilers: If you haven't seen the end of Season One, turn away.

Timeline: Just after The Brotherhood

Disclaimer: I own none of this story; its characters etc. belong to MGM Studios and the guys who make and own Stargate.

I would like to thank David Nkyl for portraying Radek Zelenka so well. Also to Kay, who is my lovely Beta. This is her first story of mine on which she is my Beta, and I'd like to thank her for it.


Dear Inhabitants of Atlantis,

Pending an idea from Dr. Rodney McKay, we have decided to make a time capsule containing everyone's thoughts and such before the wraith come in a few weeks. This will be sent back to earth in a digital letter and also buried on Athos (the Athosians planet) to preserve our selves and our story before the wraith come in a few weeks.

Please send me your own editions soon.

- Dr. Elizabeth Weir.

Pending Dr. Weir's letter, I have decided to leave behind my biography pending destruction of us.

I was born in Prague, Czech to my parents Kovar and Belia and christened Radek Bedrich Zelenka. I have two brothers Mirek, who older than me, and Bolek, who is younger than me, and a little sister Viola.

As a child I was fascinated by science, especially physics. I did everything I could to learn more science; even going as far as to steal my fathers science journals. He was professor at the university in my village.

My brother Mirek joined the military when I was six; I have not seen him for ten years.

At my school in Prague, I learned to speak English, French, Spanish but English gave me trouble, so it was hard to talk to people on my first trip to America with my physics professor, Franek Ivanna. There, I met Simon Coombs, as student, and we solved puzzles and discussed theories together.

But I thought I was going to follow my father and teach Chemistry at the local university. However, I was addicted to scientific journals and loved playing with physics sets. I never mentioned to my father my addiction; and he never knew what I hoped to do.

It was when my professor, Franek Ivanna became a scientist of physics; I decided to become what I am now.

I left my home and went to German university to learn how to be a physicist. I succeeded in my work and slowly became one of the best physicists in Europe.

Later on, when I came to America again to start work, I looked up old friend Simon Coombs, who was working the Stargate Project. He introduced me to Major (at that time) Carter, who had heard of my reputation and took me on as staff. She also recommended me for Atlantis Project.

When we went to Pegasus galaxy, it was my first time through the Stargate. I never thought possible all the things that happened.

I have made friends here. Even though he talks too much and whines a lot, I still enjoy Rodney's company. Unfortunately, he is an annoying little man. Carson is nice too, although hard to hear with his accent.

-Radek Zelenka 09/02/05