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× The Music Ended × - A Save the Last Dance fanfic

Dear Mom,

I just got back from class. Juilliard is a lot tougher than I thought it would be. But I've made some new friends, which is good. That makes me think of Derek and Chenille coming to visit tomorrow! I can't believe I've only been here for 3 months. It seems like a lifetime since I was home with Roy … with Dad, I mean.

I'm glad I cleared up all the personal shit with Derek and Nikki and Malakai before I left. Malakai's transformation is amazing. After the shoot out, he really began to re-evaluate himself and his dreams. It turns out he wants a normal life, a family, all that. He's at Georgetown now with Derek. As for Nikki, after she realized she's not going to come between me and Derek, she calmed down a lot and we actually became civil to each other. I almost feel like I never had another life before New York. I'm not "the white girl" anymore. I'm Sarah.

Loving and Missing You More Every Day,


Derek POV (Thoughts)

I can't wait to see Sarah. God, I miss that girl. My crazy white chick. She's such a strong person. I mean, not many people could go through the shit she did and still come out on top.

It's great that Chenille and Christopher are coming, too. He's gotten so big, I bet Sarah won't even recognize him. Chenille hasn't gotten out much lately since Kenny took off for Texas. Can't say I blame her, damn, that guy … I don't know how she ever loved him – it's so different from what Sarah and I have. It's not like we didn't have to work hard against the prejudice, on top of Sarah's mom's accident and my boy, Malakai. But we're so lucky ... it worked out. It's almost like a fairy tale, you know, where the end's always happy, and the heroes always win.

Sarah ... after all that, is there anything that can come between us?

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