"Bollocks!" Spike quickly got to his feet and grabbed the sword he had discarded on the floor earlier.

"Guess we won't be able to wait until the cavalry comes to the rescue," Lisa sighed, fully aware of the seriousness of the situation. They were outnumbered and nearly unarmed, which of course meant as good as dead. She looked around for something to use as a weapon, her gaze settled on the two torches which were merrily flickering in their holdings on the wall. Lisa marched over and took them, looking somewhat unsure about what to do with them.

"We're gonna die, aren't we?" she looked helplessly from the door to Spike.

"Not if I can help it," he had slipped on his game face and raised his sword to strike. "We have to try to keep them from entering the room, if they get inside we're buggered."

"Okay," Lisa tightened her grip on the torches.

The door finally gave away, the crosses skidded over the floor with what seemed to be a long stretched cry, produced by the sound of metal grinding on stone. A clawed arm reached inside, emphasizing the eagerness with which the ghouls tried to get to them. Spike stepped forward with a growl and severed the arm with a quick blow of his sword. A loud howl could be heard from outside, then the assault on the door grew more violent. Finally the door swung open and clattered against the wall with a loud bang. The first creature already tried to storm inside. Its attempt to enter the mausoleum was cut short as Spike's weapon severed his head from his body. One down nine more to go.

Four others stormed at Spike who bravely held his own. The blond vampire moved with swiftness and efficiency. Whenever the ghouls made a clumsy attempt of hitting him, he simply dived underneath their blows. He used the advantage of his crouched position to kick at their legs thereby brought one of the ghouls to fall. It stumbled and quickly joined its comrade in death. Unfortunately the moment Spike beheaded the ghoul; he was hit on the back and went down. The beasts were slowly closing in on him. Saliva was dripping from their half-open mouth.

Lisa had never felt a rage like that. She was usually a very calm person, when it came to dealing with problems of everyday life. Now her anger was fuelled by her desire to protect her loved one, by her unwillingness to surrender. With a primal battle cry she ran towards the ghouls, brandishing her torches menacingly. The creatures were absolutely unimpressed by her attack. They didn't see her as a threat, solely as food, which was a fatal misconception. Lisa rammed the torch right into the face of the creature that stood closest to Spike. There was a loud hiss, when the flame smouldered its skin and the stench of burned skin filled the air. The creature retreated with a pitiful shriek, aimlessly thrashing around with its arms. It knocked the torch right out of Lisa's hand, which was not a grave loss, because it had already been extinguished as she had tried to barbecue the ghoul. The creature collapsed on the floor where it stayed, squirming and whimpering pitifully.

"Get up!" Lisa shouted at Spike, while she tried to keep the other monsters at bay with her remaining torch.

The blond vampire quickly got to his feet looking for his sword he had lost somewhere along the fight. It had skittered over the floor to the opposite side of the room and was therefore out of reach. Then his eyes fell on the metal cross at his feet. Lisa threw him a brief glance and it immediately dawned on her what he was up to.

"You have to be kidding me," she hissed at him.

"I'm going to hell anyway," he gave her a smug grin and picked up the cross. His hand closed tightly around it. Immediately smock rose from where his skin came into touch with the metal and the hiss of burning flesh resounded in Lisa's ears. Spike didn't even wince. He held the cross like a baseball bat and waited for the first ghoul to come closer. When it did, he hit it on the head with the sharp edge of the cross. The impact crushed the creatures skull. Unfortunately the fact that Spike was distracted with killing one of the ghouls, allowed the others to enter the crypt.

Like a wolf one of the ghouls jumped on Spike and sank his teeth into his left shoulder. He screamed in agony and went down under the impact of the body weight of his attacker. Five more…Lisa's shocked mind registered erratically…the other one is snacking on your boyfriend. She threw the torch in the general direction of the glowering creatures – it would distract them for a couple of seconds. They were very much afraid of fire since they had seen what had done to their comrade and probably wouldn't dare to come near it for a couple of seconds, which would buy them precious time. Lisa hurried over to Spike who was currently trying to pry the ghoul away from his shoulder. It felt like her heart was beating inside her skull, still she continued to sneak closer. The monster had its back to her, so she had the advantage of surprise on her side, at least that was what she was trying to tell herself, though she clearly had to be suicidal to go through with her plan.

Now or never. Lisa firmly griped the things shoulders and started saying the incantation. It took her quite some effort to pull herself together so she could remember the right words, "You're no longer hunting, lie down to rest. You're no longer hungry, lie down to rest. You've become the pray, surrender and rest." It briefly struggled against being sent back to into the darkness it came from, but the magic was too powerful and so it had to relent. Its suddenly inanimate form fell to the floor lifelessly. Lisa exhaled in relief, so much for that. They were still alive. Five more….five more! She felt herself panic.

"Spike? Are you okay?" Lisa asked in a shaky voice, never leaving the remaining ghouls out of sight.

"I'm fine, love. Bit of more than it could swallow I guess," he tried to seem cocky, but she could tell he was just faking it by the way he moved, when he got to his feet. There was a certain hesitation in his movements, the way he avoided to move his left arm displayed a huge amount of cautiousness which was probably due to his wound. The wound…it looked like the ghoul had indeed taken a huge bite. A preoccupied look flitted over Lisa's face, but she couldn't allow herself to delve into those feelings now. They were still surrounded by five ghouls who eyed them as if they were a delicious turkey dinner. With slurping steps they were starting to close in on them.

Spike protectively stepped in front of her. "We're not going to die in here," he told her reassuringly.

"Let's hope so," she grabbed his hand, "I hate to do this, but this may be the only way to get out of here alive. I'm going to try something….You have to trust me, okay?" Lisa whispered in his ear.

