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Title: Fall That Changed It All

By: Keitaro+Motoko 4ever

Chapter 3: awakened at last, news.

It was 5:30 in the morning. All was sleeping expect for one, one who had been sleeping for a long time. For a time that was just right to help bring new light forth from there soul a bright future that all wish and strive for.

As the beautiful young woman arose from her slumber, in a cold sweat and glanced around the room with a slight glisten of the sun into the room she realized that is was a hospital room. As she laid there she thought to herself. 'Why I am here? What happened to me? And why does my hand feel like something is holding it down?' as she looked down and saw a man lying at her bedside. Holding her hand she flipped out and with lighting speed withdrew her hand from him. And held it to her chest with her heart racing, and about a million questions buzzing around her head.

But with the action of withdrawing her hand she had woken up the man that had been at her bed side. As he looked up and scanned the room waiting for his brain to start up and asked. "What is going on?" and then he scanned the room once again. And saw that the girl was awake and the last few neurons in his brain kick on and caused him to become very happy.

"Motoko! You're awake! I am so glad are you okay. Can I do anything for you?" She just looked at him and slowly said.

"Do I know you?" said Motoko. As she looked confused at the man he just smiled and said.

"Well not really we only met a few days ago. I am Keitaro, Urashima the manger of the Hinata-Inn where you live." She looked at him with a confused stare and replied again.

"Umm, No that can't be grandma hina is the manger?"

"Well you see on the day I first meet you I was already manger. For two whole days grandma hina is my grandma. And she gave the deed to the inn and gave me the job as the manager. " Keitaro said as he looked over the window in the room and stared out into outside world. Motoko just stare at her hands while listening to this. She was about to stay something but, Keitaro started talking again.

"Listen I am sorry for causing you all this pain and suffering. When grandma hina told me about this, I, I, I just wanted to make everyone happy. So don't be mad with me I will do anything for you. So if there is anything I can do for you please just ask."

He said. With a smile Motoko stared at him for a moment and knew that he was hurting inside. She could tell by his aura that he was indeed a sincere man who stuck by his words. So she cleared her throat and was about to speak when the door opened up and doctor came through the doors.

"Oh? I see both of you are awake now. That is right Ms. Aoyama has just woken up from her rest. I see I need to start performing the basic check up. On you Ms. Aoyama. Keitaro, Are you able to move a little easier now?" ask the doctor.

"Yeah, Why?" ask Keitaro. Know the answer but still asking anyway.

"Well you see, this is only for Ms. Aoyama. And well it is her diagnosis and well I would let you stay. Unless you two were dating and or married but, I do know that you two aren't married on the account that you two don't have the same name. But I can let you stay if you two are dating.?" Said the doctor plainly but both Keitaro and Motoko were blushing slightly.

"I see your point doctor. I guess I will leave. See you in a bit Motoko." Said an embarrassed Keitaro, Motoko just blushed a little.

As Keitaro slowly strutted along the path of the hospital floor for a unknown destination. He was pondering. 'Hmm, it seems that the Motoko is unlike from when I first met her, she isn't that same person. I wonder if I caused her any damage to her mind. I most likely did because I mean she doesn't remember anything. I must atone from my transgressions. I vow to do anything and everything I can do. To make her life easy and normal as it was before.' Keitaro said with a solid determination to lift someone up higher then they possibly ever could.

When Keitaro looked up he found himselfoutside. And he saw the hospital's garden and he thought 'Hey I can have a chance to finally relax in a peaceful area,' Keitaro looked around trying to find a bench to sit down at but it didn't seem like there was anyone there. So giving up on that idea he strolled around the area.

As he continued his journey around the garden he came to a semi-large koi pond. And there was a little bridge over it. Spiking Keitaro's interest he headed towards it. 'It has been a long time since I have seen a koi pond and koi fish' his thought brought a smile to his face as he headed over.

As he looked over the center of the bridge he watched the koi fish swim. But there was something about them that always gave him a strange feeling. About something but he could place his fingers on it so he just considered it a deja-vu. And shrugged it off he just tried to enjoy the peacefulness that the outside gave himself.

"So Motoko, how are you feeling right now?" the doctor asked meekly.

"Hmm, well I guess I am alright. I mean I don't feel any different at all?" she replied slightly confused.

"Well let's start out with some basic questions. First question, what is your earliest memory that you can recall?" asked the doctor. Motoko considered the question and pondered the question.

"Well, from what I can remember I think it would be moving into the Hinata inn?" She answered.

"And how old were you when that happened?" asked the doctor.

"I think…around twelve, why?"

"Well, we are trying to figure out what type of amnesia you have and from what it looks like is that you have the common case where you lose a large section of your memory. But I still have questions for you. Because there are very rare cases when a person get double amnesia which is basically where you get what you have and selective memory amnesia. So tell me everything from there on" replied the doctor.

Motoko started telling her story about everything that she up until this point. Give much detail on her story.

"And then I kind of felt a strong feeling for that man Keitaro? He said that we met a couple of days before but I kind of remembering his face but I am not positive."

"Hmm… well from the sounds of it seems like you have that rare case of what I was talking about earlier. In addition, some times with these cases people's memories can be permanently be erased but in most cases I have seen throughout my career is that very few have all there memories that they lost completely lost for good just bits and pieces. And some probably make it that way. Because they are hard memories to have so, this could be a real blessing in your favor Motoko or it could be a real hardship, but you will have to wait and see. For everything is done by what you really want deep down inside, and your mind will most likely do what is best for you so, it is all up to you. Is all I am saying."

"Thanks a lot doctor. Am I done now?" she asked the doctor nodded and smiled. He got up headed over to the door, opened it, walked out, and shut the door behind himself.

