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McGonnagol propped the Headmaster up in his chair and tucked the blanket in round his knees more securely. Then handing him a fresh cup of tea she nodded over to where Severus was scowling over his own cup at anyone who dared look his way.

"Do you honestly think it's the best option to place the child in his care Albus?" She said, attentively sipping at her own cup and wrapping her hands fully around it, so as to keep her hands warm.

"Absolutely," The Headmaster affirmed with a definite nod of his head, "He needs something to keep him occupied. The child will allow him to display some of the love he cannot show Harry."

McGonnagol sighed and then winced as another particularly large piece of rubble fell loudly from the large pile before them.

"But he's been like a bear with a sore head ever since Hogwarts fell, are you sure that he actually IS showing the child love?"

"I am, simply because he is already fond of him and the child reminds him of Harry, now be the wonder you are and go and tell him he may resume searching will you?"

McGonnagol sighed and setting aside her tea, made her way over to the former Potions Professor.

"Dumbledore thinks you have had sufficient rest Severus, you may continue searching for Harry."

Severus sneered, "Tell him I'm very grateful to him for allowing me to search for my mate." He said sarcastically already moving towards the rubble.

"You know he's only looking out for your well being!" She called after him, shaking her head and going back to Albus.

Severus kicked the door of his temporary accommodations closed and leaned back wearily against it, three days, three whole days and no sign of Harry. Although he hated to admit it he was losing hope of finding him alive, if at all. There had been only one other survivor, and he had been a Death eater, Severus felt it was a tad unfortunate that he'd survived having a building collapse on top of him, only to be killed by the ministry…but such is life.

"Severus your back, any news?"

"No not yet Poppy, how has he been?"

Poppy Pomfrey smiled indulgently in spite of her sadness at the lack of news.

"An absolute angel as usual, isn't that right poppet?"

The little vamperie nodded and then pulled on Severus's robes to get him to kneel down.

He did so and tilted his head to hear what was being said to him.

"We made a cake today, do you want some?" He whispered politely.

"Absolutely." Severus said just as solemnly, sweeping the little one up in his arms and taking him through to the now separate kitchen.

Formerly it had simply been a counter with a microwave and kettle, but thanks to a little magic it was now a fully equipped separate room.

Severus sat the child on the table before observing the chocolate cake sitting on a glass platter before him.

"Wonderful" He said ruffling the little vamperies's hair and smiling as he beamed up at him.

Taking a slice from Poppy after she had cut it he chewed elaborately and then rubbed his tummy, making the pensive expression on the child's face ease into another smile as he affirmed that it tasted just as wonderful.

Poppy left half an hour later and after they had enjoyed a meal of blood that Severus had managed to obtain from a local blood donor clinic, Severus sat with the child on the sofa and they enjoyed some hot chocolate in front of the fire.

"So," He said after a time, "Are you ever going to tell me your name?"

Big dark eyes looked up at him from the Vamperie's position on his lap and then a small whisper, like a breath of wind it was so quiet, escaped the child's lips.


Severus nodded, "Defender of mankind, that's a good, strong name."

"Papa loved the old ways." Alexandru said sadly.

"Well Alexandru, I love the old ways too, so we should get along famously."

The little Vamperie smiled his bright little smile and Severus smiled back, "Well Alexandru I think its time for bed."

He nodded and scampered off to get ready and Severus laid his head back tiredly against the couch. He missed Harry desperately and counted the hours till his next shift when he would go and continue to lift the rubble in search of his mate.

If he could, he would spend all the days and nights the world gave there, but due to Dumbledore's interference and the child he could not.

Checking the time once more he arose and went to tuck Alexandru in. The little one clung tightly to his chest before saying goodnight and Severus attempted to deny to himself the smile that blossomed on his features after this occurrence.

Moving back into the living room he sat back down heavily on the sofa. Now all he had to do was sit and wait until morning came. He could not sleep for he was afraid news would come if he did.

Angrily he arose from the settee and stormed over to where his drinks cabinet would have been if he was still living in his rooms.

"Damn it!" Bringing his fist down on the unfortunate vase that happened to be within fist range he left a shattered mess upon the floor when he realized yet again that it wasn't there.

Looking at the droplets of blood seeping gently from the small wound he had obtained, his eyes grew speculative with thought.