She could feel his back tense against her, but nevertheless he nodded. Spike could imagine what she was up to. There were very few things she was afraid of, one of them was having to resort to using the dark arts. It was true she was a necromancer, but Lisa rarely ever used spells to raise the dead or even control them. Her main objective was restoring the balance, whenever it was shifted; sending zombies back to their grave, banishing ghosts, that was what she did. Thanks to her history she wasn't ready to do anything more. It was her way of atoning for what she had done in her youth. Back in her teenage years she had recklessly used her powers, raised the dead only because she could. The consequences had never occurred to her. Now that was very much different.

"I trust you, but whatever you're going to do, you better do it fast, love," Spike finally whispered back.

At first he felt nothing, but then the palm of his hand started getting warmer and warmer. Slowly the feeling started to extent from his hand all the way up his arm, then it spread through his entire body. The skin around his wounded shoulder started prickling. He looked in amazement at the wound that literally started closing before his eyes. There was that faint whispering in his ears…a female voice? Even with his advanced vampire hearing he couldn't make out what she was saying. Though judging from rhythm of her voice one could tell she was agitated. He could no longer focus on it, as a strange sensation took a hold of him, a mixture of power and ecstasy, like he had experienced only one time, when he had fed of the slayer he killed during the Boxer Rebellion. This superb rapture made him feel like he could take on anybody at the moment, slaying those five ghouls with his bare hands didn't seem like much of a problem anymore.

He let go of Lisa's hand and advanced on the ghouls with a devious smirk. He was going to teach them a lesson. He tossed the first one aside like a rag doll. It crashed against the wall, then lay completely still. His grin broadened and eerie laughter rang from his throat. The next creature was just as easily discarded, with a quick movement Spike twisted his head. Its spine broke with a nasty crack and the spark in its eyes was immediately extinguished. Three were left - a pity because he was just beginning to get warmed up (of course, figuratively speaking)

Was that fear in their eyes? Maybe even they weren't too stupid to understand that they would die in a few seconds. A new surge of energy rushed through his veins; it made him feel positively ecstatic. His game face slipped on almost automatically, and then the next thing he remembered was standing over the slain corpses of the last remaining ghouls, severed limps everywhere. A sticky dark red substance covered his hands, coagulated blood, which was not his own. His left hand held onto something heavy and as he looked down he recognized it as a ripped off arm. Spike let it fall somewhat disgustedly, kicked it away with his foot and then wiped his dirty hands on his trouser legs.

After he had overcome his initial disorientation, his thoughts immediately returned to Lisa. His preoccupation for her grew deeper, when he found her lying in the middle of the floor. She didn't look well. Sweat was glistening on her forehead, her breathing was very elaborate. Her skin possessed an unnatural paleness. Only when she felt his hand softly brush her cheek she opened her eyes and smiled up at him. "Juiced you up like one of those fluffy little bunny that keeps on going and going, didn't I?" she said with a frail voice, which didn't lack a certain amount of pride.

"How did you do it?" he asked, although it was already dawning on him how she had managed this.

"I gave you some of my life force," she saw his look of shock and disapproval and hurried to add, "Jeez, not all of it mind you. Just the rest of this day. No worries, I'm not gonna die on you."

"Gave me a pretty good scare," he told her sternly, still somewhat miffed she had endangered herself.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to. If this is any consolation to you, I'm not planning on ever doing it again," Lisa struggled to get to her feet, but immediately felt dizzy, so she gave up trying.

"Let me help you," Spike offered. He bent down to lift her up. Hesitantly she laid her arms around his neck. The comforting and familiar scent of cigarettes, leather, smoke and cologne invaded her nostrils. He picked her up, which felt slightly awkward at first, because she wasn't used to be carried around like some helpless damsel in distress, but after a few seconds she actually had to admit that it felt very nice. She nuzzled her head comfortably against his shoulder.

"I think I'm beginning to understand why chicks dick the whole knight-in-shiny-armour thing," she smiled at him tiredly. "I could get used to this."

"Suppose I should do this more often then," he answered with a smirk, while he carried her outside, kicking a severed ghoul arm out of the way in the process.

"Do you think it would be absolutely over the top if you carried me to work like this every morning?"

"Maybe just a tad bit."

"Thought so," Lisa stifled a yawn and snuggled closer, slowly lulled to sleep by the steady rocking motion produced by his step. When it suddenly stopped, she blinkingly opened her eyes, ready to protest. They stood in front her parked car. Her eyes became heavy again and she had to struggle to keep them open.

"Jacket, left pocket," Lisa mumbled drowsily. Everything seemed to be surrounded by a haze that made contours appear less sharp and sounds a little bit softer.

She vaguely registered him fumbling with the keys as he clumsily tried to open the door one-handedly. Spike finally succeeded, but when he carefully put her down on the seat he pumped his head against the car roof in the process. So much for stealth! "Bugger," he muttered, briefly rubbing the back of his head. Then he bent over to fasten her seat belt. When he moved back, he noticed to his surprise that Lisa's eyes were open and she was looking at him with a dorky smile on her face. "I love you," she told him with a voice softened by sleep and emotion.

"Love you, too, pet," he told her with a tender smile, "Now go back to sleep. I'll take care of you." He gently kissed her on the forehead, then closed the door and walk around the car to sit down in the driver's seat.

"Guess, you're one lucky guy, now that you're finally the one driving," Lisa said groggily, right when he was about to turn the keys in the ignition.

"Right, I've been waiting for this day a long time," he told her jokingly and started the engine.

"I know your track record with cars. When I wake up and you've managed to get this one wrapped around some tree trunk, there will be hell to pay," she muttered, trying to sound menacing, which was kind of hard when you just were about to fall asleep.