As the sun started it descendent upon the earth, we find that Keitaro and Motoko were just finishing their evening meal. "I wonder if my sister is ever going to come by" Motoko had spoken this with out realizing she said it audibly. That is when Keitaro remembered that he was suppose to deliver a message to Motoko.

"Uh, Motoko, do you remember your sister I mean well you know…um…well,"

"Well I do remember my sister she came by when I was thirteen, and said she would come by Hinata- sou yesterday."

"Oh, I see now, she must have dropped by the Hinata-inn to see and then herd about what happened,"


"Before I forget, I need to tell you that you and I are to go to were your sister lives I guess that would be your family dojo correct?"

"Thank you Keitaro, but I don't think we really need to go there." She slowly responded

"What are you talking about; I wish I had someone in my family ask me to come by. Motoko, you are truly blessed, family is important and you should be happy that yours wants anything to do with you there are other families that don't even give a crap about there family members and think they would be better off dead." Keitaro said with a bitter and dejected voice.

" but, in the end the most important thing this world that give people meaning, is family whether it be starting a family or just being in one. It's one of the most precious things that the gods gave us; think of it our small piece of serenity.

Motoko contemplated about what had just been spoken to her.She looked at Keitaro and said, "thank you Keitaro for you kind and thoughtful words toward my family members since you and my sister want me to go so badly, I guess, I have no choice."

"Well I think that families should be together as much as possible, and I am sure that everyone at your dojo would be really happy for your visit with them."

"I am sure they would too." Motoko said leaning back on her bed. Along with she stared up at the ceiling.

"Oh, one more thing Motoko would you like anything from the Hinata-sou brought over like clothes or any person items. Because if the doctor thinks we are okay to leave then we can head out tomorrow?"

"Yes I would require some things from my room."

"Name them and I will call Haruka and have her bring them by."

"Well, I really just need a couple sets of my training clothes and my sword."

"Alright I will get on it."

When Keitaro got up to take care of everything the door opened up and came through Haruka. As Keitaro reacted to this state of 'Scaring the Crap out of Him' nearly hitting the ceiling

Haruka Just smirking at him and said, "Good evening nephew, I see you are happy to see me."

"That is not funny oba-san," said Keitaro as he cover his head expecting a large lump to appear after calling her 'Oba-san"

"You are lucky I sometimes feel compassion for people in hospitals," said Haruka, Keitaro just scratched the back of his head and smiled at her.


"Yeah, Yeah don't get all lovey with me or I might change my mind"

"Of course, of course oh, by the way I was going to phone you about a couple of things…."

"Already got them,"

"But, how would you know what we exactly wanted?"

"Well motoko is simple all she really need is her kendo outfit and her sword. You well, I have know all my life so I know what you also need."

"Ah, well, I see so where is the stuff then?" asked Keitaro when he looked around the room look for the stuff then he watched his aunt look at a her watch and said

"Right, about…. Now." Then a stumbled Kitsune fell flat on the floor with all there stuff in her arms.

"Damn it all Haruka! I thought you said we were going to the liquor store?"

"We are, but we made a short stop to say hi to my nephew and motoko.," the pair of hospital patients just laughed at the humor they saw in Kitsune torment.

"So when are you guys leaving for the dojo?"

"Uh, don't really know maybe tomorrow…. Wait, how did you know we were going to the dojo tomorrow Haruka?"

"I believe my sister informed you correct Haruka-san?"

"Bingo! Oh, by the way hina-san will be back for a visit when you guys are to return from the dojo."

"Really! Grandma is coming back for a visit she didn't say goodbye to me before she left when I went the Hinata-inn."

"Well yeah she also figured that and that is why she is coming back."

"Come on haruka!" griped Kitsune

"Alright, alright don't get your panties in a bunch" said an annoyed Haruka. "Well, I heading out you guys. Be safe, get some rest too."

"Thank you" came a single reply from the both of the pair.

"Good night, you two."

"Good night, haruka-san"

"Good night, Oba-san"

The next morning, Keitaro and Motoko both awaited the presence doctor to come by to see if they were able to leave that day. When the doctor finally arrived, He went through a list of stuff with them, and it looked they were able to leave the hospital that day.

The both of them happy to hear of the good news they both hurry and checked out of the hospital and headed for the train station. When they got there, they ask the man at the ticket booth for two tickets for Kyoto. They boarded the train and searched for some seats and found some towards the back of the train then they took there seats and started there journey to Motoko family Dojo.

"So Motoko, I was wonder if you could tell about your families grounds what is it like there?"

"Well I do not remember it too much other then what the entrance looks like"

"Oh really, I am sorry to hear about that."

"Don't worry about I am sure things will come back to me when we get there"

"Alright, motoko but do you know how to get there?" Keitaro ask in a concerning voice. Motoko thought for a moment, then sunk her head and quietly said.

"No" Keitaro new some how that she was embarrassed he only smiled to himself and said.

"Do not worry motoko, we will find it fairly easy."

"How, how, do you know."

"I don't but, I feel like it will be very easy."

"Perhaps?" that was the last comment that was spoken between them just sat back and enjoyed the scenery as it flashed by.

"Well here is our stop motoko." Keitaro said as he stood up then he saw a very big bird on a woman's. "Hey, motoko? Do you a know that person with the huge bird?"

"Wait what color is it."

"It is like a yellow tan color"

"I am not too sure," Motoko pondered for a moment and said "It maybe my sister. But, anyway lets go keitaro" Motoko and Keitaro both walked off of the Train and headed the closest store with a map of Kyoto. Although when they headed that way, the person with the yellowish bird came towards then they saw her face and saw that is was Tsuruko.

"Hello sister."

"Hello, motoko dear" said Tsuruko.

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