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If You Can Help Her – Chapter 50 – The Power the Dark Lord Knows Not

Harry's world went blank for a few seconds as he felt his body compress into itself only to decompress back out in another location. He realized he was standing in mid-air a split second before he fell. As he was lying on the floor, he realized that his vision was blurry. For a moment, he was afraid that Voldemort had hurt his eyes, but then realized that everything was always blurry when he wasn't wearing glasses. He squinted as he looked around for them, only to find he was in a small empty cell. Instantly, pictures of the cupboard under the stairs filled his mind.

Shaking his terror away, he tried to look through the bars to examine the room he was in, but all he could make out was the blurry image of a person chained to a seat in the middle of the room. That was the only person he could see. The walls appeared to be wooden, but with his poor eyesight, it could've just been brown wallpaper. He could feel the fear and anger that Ginny was experiencing, as well as his own. It didn't take Harry long to realize that, although his glasses and wand were gone, his gun and knife weren't. They were still safely in their invisible ankle holsters.

Squinting more as he concentrated harder, he could make out that the man was blond and middle-aged. He was dressed in a muggle suit. He also saw that the man looked like living death. With a shudder, Harry realized that the man he was looking at was most likely Voldemort's life insurance. If Tom died while that man was alive, then Riddle would continue in that body. Otherwise, the man would die in a matter of hours. He morbidly thought, 'Once that man is dead, Riddle will be mortal again.' He began fantasizing about shooting Voldemort in the head.


At the same time, Hermione, Ginny and Ron were shrinking down three brooms (Harry's, Ginny's and Ron's respectively) in case they needed them. The aurors had arrived about thirty seconds after Voldemort disappeared and were now taking charge of the situation. A few Order members had arrived as well, but Ginny whispered, "I'm not leaving Harry's rescue up to them! I'm going, and I'm the only one who can find him. Are you with me?"

They'd quickly agreed and collected what they thought they might need. Ginny also picked up Harry's wand and glasses. Concentrating on Harry, she took Hermione's and Ron's hands in hers. "Remember, you're apparating yourselves, just following me. That way, we can all go together. Otherwise I could only take one of you at a time."


With a loud 'pop,' the trio appeared in the middle of a dense forest, with no sign of Harry, anywhere. "You've got to be more careful, Ginny!" yelled Ron. "We're lucky we didn't wind up inside one of those trees."

"It looks like Voldemort has put up extensive anti-apparition wards wherever Harry is. This is probably the boundary of them."

"I believe you're right, Hermione," agreed Ginny. "Harry feels a lot closer than he was at Hogwarts." She closed her eyes in concentration and rotated about twenty degrees. "This direction."

"We can't just march there," insisted Hermione. "We'll be noticed and killed."

"What do you think we should do; wait here until Harry walks by?" asked Ron.

"Actually," suggested Hermione with a grin, "I thought this would be the perfect time to take a stroll through a forest in my palomino form." She changed into her horse form.

"Good idea," agreed Ginny with a grin as she became a cheetah, the fastest animal on land. Without commenting, Ron turned into his St. Bernard. The cheetah began running, with the horse and dog struggling to keep up.


Harry distinctly heard a door open and close, followed by footsteps. Unfortunately, they were beyond his field of vision. When his visitor was in his sight, Harry wished he couldn't see him. With a bald head, snake-like nose, red eyes, a black robe, and sandals, Voldemort was standing just outside the cell. Harry blinked when he noticed that one of Riddle's feet was silver. He then remembered that Neville had blown away Tom's leg.

"Harry Potter," the Dark Lord hissed, "I trust you've enjoyed your stay thus far, although I'd imagine it was a bit boring. I'm going to liven it up a bit for you." He pointed his wand at the cell's door, which opened immediately. "Now, just to make sure you're not hiding anything like a spare wand…" He performed another spell. This one seemed to scan Harry from head to toe. He had to stop himself from swearing when both his ankles glowed red.

"Now, now, it does seem like you've been naughty," Riddle mock-scolded as he flicked his wand. "Impressive, they can't be summoned. Very well." He pointed his wand at Harry's knees and slashed it across. Harry was afraid he was about to lose his legs. Fortunately, just his robes and pants were cut to knee-high, revealing the bottom half of his legs. "Invisible, too. Very good, but not good enough. Petrificus Totalus."

