Billy lounged on the couch, currently excruciatingly bored. With no Jinx to lead them, the Hive Five (Now accurately named) didn't exactly have much to do. They robbed from a Best Buy – Gizmo needed some raw materials, everyone else just wanted new video games and movies – as well as some small jobs here and there, but the excitement was drained out of it. There was no thrill to stealing. It was overshadowed by the drama of Jinx leaving, which didn't leave Billy pleased at all. He didn't leave a backwoods section of Texas to be bored. He didn't start stealing so he would sit on his butt and think of things to do while counting the tiles in the ceiling. Billy wanted the stifled environment that Jinx's departure brought to leave, ASAP. See-More in particular was taking it hard.

Billy scowled, refusing to take part in boredom. He quickly multiplied into four, and booted up the Xbox, looking to glean some excitement, some actual fun from playing Halo against himself. Mammoth was sleeping, and See-more said he needed some time to himself, so he couldn't bug them to add variety to the game. He sighed a bit, but moved past that disappointment and jumped right into a multiplayer match.

Roughly 7 minutes later, Kid Wicked glided into the leaving room, unnoticed at first. All the Billys were too absorbed in talking trash to each other, insisting that one of them was being cheap, and, of course, pressing the trigger button a lot. When Wicked tapped one of them on the shoulder over the couch, Billy promptly spazzed out. He had not expecting anyone else to be around.

"Je-sus!" Billy said, whipping around quickly, forgetting to press pause – leaving him wide open as a firing range. "Oh…it's you, Wicked." He added, now relaxing a little.

Wicked smiled a little, then pointed at the game, signaling with his body that he wanted to play too. Billy nodded, abruptly remerging one of his others back into him, making room for Wicked. He restarted the match, much to the dismay of the other Billys who were ahead in the game.

"Aw, man, we were winnin'!"

"Only cuz ah was talkin' ta Wicked!"

"Pft, whiner!"

"Shaddup, ah'm rebootin' th' game!"

One of the Billys crossed their arms, scowling, disappointed that they'd have to kick ass all over again. Wicked just smiled, glad to be playing.

Roughly 3 hours later, they had gone through several games, and were just finishing up a match of Super Smash Bros. Melee, having switched over from Xbox to Gamecube about 40 minutes ago.

Kid Wicked, using Zelda, had won. Again.

"Damnit, damnit! She ain't that good a character, an' ya don't even play th' game that much!" Billy said, frustrated. Wicked just grinned again, satisfied with yet another victory.

Billy remerged the other two back into him and shut off the Gamecube. He scooched against the couch a little, trying to find a comfortable way to sit. Once he had, he smiled with his teeth bared.

"Thanks fer playin', Wicked. Ah thought everyone was jus' gonna be…y'know…an' it was makin' everythin' boring."

Wicked nodded, a little more serious. He wanted to still have fun, even if he wasn't as quick as Billy was to move past any problems they encountered. He didn't look it, but he liked excitement, he liked being silly. He especially liked building pillow forts with Billy. That aspect of Billy to talk too much, and be loud, and not care about sounding stupid drew Wicked in. Things didn't have to be gloom and doom and serious even when they should be - which pointed out Billy's inability to shut up, but since Wicked couldn't speak, having someone constantly talking was surprisingly enjoyable.

Wicked sat a little closer to Billy and tilted his head towards him, looking curious. He tried to express 'What should we do now?'

Billy shrugged. "Ah dunno. What do you wanna do?"

Wicked cast his eyes up, and began to think. What did he want to do? His pale lips moved side to side while he crunched and processed one thought after the other, looking for something they could do together.

His eyes lit up a bit, and he smiled towards Billy.

In a rather short amount of time, they were in a locked up Circuit City. They had already stolen plenty and were well stocked for the time being. Mostly, they were spending their time running around, crashing into walls, playing with anything they could get their hands on. They were being reckless, stupid, silly, and having a hell of a time being all those things.

After leaving a trail of destruction through the aisles, they sat down in front of the big screen TVs, resting up and regaining their breath. Billy pulled his mask up and his shades off, sweating from the heat build up of running around while wearing a skin tight outfit. He flattened out his short brown hair, blinked each of his hazel eyes once, and grinned at Wicked.

"That was fun, Wicked. Damn fun. We din't even steal anythin', an', an'….damn." He said, still breathing hard.

Wicked smiled back, seated next to Billy once more. His stomach expanded and contracted as well, but he didn't mind being too spent of energy. Wicked enjoyed running around like that just as much as Billy, if not more. Billy made it more exciting – how fun would it have been to do this on his own? A few, brief moments of adrenaline, but ultimately, boredom would come in that situation.

Wicked was perfectly natural with his excitement and joy, and didn't really often understand being nervous.

Billy, however, was being intimate with the feeling of nervousness, freezing up and his eyes going wide, once Wicked had done what he felt was only natural.

On Billy's cheek were Wicked's lips. And Billy had no clue on how he should react, aside from sheer panic.