Stargate Atlantis: 'Time Capsule' by DD Agent

Crossover with Threshold. Last Chapter people and another project finished! See ya later

Chapter Six – Weir

Dear Inhabitants of Atlantis,

Pending an idea from Dr. Rodney McKay, we have decided to make a time capsule containing everyone's thoughts and such before the wraith come in a few weeks. This will be sent back to earth in a digital letter and also buried on Athos (the Athosian's planet) to preserve our selves and our story before the wraith come in a few weeks.

Please send me your own editions soon.

Dr. Elizabeth Weir.

Dr. Elizabeth Weir. Cold. Hard. A few other choice words that I am sure Dr. Kavanagh would only be especially happy to add.

I wasn't always like this.

There was Simon.

There was Arthur.

There was Israel.

There was the SGC, the gate and the idea that a woman had to be strong to keep hold of this entire expedition.

You got what you wanted.

Did I?

I found a city. I found friends. We found and an enemy and maybe we found our undoing.

But at this moment in time, I would just like to talk about Arthur. Just Arthur.

I was in college when I met him. We were both young, and we thought we were the best the world had to offer. I was in a diplomacy and linguistic course. He was just in linguistics. We were both smart, both talented. He picked up languages before so quickly and alien to me I had no idea what he was talking about.

I was young, tall and beautiful. He was young, handsome, and a dwarf.

Arthur Ramsey was the first man in my life, and my first heart to break.

We were learning Italian, how to apply it to real life conversations and diplomatic circumstances. I noticed early on in the classes that we would both compete for the teachers attention. He would sound his words with an effortless charm and sarcasm that I guess combined both Sheppard and McKay's tones. He was handsome, charming, and smart. Funny too.

After class one day in December, he came up to me and asked him if he would like to come to dinner with me one day. I accepted, and we went to a tiny Italian place in D.C. It was probably the single finest night in my life. He flirted with experience and made me feel utterly perfect. I wanted him. He wanted me. And that was how we ended up in bed.

He didn't love me and leave me, oh no. We went through university as lovers, as friends. Graduation came, and I was an official diplomat. Arthur, on the other hand was a fantastic linguist that proved to world wide worthy.

Graduation night came, and he did the most unexpected thing. Proposed. Clichéd huh? It didn't matter with him. I wanted to say yes, oh I did. But a letter that morning made my mind up for me.

I said no and broke up with him. He tried to joke it off, hurt me back, but it was obvious that his heart was broken. His face at that moment will haunt me for the rest of my life. His eyes, once sparkling with happiness weren't there any more. His face fell and I felt like the biggest bitch in the universe for turning down the one man in the world who made me happy.

I haven't seen him since.

The letter was inviting me to be the assistant diplomat and translator for one of the UN ambassadors. It was to good of an opportunity to miss. It's always that with me. Career first, my heart second.

I left Arthur for the UN. I left Simon for Atlantis.

I just wish there was someway that Career and Heart could get along and mesh. But there's no hope.

However, hope and prayer is all we have left against the wraith.

- Elizabeth Weir 14/02/05