It was written that vampire's were forbidden from tasting there own essence, but why? What horror would occur if he were to just…

"Severus, Severus!" A swift pounding on the door preceded this anxious call as a most repulsive scent filed his nostrils.

Striding over to the door he wrenched it open and glared at the offensive personage on the other side.

"How dare you taint my lodgings with your putrid presence!" He growled at Lupin.

"Now Severus, I know I'm probably the last person you would want to see right now but I have-"

Severus's lips curled and his hand shot out, grasping the offending lupine by the throat and squeezing dangerously hard.

"Give me one reason why I should listen to any of your drivel, wolf."

The other man's eyes bulged at the pressure exerted on his throat and his knees slowly began to buckle beneath him.

The vampire mocked a yawn and sighed derisively, "Come on Lupin I know you can do better than this, use that animal strength of yours."

The other man's hands clawed franticly at his neck and his eyes pleaded for mercy.

Rolling his eyes in disgust Severus threw him back into the hall, smiling as he crumpled like a flimsy house of cards.

"What happened to you? There was a time when you could almost give me a decent fight Lupin."

The man's breath came in wheezing gasps as he pleaded, "W-ater,"

Again a sneer graced Severus's lips, "You think I'd allow one such as you in the presence of my child?"


Severus's eyes widened and he quickly transfigured a nearby fruit bowl into a glass of water.

"Fool, why didn't you say so, what about Harry?" He questioned roughly as he thrust the glass into Lupin's hand, spilling half the contents in his haste.

The other man took a long drink, so long that Severus became frustrated by the wait and the other half of the contents went splashing on to the carpet as he back handed the glass out of the way.

"For god's sake man! Spit it out!"

"H…Harry, they, they heard some crying b-eneath the wreckage, they think that…that it might be him, but they can't find him and they need you."

Without a thought Severus got to his feet and ran to the temporary floo he'd installed a couple of days ago.

Flinging the emerald powder in from a small pouch he kept on his belt he hardly waited for it to activate before thrusting his head into the flames.

"Poppy?" He called as soon as he'd cleared his mouth of the ash he'd accidentally almost swallowed.

The kitchen was dark and silent besides a clock ticking lazily from the hall and a purring black and white cat to his right.

"Damn it Poppy I need you!" He yelled frustrated, but no answer was forth coming, so making a snap decision he crawled fully through into the kitchen, cursing as the cat hissed at him and then nearly tripped him up as it ran out into the hall.

Whisking out into the hall himself, he quickly took the stairs on his left two at a time and strode to the first door he came to.

Knocking softly before opening it, he quickly discovered it to be a pristine blue and white bathroom, the next door revealed an airing cupboard, which he almost slammed shut in frustration.

The next door thankfully opened on a large bedroom.

"Poppy!" He shouted without a thought to the consideration that she was asleep.

"Wh-what, oh my, Severus! Get out!" She screamed after a moment of shock, modestly covering her dowdy white nightie with the duvet and embarrassedly patting her curlers.

Almost growling now Severus closed the door and with a hand on the door knob shouted through it. "Poppy, Harry may have been found, they need me there and you are the only one I trust with the child."

He heard scuffling and shuffling in the next room before her voice could be heard, "But Severus they will need me there if…if he's alive."

Closing his eyes at his idiocy, the vampire realized she was right, "Alright I'll meet you there after I've sorted something else out."

It wasn't long before he was storming back through the floo and pulling the werewolf up roughly by the collar.

"How good are you with children?"

"Um, adequate I'd say, why?"

"Because you are to stay here and look after my child, not," Here he held up his hand to stall the useless words he didn't have time to listen to, "That I am at all comfortable with it, but Dumbledore told me of the new potion you are taking that severely prohibits your wolf, therefore the reason you were there the night the school collapsed. So it appears you are my only option."

"But I would like to be there when-"

"Tough! My mate needs me and you" His fingers clenched cruelly around the collar of the shirt he grasped, "will not prevent me form getting to him, now if I find, that you have left this room except to see to the child, I will kill you, mark me well, I WILL kill you!"

With that he threw the wolf on to the couch and grabbing his cloak was half way out of the door before…

"And Lupin, that potion, it makes you a sniveling wreck of a creature."