Under the affects of the full body-bind, Harry was powerless to stop Riddle from removing his gun and knife, along with his original wand, which was concealed with the knife. Voldemort walked out of the cell to a nearby cabinet and placed them in there, locking it with a charm. "I'd remove that vest, too, except that it looks uncomfortable. Finite."

Harry found himself able to move again with Tom ten feet away from him with a wand pointed at his head. "You've got me here, Snakeface! Why haven't you killed me, yet? What do you want?"

Tom sighed as a father disappointed with his offspring. He shook his head. "I suppose you didn't have any parents to teach you manners. Since I'm the reason for that, it seems the responsibility falls on me. Crucio!"


About a mile away, a cheetah, horse, and dog were running fast when the large cat fell to the side and started shaking. Her companions stopped and looked at her questioningly as she got back up. The cheetah slowly used her left paw to carve out an 'H' on the ground. The other two nodded in understanding as the cat started running even faster. They followed.


Harry never knew how long he'd been under the curse before Voldemort let up. He was still trembling from the aftereffects when his tormentor spoke. "I would continue this lesson, but alas, if you lose your mind, it will be for nothing."

"Wh-what do you want?"

"To show you what true power is. To make you realize how wrong you were to oppose me; how wrong your parents…"

Harry lunged at Riddle from the ground, grabbing his human leg and tripping him, only to be kicked in the wrist by the silver one. Harry wasn't sure if his wrist was broken or sprained, but he knew he was hurting. Tom pointed his wand at Harry yet again, but this time it wasn't used for a curse. He found himself floating into a wall while his hands were being raised. He was about a foot off the ground.

Suddenly, manacles attached to his wrists and ankles. He cried out in pain when his injured wrist was shackled. He found that only his hands were supporting him. The chains on his ankles were only there to stop him from kicking his captor. He felt a calming sensation coming through his bond with Ginny, and was reminded that she was feeling at least part of this as well. He concentrated hard on thoughts of happiness, trying to send that through the bond instead of pain.

'Just hold on! We're coming for you!' He blinked. He could have sworn he heard Ginny's voice in his head as though they were touching. He wondered if he was going insane.


The three animagi had arrived at the edge of a clearing, the center of which was what appeared to be an old, abandoned cabin. It was barely bigger than an outhouse. The only evidence that it wasn't abandoned was the magical beast sitting outside the door. Ginny turned back into herself, and the others followed suit. "That's it. That's where Harry is."

"But that's not nearly big enough for…"

"Are you a witch or not?" interrupted Ron with a slight grin. "It could be magically expanded."

Hermione's face flushed in embarrassment. "Er, sorry. Yes. I guess the immediate problem is getting past that beast. It looks familiar, like I've seen a picture of it in a book. Let's see – a human-like head, a lion's body, and the tail of a scorpion. Oh my God. It's a…"

"Manticore!" whispered Ginny and Ron together.

"We've got to avoid that tail at all costs," instructed Hermione. "I suggest we try to sneak past it."

"How? Manticores are not stupid. It won't be fooled by our forms, and there's nowhere to hide in that clearing."

"Good point," agreed Ron.

"Maybe if we can run fast enough…" suggested Ginny.

"That would only work if there were a distraction," countered Hermione.

"I'll do it," declared Ron. "When it's clear of the doorway, run in and save Harry."

Ron ran into the clearing with his wand out, gaining the beast's attention immediately.

"Hey, peebrain!" he shouted before firing a stunner at the creature. Ron knew that practically no spell would work against the creature, but hoped that they would irritate it.

"Who dares disturb the Dark Lord's lair? You weakling human with your pathetic spells, come closer so I can devour your flesh."

"No, thanks. I'll just stay right here. Expelliarmus!" The red beam bounced harmlessly off the beast.

"You are beginning to annoy me, human!" The beast's human face was getting red.

"If you hate humans so much, why are you the Dark Lord's slave?" asked Ron.

"A manticore is no man's slave," it growled as its lion-like feet began carrying it toward Ron.

When the beast was just about to his new prey, it noticed a cheetah breaking down the now unguarded door and running through it, with a horse not far behind. The monster turned around, hitting Ron with its tail, sending him flying ten feet away, but fortunately not stinging him, which would have been instantly fatal. It ran toward the horse that had paused for a moment when the red-haired teenager was hit.

