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The Fall That Changed It All

By: Keitaro+Motoko 4ever of the dark icon writers

(The writer of Keitaro+Motoko fics)

Chapter 1: The Fall That Changed It All

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Ever since Keitaro became the new manager of the Hinata-Sou a couple of weeks ago, a normal routine was introduced. This routine is Keitaro charged with perversion, beaten, and sent around the world a couple of times. Today there is something in the air that introduced a feeling of change. The Hinata-Sou residents will be in for one hell of a surprise when they find out this change. Now let us observe how the day starts with Keitaro Urashima and his normal routine of life. We now see him in the hot spring cleaning it.

"Ah! Damn them for making me clean this damn thing at five in the morning. Why do I have to do everything in this dorm? They should be helping me out. They do live here. Oh well no sense compla…." Keitaro stopped himself when he heard a noise coming in from the changing room. 'SHIT! I THOUGHT THEY SAID NO ONE WOULD BE UP AT THIS TIME!'

Keitaro started to panic and quickly looked for a place to get out. When he finally found an exit, it was too late as the other door opened up and out came a woman with long black beautiful hair. He quickly froze and hoped that she wouldn't see him but the weird thing is that he didn't recognize her at all.

'She must be that other girl that was gone somewhere what was it called……. Um……. Oh yeah a swordsmanship camp. Well now that it is out of the….. WAIT! She is a swordswoman! That mean she could…'

Keitaro turns white as a ghost just thinking about what that woman could do to him. While Keitaro has a nervous break down, the raven haired woman makes her way slowly to the entrance of the springs.

'Why do I, Motoko Aoyama, the best swordsman in my age group to even bother attending those stupid training camps?' thought the warrior as she entered the heated waters. 'Not a single one was a match for me. And the worst thing about it was that there were men; those vile, pig-headed, and perverted men. The only reason they were there was to look at us women.'

She rested against a rock and closed her eyes as she caught something to the side of her right eye. She closed them and immediately opened back up after the image registered in her mind. Her eyes bulged out of her head as she quickly stood up and asked with a cold, scary tone.

"Who are you and what are you doing in this dorm?" said Motoko as she started coming towards him while popping her knuckles.

"I..I…I…A….M…. Keitaro Urashima and I am cleaning this hot spring" he said as he took a step back. He slowly tried to get away from her but failed as she just took another step.

"Liar! The other residents and I clean this hot springs. Why would they have you do it?" she said until she was face to face with him.

"Be…because I am the new manger of this dorm and I was told to clean this hot spr…." He was cut off by Motoko.


"I'm serious! Grandma Hina gave me this place and I have been here for two weeks running the dorm," replies the frightful Keitaro as he tries to get out of a most likely beating. He almost succeeded until he did notice something. 'Breasts.'

When his eyes ventured downwards he got an eyeful of Motoko's other womanly parts. To make the matters worse, he got a nose bleed.

Motoko looked at him and saw that he was staring at something. When she looked down she realized that she was completely naked in front of him. Pissed as ever, the warrior cocked her fist back and sent it reeling into the manager's face. The blow sent him up into the air and onto the balcony. "PERVERT!" she yelled as she ran into the changing room, dressed as fast as she could, and raced to the roof to kill him.

"Damn that man for looking at me," said Motoko as she finished tying her hakama and gi together. She grabbed her sword, opened the door, and ran straight up to the roof. 'He is going to be lucky if I don't tear of him limb from limb. Or even let him live for that fact.'

Keitaro saw the woman that had just punched him as she emerged from the roof's entrance. He quickly stood up and started apologizing to her over and over again. When he finally looked up at her she still had the look that would make men cry like babies, the look to kill. "Prepare to die you vile creature" said Motoko as she unsheathed her blade.

Seeing the blade in the darkest of the night made Keitaro fearful of life even more. Despite the lifestyle he lived, he wouldn't doubt being killed by her. With no more options available, Keitaro did what any fearful person would do. Run. He took a break for it by running straight across from Motoko. But something happened that neither saw coming. His own clumsiness caused him to trip even before getting past Motoko. His plan was to get away from her but instead of that, he ran right into her.

This being very bad because she was at the edge of the balcony thus the both of them fell over the edge and descended to uncertain doom. Keitaro tried everything he could to protect Motoko from landing into the ground and she noticed this act. 'Why is he trying to save me? He is a male. He should not care for me after I threatened to kill him.'

This selfless act from Keitaro confused the woman but also made her feel weird in a good way because she saw someone would go out of their way to protect her. Unfortunately his attempt failed and the two plummeted into the ground both head first knocking them out cold.