Severus apparated straight into the Hogwarts grounds, seeing as the wards had fallen there was no need to apparate outside the gate.

Striding forward a couple of paces he jumped faultlessly onto the rubble and half ran, half stumbled up to wear a group of people stood.

"Where is he?" He said desperately.

McGonnagol indicated the rubble beneath their feet with her illuminated wand.

"The noises came from here Severus, but we can't pin point the exact location, we've tried to lift the rubble but have found nothing, we thought perhaps if you could-"

"Why did know one notify me immediately? I am his mate godammit! Get out of the way."

Quickly he sunk to his knees and started sniffing the gaps in the rubble, occasionally pausing to listen for any sounds.

This went on for a good while or so it seemed, the air thick with tension as know one dared make a sound for fear of breaking the vampire's concentration.

Suddenly he paused, breathing in deeply over one of the larger cracks.

"He's here, dammit he's here! Help me!"

Franticly he began hefting huge slabs of stone out of the way with his bare hands, his vampire strength increased by the worry in his long dead heart. Soon the entirety of the rescue team was levitating rocks and rubble out of the way as Severus continued to do it manually.

Stone crumpled under the force of his movements and smashed with resounding crashes as a hole began to appear in the mass of grey matter and Severus movements slowed in order not to crush his mate should the stone collapse on top of Harry.

Soon the hole was wide enough for a two men roughly to squeeze through, and the rescue team gathered to look down into the gap they had made.

The dust swirled within, making it hard for the light from their illuminated wands to pierce through, but eventually it cleared and a dark, dusty head of hair could be seen.

"Harry?" His mate called down.

No answer was forth coming, neither then to the second and third call.

Clenching his fist in fear and frustration Severus ordered everyone back and slowly began to ease himself into the hole.

"Careful Severus, it's very unstable." McGonnagol called worriedly, as his head disappeared from sight and he dropped lightly down beside his mate.

The sight that met his eyes very almost made him weep; his mate was unconscious and very, very pale. For once the sight of blood did not excite him as it seeped from Harry's body. His legs were evidently crushed under a large boulder and a large bit of wood was jutting out from between two of his ribs.

The stench of blood was suddenly vile to him as it permeated his nostrils, the sight before him to tragic to see.

Taking a shaky breath he leant forward to stroke his mates cheek, noticing as he did so a wetness there, frowning he tasted it. It wasn't salty; therefore it could not be tears, looking up he noticed a dampness underneath one of the rocks there. Obviously a source of water was dripping through the rocks, and his mate being the clever person that he was had been drinking it.

Snape looked with pride at his mate before attempting to rouse him; alas everything he tried failed to waken Harry.

"Minerva, Minerva?" He called up to the hole. Soon a shadow of a person blocked out the night sky as an answering yes came down to him.

"Is Poppy with you yet?"

"Yes she's just arrived, should I send her down?"

"Yes, and hurry!" He called back.

It wasn't long before she was beside him with her calming presence and medical bag, carefully checking Harry's wounds and examining as much of his legs as she could.

"He's in a bad way Severus, there isn't anything I can do here, we are going to need to get him out of this space, it is far too small.

Severus nodded, "But if we move the boulder there is a chance the whole place could fall down around our ears." He said warningly.

"Oh I very much doubt that, Hogwarts was one of the safest places on earth and why? Because she protected her inhabitants. It is my guess that the charms in the stone were still active enough to at least partially protect anyone living, hence why Harry is in this space and why he is still alive.

With that she cast the appropriate charm on the boulder and lifted it several inches into the air, there was no room for more however and so she said, "Ease him out Severus, carefully as their might be some damage to his spine, but quickly if you could, this boulder is very heavy.

The sweat was already beginning to bead upon her brow as she said this so Severus wasted no time in hooking his arms around Harry's from behind his head and easing him as gently as he could out from under the boulder.

No sooner had his feet cleared the space beneath then Poppy dropped the boulder with a resounding crash.

"Right…" She gasped, "Your going to have to levitate him up Severus, hurry."

The vampire did so and watched as his mate floated, his head hanging sickly to the side, up through the hole.

There was a scuffle above as the other's caught him and then silence.

Turning to Poppy he did the same thing for her and then using his Vampire skills, jumped and grasped the edge of the hole, hoisting himself up carefully.