Instead of running toward the doorway, she turned into a human with her wand drawn. She blasted the ground beneath the manticore, causing it to trip as she ran past it toward her boyfriend. She saw that he was unconscious and bleeding from his head. He also had broken bones. She knew she wouldn't be able to get past the monster that was getting up. She pulled Harry's Firebolt out of her pocket and enlarged it, and then quickly set Ron on it and joined him, shakily flying off just before the tail could hit her.


A group of five Death Eaters were sitting at the table in a room that was bigger than the outside of the cabin they inhabited, when suddenly the door collapsed inward and a cheetah burst through.

"I knew we couldn't trust that half-breed to guard the door!" commented one of them.

The cheetah took a look at them and began running straight toward the first one, pouncing on him before the others could even pull out their wands. The first victim was dead from a slit throat and she went after another one, not staying still for a second as spell after spell missed her. These were obviously more new recruits, as they were overpowered far too easily.

The cheetah turned into a red-maned teenage girl and looked around. There were three doors to choose from. She concentrated on her bond-mate, who she could feel was in pain, and picked the one on the left, reaching for the doorknob.


Hermione and Ron (still unconscious) arrived at the place they'd appeared, so she was confident that they were out of the anti-apparition wards. She landed, and got off the broom, but left Ron on it. Holding both, she apparated them to the lobby of St. Mungo's. She glanced at the line to the desk, and then at Ron's bleeding form, and performed at sonorus charm on her throat.

"Attention! I need a healer NOW, before this patient bleeds to death on your floor!" One look at her face told anyone not to mess with her. Within a minute, a healer approached her. She explained what happened to Ron (giving his name), and as soon as they got him off the broom, she apparated to just outside Hogwarts' gates to get help.


Ginny was about to touch the door handle, when she realized that it could be cursed. She performed a simple detection spell Hermione had shown her, and was soon glad she had. It had a spell that would scan the person for something, 'probably the Dark Mark,' she thought, and kill them if they didn't pass the test. She decided to blast it off its hinges instead. "Reducto!"

Before the dust had settled, she had to duck a green beam of light that was aimed at her head. She looked ahead of her to see ten masked Death Eaters with their wands pointed at her.

"Wait, it's Potter's slag! The Dark Lord said he wanted her alive and brought to him straight away if she showed up."

"Does it have to be immediately?" asked a man from behind his mask. "She's kind of cute."

"He'll do worse to you than he plans on doing to her and Potter if you ruin his fun. But don't worry; he said we can have any other girls that show up. Stupefy!"

Ginny jumped out of the way of that spell, but nine other spells were sent at strategic locations. Five missed her altogether, and three hit her dragon hide jacket harmlessly. Unfortunately, one hit her left leg and she fell unconscious.


When she'd been watching Harry giving flowers to Ginny a few hours before, Hermione Granger never dreamed she would be leading a contingent of aurors and Order members (including Sirius Black and Remus Lupin) to rescue him, yet here she was. She obviously wasn't in charge – Kingsley Shacklebolt was – but she was leading them to the cabin where Harry was being held.

After she'd arrived at Hogwarts, he was the first Order member she'd seen, and it helped that he was also an auror. She'd explained most of the situation and had helped her make a portkey close to the cabin. She'd refused to be left behind, so he let her show them where the cabin was, but she was to stay back and let the trained professionals handle the manticore.

They reached the clearing and she pointed at the beast. "There it is."


There was a knock at the door to the room where Harry was being tortured, and Voldemort looked up from the meal he was eating while watching Harry hang and pointed his wand at the door, which opened immediately. Harry squinted to see the smile on Riddle's hideous face and turned to see his bond-mate being carried inside the room. His heart sank.

"Your lordship, we have the Weasley girl. She was only stunned. As you ordered, she has not been harmed."

"Excellent," hissed Tom, "Set her on the floor and leave us. You and the others will have what's left of her in a few hours."

"Yes, master." As soon as he set her down he bowed and walked away, truly surprised he hadn't been crucio'd even once during that conversation. 'The Dark Lord must be in an excellent mood,' he thought. He left and closed the door.

Voldemort walked toward the unconscious girl and did the same weapon scan he'd done on Harry earlier. After putting her 'contraband' in the cabinet with Harry's, Riddle remarked, "Potter, you may be interested to watch this. Rumor has it that this is the only girl you ever dated. Enervate."


