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Set after the events of HBP. Part 3 of my "While Hunting Horcruxes" series.

Ginny's D.A.

Chapter 1 – He Left Without Saying Goodbye

I can't believe. I just can't believe it. That git left without even saying goodbye. I waited so many years for him, and I got him for six weeks. Six whole weeks! He tells me some stupid excuse that he doesn't want me in danger. That's the same reason Dumbledore left him with the Dursleys! Where in the world am I not in danger?!

Mum's clock has shown me, and the rest of the family, in 'mortal peril' ever since Riddle came public. If I'm at home or school, Riddle knows where I am. If I'm with Harry, Riddle doesn't know where I am. You'd think even Harry could see that I'm safer with him than without him!

He's never told me how he feels about me. He enjoys being with me. He enjoys snogging me! I think that he loves me, but I don't know. I just received my Hogwarts letter. I start my N.E.W.T. level classes in a month. I wonder if any other parents are cruel enough to send their kids back there.

What happened there just a few months ago certainly proved to me that Hogwarts isn't safe. I, along with Ron, Hermione, Luna, and Neville would've probably been killed if Harry hadn't given us that lucky potion. Harry. Why do my thoughts always drift back to him? It's been two weeks since he, Ron, and Hermione disappeared after Bill's wedding.

I tried staying mad at him for a few days, but I can't. I am so worried about him. I don't know how he feels about me, but I know how I feel about him. I love him! Why won't he understand that I don't care what kind of danger I have to face because of that? I'm so worried that I'll never see him again.

I put on my mask every day, pretending that I'm happy. I don't know how long I've worn that same fake smile! I got to spend six glorious weeks being truly happy when I was with – argg – that git, again! Like I've told myself for the past six years, I need to stop thinking about HARRY POTTER!!! I keep myself busy, to keep my mind off of him. Then I go to bed, where I am now, and stare at my dark ceiling, and cry myself to sleep.

"Wake up, Ginny dear," I heard my mum say with a phony, cheerful voice. She's worried about them too, especially Ron. I think she's also worried that I might sneak off and try to find them! The thought has crossed my mind. However, since I don't know where to even begin looking, there's no point in leaving. I wanted to die! I didn't want to get up. I don't think I ever got to sleep. I thought, "If I don't get up, she'll come in here and find out I've been crying, then she'll start crying, and I'll cry some more. I can't let that happen!"

I shouted, "I'm up, Mum." I got my clothes for the day, took them to the loo, and showered. Before I knew it, I was walking downstairs to eat breakfast. With a phony smile on my face I said, "Good morning, Mum!" Dad, Bill, and Fleur were already at work, and it felt so weird being alone there with her. Faking enthusiasm, I picked up my fork and jabbed it into my eggs. Before I finished my first bite however, breakfast was interrupted.

There was a tapping noise at the window. I looked up and saw that an owl I'd never seen was holding a letter. Why was I so stupid to hope it might have been Hedwig? Harry obviously couldn't correspond with me, even if he wanted! I got up, opened the window, and the owl landed on my shoulder. The envelope said, 'Ginny Weasley – The Burrow,' so I opened it. I read it over once, twice, three times before what it said sank in. I know I was smiling ear to ear, and my cheeks probably matched my hair. I heard mum's voice say, "What is it, dear?" I was too happy to speak. I handed the letter to her, my hand trembling, and she read it aloud. It said,

"Dear Ginny,

We're all fine. I never realized how much I would miss you! I didn't ask this before I left, but I want to ask now. Please wait for me. When I'm finished, I want to marry you, if you'll have me.


Someone who loves you

P.S. Don't write back."

My mum put her arms around me and I started bawling. He said he missed me! He said he loved me! He said he wanted to marry me! How could he even imagine me not wanting to marry him? He didn't want any message intercepted. He doesn't want Riddle to know we're in love, so we have to keep it secret.

How can I keep this secret? Harry Potter just asked me to marry him! I decided that I had to answer him no matter what he said. I just had to be careful about it. I decided to address my letter to Ron. I wrote, 'This is your sister. Tell him yes to all.'

I wasn't about to complain about how lonely I'd been feeling in this letter. I could do that in person when he came back-if he came back. I could tell him off for leaving me like he did! I haven't forgiven him yet! I just wanted/needed him to know that he had someone to come back to.

Once he's back home, I can make him beg me, worship me, to earn forgiveness! Maybe if I fantasize about that tonight I won't cry! I just need to make sure he comes back!

Mum started crying as she watched me write the letter and attach it to the owl. Mum gave the owl a treat and let it fly back to wherever it came from with the new message. Then she hugged me and said, "I'm so happy for you! I hope they finish whatever they're doing soon, but I do hope that you wait to marry until after you finish at Hogwarts!"

The next few days went by quickly. I was so happy! I still missed him, but I didn't cry. Then I began thinking about how dangerous Riddle and his followers can be. What if he never did come back? I told myself, "At least I'd know that he loved me," but that didn't make me any happier. I started crying myself to sleep again, no matter what I fantasized Harry doing to me when he got back.


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