Poppy was already scanning him as he crawled over to where they were and there was panic in her voice as she said, "pass me my bag, quickly!"

"Oh goodness we shouldn't have moved him, who caught him up here? You dislodged the wood and its bleeding copiously now."

Wrenching open her bag, she rummaged around quickly and produced several bottles and a pot that looked like some sort of salve.

Severus looked on; panic clutching his heart in a grip of ice, Harry was in a very bad way, Oh gods he had to be alright.

Poppy worked ceaselessly for the next half an hour pouring potions down Harry's throat and casting innumerous charms on his legs.

"Right, his condition is relatively stable, I'm going to pull the wood out now."

There was utter silence as the little group watched, their breath misting as it left their mouths, signaling how truly cold it was out in the night air.

Poppy's hands shook as she leant forward to grab the wood, and she had to clench them and take a few calming breaths before finally gripping it firmly and beginning to ease it out of the wound.

Blood immediately spurted everywhere, splattering with sickening splashes onto Poppey's robes and the stone around them and Harry began to shake frighteningly, his body convulsing as the blood poured from him in waves.

They stood and watched, in horror and disbelief as in that one moment their savior died at their knees and feet, his complexion becoming waxen as his shudders abated, his eyes having never once opened again.

"I'm so sorry Severus, I…I'm so sorry." Poppy whispered, her eyes wide with confusion and horror.

Feeling his eyes tearing up he yelled at them, "Go! Go away you've seen what you came to see, he's dead! Isn't that enough!"

Not being able to handle anymore he picked up a nearby brick and threw it at them.


One by one they apparated away, their cheeks sodden with tears just fallen and their hearts in shreds.

Severus looked down at his mate as he lay under the moon, innocence itself, for what had he done? What had he done to deserve this?

Slowly his head sunk to his mate's chest and the tears he'd held at bay fell, what was to become of him now? What was he without Harry?


Slowly as shudders racked him and his own sobs filled his ears he poured out his hurt and his pain, soaking himself and his mate in his own tears.

Slowly as his sobs abated slightly, he became aware of the fluttering of something in the chest beneath him.

Silencing himself he pressed his ear closer. There he heard the weakest of heartbeats, so slight that only his innate hearing could have picked it up.

Gasping in shock he lifted his head and stared at his mate, he was not yet dead, although he was certain he soon would be.

Making a quick decision he slid up his mate's body, fangs extending slowly, and bit into the side of his neck, over the mark he had made what seemed like years ago.

The blood that flowed over his tongue, tasted stale, like death. But the sweetest hint of life permeated through to his taste buds, and he fed hungrily, as if this was to be his very last meal.

As he was doing so he rolled up the sleeve of his robe, and exposed his wrist to a piece of glass sticking up amongst the rubble and slashed his wrist brutally against it.

His blood trickled slowly from the wound and with a prayer in his heart he brought the wound to his mate's mouth.

The blood dripped onto Harry's tongue with tiny splashes and ripping his own mouth away he stroked Harry's throat, urging him to swallow it, and then listened carefully as the heartbeat he had heard slowly…stopped.

Harry opened his eyes with a snap, flinching as the light pierced them painfully. The new sounds and smells that invaded him frightened him as he had never experienced them before.

His skin felt sensitive and new, as if he were a new born babe and sitting up he flinched as the sheets chaffed against him.

His voice held a low growl as he called for somebody, anybody, his eyes slit against the harsh glow of the fire.

Resoundingly loud foot falls slapped against what sounded like a linoleum floor, and he moaned as he heard it through every recess of his head.

"Water!" he partially growled as he collapsed back against the strangely smelling sheets.

"Look at the state of him, I hope your happy you wretched monster."

The sound of water falling into a glass came next and Harry half heartedly attempted to cover his ears.

"No water! He won't be able to stomach it Poppy." The blessed sound of his mate's voice reached him just before the smell and comfort of his touch surrounded him.

"It will be alright, here."

Harry eyed the wrist held out to him hungrily as pain erupted in his jaws, hot needles it seemed pushed through his gums and he gasped in pain and without quite realising what he was doing, leant forward and fed hungrily from the proffered wrist.

It tasted so good, so sweet yet salty, so rich in everything he craved that he gulped it down like a sweet elixir.

"That's enough, rest now."

