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Crimson Regret:

A lone figure travels through the depths of the forest, for he is dark and he is dangerous, like the forest itself.

Shrouded in black he walks with grace, entrenched pride and blankness of face.

He walks stealthily but at a fast pace, barely taking in the scenery about him although to think he is not aware of his surroundings would be a mistake.

A flash of pale skin, dark eyes and chisled jaw, is glimpsed briefly behind entangled branches as he glances back as if to check he is truly alone. Before hurrying on.

He need not be afraid; every creature in this silent place knows where he goes- and none would dare apprehend him, for although he is much despised, he dabbles in something far more dangerous than they.

The Dark lord paused in pouring out a snifter of brandy, the atmosphere in the room had shifted subtly, it was now almost austere and the temperature in the room had dropped slightly.

"Ah my Severus, how do you fair?"

"I am in good health my lord."

The dark lord finished pouring his brandy and turned around, nursing the glass in his hand and swirling it slightly, letting the heat from his body warm it. Tentively he sniffed at it and then smiling, took a sip.

"You have not been feeding again." It was a statement not a question.

"I haven't had the time my lord."

The Dark lord nodded and gesturing his servant to take a seat, did so himself in the chair opposite. Relaxing and crossing his legs he leaned back and surveyed whom he believed to be one of his most loyal servants.

"You have aged Severus and no doubt the cramps are beginning to set in, if my calculations are correct it is that time of the month is it not?"

"Yes my lord."

The Dark lord took another sip from his glass before casually clicking his fingers.

A house elf apparated into the room, a bound and gagged muggle at his side.

He watched as the vampire tensed, every cell in his body reacting to the scent of blood coming from the helpless man at the house elf's side.

"Take your fill my Severus, then we will discuss why I called you here tonight."
Standing as gracefully as he could owing to the cramps tightening in his legs and belly as he did so, Severus moved over to the poor man looking up at him with wide and frightened eyes.

His Jaws ached with the need to feed and without permeable he bent and allowing his elongated incisors to extend he bit straight into the muggle's jugular. Leisurely he drank his fill not bothering to make it good for the man he was feeding from, he needed his scarlet life essence too much to care.

The blood flooded his mouth like sweet, salty elixir and he moaned at the feel of it coating his throat and settling as a warm weight in his stomach.

Stopping himself just in time so as the muggle would survive, he extracted himself from the muggle's neck and retracted his fangs, licking his lips to savour the taste he refrained room throwing his head back and simply basking in the after glow of feeding.

His master smiled as he watched the tell tale signs of age leave his loyal servant and youth once again blossomed on his features.

Settling back down in the chair, Severus watched as the Dark lord again snapped his fingers and the house elf and captive were gone.

"You should have finished him off Severus, he will spoil you know."

The sated vampire inclined his head in acknowledgement and apology and waited for his master to continue.

"Now as I am to understand your decade is nearing its end and your circumference is approaching?"

Again Severus inclined his head, "Perhaps this time your wait shall be fruitful?"


"If it is you are to notify me immediately, do you understand?"

"Yes my lord, my circumference takes place in precisely a fortnights time, I should know about a week into it."

The Dark lord nodded, "Then on the basis of that understanding you are permitted to leave and please my Severus, make time to feed again soon. You know the cramps will return if you don't."

Nodding his head the Vampire rose and then dropped to kiss the hem of his master's robes. With that he apparated away.

Severus suppressed a groan as he got to his feet and his stomach clenched in rebellion, it was time to survey the class again.
He started on the Slytherin side of his seventh year class, meticulously checking every cauldron and assessing their progress. Reaching the back of the room, he moved on to survey the Gryffindor's work.

As usual it was distinctly lacking and he didn't even attempt to keep the sneer from his features.

Moving cautiously he continued to make derisive comments and dock house points for incompetence.

Eventually he reached the only desk on that side of the room that had an even half way decent potion.

Harry Potter and Hermione Granger worked at this desk. Granger was still an insufferable nose-grinding, boffin. Potter on the other hand was uncharacteristically, up until about a year ago, working diligently and capably on his potion.

Severus did not know what had caused this about face at the beginning of the boy's sixth year, but he did know that suddenly Potter had been working with vigour and thoroughly paying attention in his lessons. He was quiet, he was attentive, he was hard working and this was what had allowed him to make it into advanced potions.

Harry shuddered imperceptivity as the imposing presence of his potions master passed over him and remained. The man unsettled him and he found he could barely concentrate with him gazing down upon him like that.

Outwardly he remained calm and steadily chopped up his mandrake root before beginning to slice the tiny pieces diagonally as shown in the demonstration earlier.

His hand faltered slightly as the head of Slytherin house slowly bent over to inspect their potion.

Before he knew it there was a stinging pain in his forefinger and crimson liquid was flowing freely out across the roots and cutting board.

Severus tensed as his vision clouded, blood, sweet, heavenly blood.

He licked his lips and before he knew it his fangs had extended.

Smirking predatorily he swiped his tounge over his fangs, his eyes never leaving the tempting trail of crimson regret.

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