"Now!" shouted Auror Shacklebolt. A dozen aurors had taken strategic locations and aimed their wands at the manticore. The only way to really beat them is with numbers. They all shot reducto's at its head, with ten of them hitting their target. The beast's head was no more. "Let's go inside," ordered Kingsley.


Ginny opened her eyes to find that she was facing the monster that Tom Marvolo Riddle had become. An expression of horror crossed her face when she saw Harry hanging by his wrists looking at her.

"Excellent," hissed Voldemort. "I see that I have both of your undivided attention. Dumbledore is dead. Many of your friends are dead. You will be joining them soon, as well. Miss Weasley, perhaps you can help me persuade Harry that…"


"Don't call me that! Crucio!"

As Ginny was under the cruciatus curse, her screams were enough to get a reaction out of the dying man chained to a chair in the middle of a pentagram. "Haven't you had enough fun torturing me and that guy over there? Why can't you leave the girl alone, you sick monster?"

Tom's curse on Ginny ended as he turned toward his life-insurance. "Mr. Witowski, I commend you for still having the power of speech – most muggles have lost it by this time – but it would have been better for you to have minded your own business. Crucio!"

While the man was under the torture curse, Ginny slowly and quietly made her way toward Harry without getting Riddle's attention.

After about a minute, Tom ended the curse. "Matthew, I do believe you've out-lived your usefulness. Avada Kedavra!"

As the green beam of light hit Voldemort's latest victim, Ginny touched Harry's ankle so they could mind speak.

'You know what his death means, don't you?' Harry asked her.

'Riddle's mortal.'

'Yes. This may be our only chance. Let's transform.'

'Are you sure we can?'

'We have to. We can end this here and now.'

'All right. I love you.'

"What are you doing?" shouted Voldemort as he noticed his captives touching. "Crucio!" He'd aimed his spell at Ginny's leg, but it had melded into the rest of her body as Harry and Ginny merged together and began to grow as their shapes changed. "What is this magic?" questioned Riddle as he watched the couple merge to become one huge Hungarian Horntail. A hole was put in the roof as the dragon grew too tall for the space it was in.

'Wow!' they thought together. Their minds were working as one.

'This feels so strange, but so right and good. This is the power that murderer knows not, and we've got to end it now.'

As soon as the transformation was complete, the dragon breathed fire on the Dark Lord, burning him badly. As he tried to run away, it swung its horned tail, impaling the now terrified Tom in the stomach. Finally, it bent its head down and bit Voldemort in his middle, separating his head and feet from the rest of him. The dragon then spit out what it had in its mouth just as the door burst open.


The group of aurors, under Shacklebolt's leadership, managed to fight their way through the group that had captured Ginny, with only a few casualties. When they burst into that room, the last thing they expected to see was Voldemort's torso dropped in front of them by a dragon that obviously didn't like his taste. Sirius and Hermione were staring at the dragon in complete awe.

Behind them, they heard screams of agony, and the whole rescue party turned to see the Death Eaters they'd stunned now awake and gripping their left arms while twitching as though under the effects of the cruciatus curse. This lasted for about sixty seconds until every visible part of their bodies turned dark green and fell dead from some sort of reaction of their Dark Mark to Voldemort's death.

When the aurors turned back around, they could barely see the dragon. It was high in the sky as it flew off, through the hole it had made in the ceiling.

"I wonder where that dragon came from," commented Kingsley.

"I believe it helped Harry and Ginny," replied Hermione vaguely. They searched the room for anything useful, and Hermione was able to identify the contents of the cabinet as belonging to her friends, so Shacklebolt let her take them back to Hogwarts to be returned to their proper owners.


About two miles away, a huge dragon was still flying. As one, the voices in its head agreed, 'We should land now.'

It quickly found a clearing and landed, changing back into Harry and Ginny almost immediately.

'Wow,' thought Harry. 'That was incredible!'

'I know! I feel like I lost something when we…Harry, we're not touching.'

'but we're still talking! This is great! It must be Phase Four!' He smiled brightly and pulled her into a deep kiss.

"I guess so. I wonder how far the range is," said Ginny.

"I'd guess that it's just like how we've felt each other's emotions, but we can test it if you'd like." 'Apparate to Hogwarts' gates and we'll see if we can talk from there.'