The remaining Hinata-Sou residents discovered the two unconscious and rushed them to the Tokyo hospital. After all kinds of checkups and file filling, the four worried residents plus a worried Haruka find themselves in room 777 where two people lay in a bed unconscious

"Doctor how are they?" said a woman in her mid thirties to the doctor outside room 777.

The doctor flipped through some pages on his clipboard. "That was a nasty fall that those two fell under," replied the man in white, "No doubt they are going to suffer it when they come to. After some check-ups and tests, I came across the cliché good news, bad news scenario."

The woman listened intently as she heard what the doctor's analysis of the situation. "As always," began the doctor, "they are okay. They will make a full recovery physically and should be out of here in no time. That part still baffles me. How a fall of that magnitude didn't affect these two. Anyways here is the bad news. Though they are physically fit, they probably won't be mentally. I have seen cases like these and normally amnesia is the result of a head injury. I am not exactly certain how much the amnesia covers, but I am guessing roughly five to six years worth. Anything during in that period will be forgotten until their memories slowly come back. This amnesia range can be anywhere from childhood to adolescence to even the past five or six years. We won't know for certain until they wake up. As for how long it will last, that is always random. There are times when a very familiar situation replays and then they remember or when it slowly comes back a piece at time. The worse case scenario is that the amnesia is permanent. And that is the situation Mr. Urashima and Ms. Aoyama is in."

"Alright doctor. I understand. Thank you" said Haruka as she went into the room. She looked at Keitaro and then at the girls.

"Well how are they?" said Naru.

"They are fine body wise but that fall resulted in some amnesia the doctor believes it might be roughly five or six years but he isn't certain where in their in lives they don't remember."

"What! Sempai and Motoko will not remember five years of their lives?" said a blue haired girl who looked like she was about to cry. 'Please don't let sempai forget me,' thought Shinobu as the tears rolled down her cheeks.

"It is getting late. I think we should leave," said Haruka when they heard the door open and the nurse walked in.

"Visiting hours are up," replied the nurse, "I'm sorry. You must leave so that they must rest."

"We were just leaving," said Haruka as she watched the nurse check the temperatures and other things. As everyone started to head out of the room, Haruka glanced at her nephew one more time as she was the last one to leave. 'Wake up soon.'


Beep… Beep… Beep…. Beep…. Beep…. 'Wh…What…What is that beeping noise? Why can't I see anythi…OW! My head! It's killing me! Where…am…. I… OW! Damn it. It feels like I just split my head in half.'

The figured moved its arm and bumped against something. But what the conscious person didn't realize was that they hit a button and that button was the Call Nurse button.

Unknown to him, Keitaro was in a hospital. 'Damn it. When is my vision going to come back?' thought the now conscious man as the door opened up. Light poured in and his vision slowly recovered. He saw the whole room filled with light and then saw a nurse come in. This startled him and he sat up quickly. It slowly dawned on him that he was in a hospital. "What am I doing here?"

The nurse heard this, looked over at Keitaro, went over to him, and laid him down. With a calm and soothing voice she answered his question, "You were in accident and you were in a coma. Now please lay down while get the doctor in here."


The doctor shined his light into Keitaro's left eye and then in his right and then put his light pen back into his pocket. "Well," started the physician, "everything seems to be fine with you right now except for one thing. Keitaro, what can you tell me about your life."

"Doctor my head is killing me. Can I just get some sleep and then we can talk about this in the morning?"

The doctor smiled knowing that his patient situation wasn't severe. "Alright but there is one more thing, should I notify your family that you have woken up?"

It was after that statement Keitaro remembered that the whole Hinata house would more likely be annoyed then relieved to hear about him being awake at this time of night. "No. Wait until tomorrow morning. They need their rest more then they should rush over here with concern about me."

But unknown to Keitaro is that the whole dorm could not sleep wondering about them.

The manager surveyed the room around him and saw Motoko lying in the bed next to him. He couldn't believe that she was in here too. "Doctor," Keitaro began, "why is Motoko here?"

The doctor sighed and said, "She was in the same accident as you. Don't you remember it?"

"No doctor" said the confused patient.

"Well we will discuss this after you rest up like you requested," answered the doctor as began to leave and shut the door. Alone in the dark, Keitaro just laid there and muddled in his thoughts, 'How could I do that… how could I do that to her?'

Speaking softly the manager talked to himself, "Motoko. I am so sorry."

That was the last thing he said as his conscious drifted into the world of dreams. But before he was fully unconscious, Keitaro swore he heard something in the room. "You need not to be sorry Keitaro."

Keitaro fell in to a deep sleep with nothing but a black and dark abyss. But, his subconscious replayed the horrid event that had happened that day.


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