I hacked into Pete's account, who'd have guessed his password was I Love Lucy? (Yeah, I was kidding)

I OWN TEEN TITANS! ( yeah, also kidding.)

It was a Tuesday, and it was Beast Boy's turn to make the dinner (he could only get tofu if he made it!) Anyway, they were out of rice, so Beast Boy left the Tower in search of a Shop Rite.

It was while he was gone that all the "fun" happened. (None of the Titans would call it fun, but Control Freak would so deal with it) They were scattered all over the Tower. Robin was trying to get past the obstacle course, Cyborg was fixing the Cy-Car, Raven (as always) was meditating and Starfire was making a Tameranian desert. So it was fairly peaceful, no?

At least it was peaceful until Control Freak knocked down the front door.

"Robin, I think we've got a problem!" Cyborg yelled into the communicator.

"I'm on my way- alert the others!"

The Titans lined up in front of the strange villain. "You will not go any further. " Starfire said, raising a hand and getting ready to shoot a star bolt.

Control Freak laughed. "I won't have to, when I can control all the Teen Titans with the touch of a button!" laughing, Control Freak pressed a button on his remote, then vanished.

A minute later, Beast Boy walked in, bags in hand. "Hey, I got din-why are all you guys in the front hall?" Beast Boy demanded, setting down the plastic bags and looking at the other Titans suspiciously.

They didn't answer-not in words anyway. Raven grinned wickedly at him before slamming Beast Boy against the wall. "Titans Go!" Robin yelled, taking out a batterang and throwing it. The weapon ripped through Beast Boy's chest and he cried out in pain and disbelief. Before he could recover from the shock of having one of his best friends, one of his most trusted companions, deliberately hurt him, Starfire threw star bolts at his legs, breaking both instantly.

Cyborg raised his arm, ready to fire directly at Beast Boy's heart. "Cy, no! Please stop! Why are you doing this?" Beast Boy cried, wincing with the effort of talking.

Something flickered behind Cyborg's eyes, but as quickly as it was there, it was gone. He raised his arm and shot just right of Beast Boy's heart, going deep into his shoulder blade. The young boy yelled in pain.

Beast Boy then turned to the girl who was holding him against the wall and whispered, "Rae, please..." then the green shape-shifter passed out, not knowing any more.

Raven looked at the person she was holding against the wall. She gasped suddenly and let him down. The other Titans all lowered their weapons and looked at one another, bewildered. "Oh god, "Cyborg said quietly. "What have we done?"


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That was pretty good-for your first time.

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