'I will, but don't you think we should talk about what happened first? Wait a minute, you're hurt. You need to…'

Harry held out his hands and moved his wrists to demonstrate, "No I don't. I don't know how it happened, but once we merged all my pain went away and I've never felt better in my life!" He kissed her again while thinking, 'I guess the magic of our merging healed me, because when we separated I was as healthy as I've ever been. Unfortunately, I still need glasses. I wonder where they are, anyway.'

When they separated, Ginny pulled his glasses out of her pocket (they didn't register as a weapon in Tom's scan whereas Harry's and her wands did) and put them on his face. While she was doing that, she noticed something else. 'Harry, your scar looks different. It's a lot lighter, now.'

His hand automatically went up to the mark Voldemort had given him. 'It does feel different. I guess it's because I'm not connected to him anymore. I can't believe he's dead.'

'Neither can I. I can't believe I'm happy. So many people died and I…'

Harry put his hands on Ginny's shoulders. "I know that a lot of good people paid the price for this, and we will mourn for them, especially Neville and Luna, but we can at least be happy that they didn't die in vain."

"From what was happening when we left, I think all the Death Eaters were killed by their Dark Marks, so the war is actually over."

'That means Draco's dead, too, along with Umbridge and all the other Death Eaters in Azkaban.'

'So much death…'

"But it's over, now," sighed Harry. "We should get back to Hogwarts."

Ginny apparated first, and after they determined that they could still communicate, Harry joined her at Hogwarts' gates.

Looking around the grounds as they walked toward the castle, Harry thought, 'It's amazing how fast magic can clean things up. You'd never know that there was a battle here just a few hours ago, that right over there, Neville and Luna…'

'It's all right. Let it out.' She embraced her bond-mate, and together they cried on each other's shoulders as they thought about the casualties of this war.

They didn't know if they'd been like that for minutes or hours when they heard the sound of a man clearing his throat behind them. They separated to see Sirius Black standing behind them. He had a smile that didn't quite reach his eyes, but Harry couldn't blame him, with the terrible loss of life.

"Hi, cub. You did it! Voldemort and all the Death Eaters are dead. The war is over. You two should be getting Orders of Merlin. The official story is that you and Ginny killed Riddle, and a dragon you two trained came and started to eat his corpse, but didn't like the way he tasted. Minister Bones knows the truth, though, but isn't going to require you register that form. However, she does want you guys, along with Ron and Hermione, to register your normal forms. By the way, congratulations on turning into the dragon."

With a half-smile, Ginny replied, "Thanks, Sirius. It was amazing, and it's great that the war is over, but all we can think about right now are the people that died."

"I know," sighed Sirius as the smile left his face. "I know. By the way, you'll probably want to go to St. Mungo's. Ron's hurt."

"WHAT?!" shouted Harry and Ginny together.

Harry asked, "Where's…"

"Hermione?" completed Ginny.

"Is she..."

"all right?"

"We should…"

"go there,"

"NOW!" they declared together.

"Whoa! I thought only Fred and George could do that. Hermione's fine. She's visiting Ron right now. Another one of your classmates, Parvati Patil, is there, too. She was hurt badly by a troll."

"Is there anything…"

"else we should know?"

Sirius was still looking at them in amazement. "Let's see. I'm sure you know Dumbledore's dead." They nodded. "The kids from your classes that were killed are Colin Creevey – a Gryffindor from Ginny's year, Luna Lovegood, Neville Longbottom. Dean Thomas – a Gryffindor from Harry's year – was kissed by a Dementor, as were three others. As I said, Parvati Patil is injured and at St. Mungo's. There were about twenty others from sixth and seventh year, as well as a few teachers – Professor Vector and the Muggle Studies professor – what's her name, that died in the battle, along with the thirteen that were killed by the vampires."

They both nodded sadly at the news.

"Now, if you don't mind my asking, how come once you've turned into a dragon together you can talk like Fred and George Weasley?"

The two teenagers glanced at each other and blushed. Harry finally spoke. "Well, ever since we changed back, we can, er, talk to each other's mind without touching."

Sirius' eyes widened a bit. "Wow. I guess you won't be able to surprise each other anymore. Do you think this qualifies as Phase Four?"


Not long after, Sirius, Ginny, and Harry apparated into the lobby of St. Mungo's. The Boy-Who-Lived was almost immediately recognized by several people who started talking all at once, asking questions about whether You-Know-Who was really dead.