His lids dropped as he let go of that wrist, and darkness flooded him slowly.

"Everything will be alright my sweet, rest now."


Well there you have it. Oh don't look at me like that! As if I'd leave you hanging, when there are still questions that need answers.


"Hawwy!" Harry laughed as the little Vamperie protested vehemently at the severe tummy tickling he was being subjected to.

"How many bags of blood did you drink last night you greedy little vampire, tell me and I shall let you go."

Alexandru pouted round his fangs, "two!" he said stubbornly.

"Liar." Harry said increasing the range of his tickling, "Why then are your fangs STILL extended this morning? So come on, how many really?"

Alexandru remained forcefully silent, "Five by the amount of empty packages I found under his bed, six if you count the one hidden amongst the laundry." Severus's deep tones drawled as he dropped the packaging beside Harry as he passed by.

"Six! Alexandru really! You couldn't possibly be that hungry!" Harry exclaimed as he glanced over the completely drained donor bags.

"Papa let me have babies! Bags aren't enough!" Alexandru wailed.

"Alexandru you know wizarding law prohibits us from feeding from humans."

"Doesn't stop us" Severus said sitting languidly on the couch with his morning paper, his legs crossed elegantly.

"You're not helping! And besides we only go after adults and we never feed to kill, Alexandru could not handle an adult and I refuse to let him feed on children."

No comment emerged from behind the newspaper at this and Harry sighed, "Ok you can have more bags, but don't come complaining to me when the weekly supply is gone."

Alexandru smiled cheekily and ran off to his cupboard to procure yet another bag.

"You indulge him way to much Severus, in fact I believe he is becoming quite spoiled."

The newspaper rustled in answer and Harry smiled, glancing in the direction the Vamperie had gone and then crawling over to his mate and slipping a hand up his leg, immediately a familiar scent engulfed him and he keened softly.

"Control it Harry," Harry's eyes were beginning to tinge scarlet and his cheeks to tint alarmingly, but he took a deep breath and reined it in.

One thing about being a vampire was that he could more easily control his Cupido side. He had been quite surprised to discover he could still be a Cupido and a vampire, seeing as he was technically dead, but it was possible, and he was very glad for it.

It had been eighteen months since the fall of Hogwarts and Severus and Harry had moved into a large manor house with Harry's inheritance, where they lived very comfortably indeed.

Severus had quickly made a name for himself as a dark arts advisor and a potions master in the highest sense of the word.

Harry however had branched into other fields, trying a number of things before eventually becoming a bestselling author, specialising in books about magical creatures and his first, 'Cupido, realm of the unknown' and second, 'Vampire's, the real insight' had been almost ground breaking in their popularity.

They had adopted Alexandru after much deliberation and it had taken only a few months to come through and the whole thing to be finalised. The little Vamperie had really come into his own now that he'd settled down and his antics were indulged by both Harry and Severus as they both utterly adored him.

The only low point was that the decision had been made to leave Hogwarts as it was and simply build a memorial to commemorate all the lives lost there. Harry himself had had a hand in this and often went to visit it.

Hermione had quickly made up with Harry after the battle, and strangely enough very soon it transpired that she had been secretly involved in an affair with Professor Lupin, and now they were happily married together with a baby on the way. Her behaviour, she had explained later to Harry was the result of envy and jealousy over the fact that Harry could legally be with a teacher where as she couldn't.

The atmosphere between Severus and 'that wretched dog!' as he called him had, if possible become worse and this of course made things difficult for Harry and Hermione, but Harry bore it quite well, as he did many other things for his mate.

Life, Harry often reflected, was on the whole, a dream come true.


A sigh floated out from behind the paper, "Yes?"

"Do you love me?"

A pause, and then the paper was thrust aside and Harry found himself on his back quicker then he could say, oops.

The elder Vampire brushed his nose lovingly against Harry's and drawled, "Must you have confirmation everyday my sweet?"

Harry laughed, "Very definitely, and I shall continue to ask everyday until you say it spontaneously."

"Good, because I'd miss it if you stopped." He said nipping at Harry's ear gently.

Harry laughed again and then squirmed when the nipping didn't cease.


"Oh, yes…I love you Harry Potter, now and always."

"Eww, Sev'rus stop bein mushy, Hawwy I'm bored!"