"Yes," he announced loudly. "Voldemort was a mortal and is now dead! It looks like his followers are, too. Now if you'll excuse me, I'd like to visit my friends who were hurt while fighting them. That's why I'm here."

While Harry was giving that speech, Sirius was finding out where Ron's room was. The three of them took the stairs to the appropriate floor and found Hermione, Arthur, Molly, Fred, and George in the room talking to the youngest male Weasley, who was now awake. Ginny immediately ran up to her brother while Hermione ran up to Harry, embracing him.

"Are you all right, Harry?" she asked her best friend. She lowered her voice so only he could hear, "Before we were separated, Ginny said you were in pain."

"I'm fine, now. Thanks. How's Ron?" He then lowered his voice. "Ginny and I will tell you what happened later."

"The Healers say he'll be fine in a few days."

"Have you heard anything about Parvati?"

Hermione nodded. "Padma told me she has several broken bones, and had to drink a whole bottle of Skel-O-Grow because some of the bones were shattered beyond repair," Harry winced, "but she'll be fine."

"That's good. I'm glad she and Lavender will be able to keep annoying you with their gossip. We should visit her while we're here."


Since there were only a few more days left before Christmas break anyway, acting Headmistress McGonagall decided to start it early and sent all the students at Hogwarts home so that she and the remaining school governors (half of them mysteriously died within minutes of Voldemort's demise) could prepare for the upcoming term. The first thing they did was permanently make Minerva the headmistress.

Hermione (who returned their stuff) was amazed when she learned about the newest phase of Harry and Ginny's bond, and admitted she'd been keeping a journal about it ever since they consulted her a year before. She said that she hoped to one day publish it – after getting their permission, of course. She was thrilled that her parents were coming out of hiding, now that the war was over.

Harry and Ginny could tell that Molly wasn't happy with the latest phase of their bond, but she actually refrained from commenting on it. It seems she'd truly learned that she had to accept their bond, whether she liked it or not.

Harry, Ginny, Ron (who was released from the hospital in time), and Hermione attended Neville's, Luna's, Dean's, and Colin's funerals. Dennis Creevey nervously walked up to Harry at his brother's funeral and apologized for what he'd said right after Colin died.

Minister Bones had a ceremony a week after Riddle died that honored both the dead and the living that were at the battle of Hogwarts or the raid of Voldemort's headquarters. All who went outside Hogwarts with Dumbledore, as well as those who went to rescue Harry, received citations for bravery; and all of those wounded or killed in that process received an Order of Merlin – Third Class, with the following exceptions: For exceptional bravery, Hagrid, Ron, Hermione, Kingsley, and Minerva received Orders of Merlin – Second Class. For facing Voldemort himself, Neville, Luna, Harry, and Ginny received Orders of Merlin – First Class (Dumbledore already had one or he would have received it posthumously as well). Harry wasn't comfortable at all with his honors, but Ginny brought him through it. It was announced at that ceremony that Hogwarts would reopen normally in January, as scheduled.

The quartet decided to continue their training, despite the fact that the threat of Voldemort was gone. They mostly enjoyed the training, and liked being in shape. They also knew they, especially Harry and Ginny, were famous and bound to be harassed or worse at some point by the families of Death Eaters who hadn't taken the mark, so it was a good idea to be ready to fight.

On Christmas day, Ginny got an idea right after waking up in her room at the Burrow. She immediately mind-called (as they'd named it) her boyfriend. 'Harry, are you awake? Harry?'

'I am now. You just interrupted a wonderful dream about you.'

'Isn't the REAL me better?'

'Maybe if you were here…Anyway, what do you want?'

'To co-write a poem commemorating our victory.'

There was a long pause. 'You woke me up for that?'

'Well, yes, and by the way, Happy Christmas. I can't wait until you and Sirius come here from your house for lunch.'

'Happy Christmas. I can't wait either. I suppose the poem shouldn't be just about one of us. It should talk about us both…'

Before they'd left their bedrooms to open gifts, they came up with this poem:

His eyes are as green as a fresh-pickled toad

Her hair is as red as a sharp flaming sword

Became a dragon

Bit Tom as he ran

The heroes who conquered the Dark Lord.



Author's note: This is the first fanfic that I started, and it's taken a very long time to complete it. I hope you enjoyed it. Perhaps one day I'll write a sequel, or make a series of one-shot sequels covering certain events. I may even make it an open series so some of you could write more in this universe. For now, I'm glad that this story is finally over!